Domestic Violence Victims’ Needs Assessment

Domestic violence belongs to the number of the most urgent problems of modern society. The present situation seems to be a catastrophe as “man can earn five years in prison for abusing his dog but a maximum of just 30 days in jail for beating his wife or girlfriend on a first offence” (Friedersdorf, 2014, para.2). To find an appropriate solution, it is extremely important to perform a needs assessment and collect the data that would be reliable enough to help the researchers to develop an effective strategy to withstand domestic violence all over the world. In addition to the methods that have been discussed earlier, it would be very important to review the information and statistical data on domestic violence rates all over the world to single out the countries with the worst situation and analyze if there is something in common between these countries. The combination of the discovered factors may be key to a problem of domestic violence, and the researchers will know which measures can be taken to improve the situation.

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Besides, to assess the needs of domestic violence victims, it is important to know more about the nature of their discrimination and define the primary reasons why they are treated in such a way. In this context, it is necessary to think about the cultural background of the nation and single out certain assumptions that encourage abusers to be violent towards their wives and children. To understand the core of the problem, it would also be necessary to analyze the elements of cultural and religious identity that encourage women to believe that domestic violence is a common practice and they have no alternatives besides tolerating their pain. To continue, if we are to assess the needs of domestic violence victims, it is essential to analyze statistical information and personal stories told by the women who have had this experience. It would help to analyze the factors that make domestic violence victims question their decisions to break off the relationship with abusers. These reasons may include the lack of financial resources or the tendency to believe that it is the victim who is to blame in case of domestic violence (Facts and Stats About Domestic Violence, 2016, para. 4).

What is more, it is urgent to examine the state of things connected to the means of mass media and decide if the issue is covered by mass media working in the country, and if the women are informed about the shelters and special centers that can help them to change their lives for the best.

Within the frame of this project on domestic violence, it is very important to collect the data that would be credible enough; accuracy is critical to come to a valid conclusion that can contribute to developing the effective solution of the issue. As for the method that we are going to use to sample the population, we suppose secondary data analysis to be the most appropriate for this particular project. To apply it, we will have to take into consideration all the details of the data collection process performed by other researchers. To sample the population, we are going to use stratified sampling to be able to single out the peculiarities within different social groups.


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