72 Domestic Violence Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Domestic Violence

  1. Child abuse, Sexual assault and Domestic violence
    The paper analyzes three types of victimization: child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. It gives definitions, describes causes and effects of these crimes.
  2. Problems of the Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence is gaining notoriety each passing day. More and more women are falling victims to this social ill at an alarming rate.
  3. Projects or Stop Violence Programs: Domestic Violence
    The violence mainly happens between the families, dating, cohabitation, marriages, as well as intimate relationship.
  4. Domestic Violence with Disabilities
    Domestic violence is a kind of act that happens when a member of the family or ex partner tries to harm the other by dominating them physically or psychologically.
  5. African American Women: Domestic Violence and Integrity
    At present, gender profiling still remains an issue, and the present-day African American communities are infamously known as a graphic example of women abuse in society.
  6. Resilience and Growth in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence
    In this paper, the discussion centers on the concept of resilience, spirituality, and its application in the aftermath of domestic violence.
  7. Domestic Violence in Florida
    The mission of the Florida Department’s Domestic Violence Program is to contribute to creating the safe environments for the victims of domestic violence.
  8. Defining Domestic Violence Reasons – Family Law
    The social phenomenon of domestic violence has given rise to scholarly debates concerning its main causes and consequently the methods for handling the issue.
  9. Effects Of Domestic Violence on Children
    According to this paper, a child is anyone below the age of eighteen, and it aims at discussing the effects of domestic violence on these children.
  10. Domestic Violence Effects – Psychology
    This paper seeks to examine the principles of critical thought in relation to domestic violence. It considers the importance of ethics and moral reasoning.
  11. The Origin of Domestic Violence
    The present research is to define the origin of domestic violence and the measures that can be taken in order to lessen the influence of the discovered reason.
  12. Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence
    The histories of child abuse and neglect form the present behavior of a person a define his administering treatment needs regarding the fact of whether a person was sexually or emotionally abused.
  13. Domestic Violence in America, Asia, and Africa
    The paper investigates the issue of domestic violence in the United States and several other cultures, namely, in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru, and Brazil.
  14. Domestic Violence and Feminism in Bell Hooks’ Theory
    The main purpose of this paper is to summarize and assess the ideas of hooks’ theory regarding domestic violence.
  15. Nursing and Midwifery Recognizing Domestic Violence
    The paper reviews the article “Are We Failing to Prepare Nursing and Midwifery Students to Deal with Domestic Abuse?” by Bradbury-Jones & Broadhurst.
  16. Conservation Model and Domestic Violence
    The analysis reveals that domestic violence provokes a chain of negative reaction in females’ structural, social, and personal integrity, and energy.
  17. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence
    It is important to note that domestic violence can be discussed as aggressive acts of the physical, psychological, or sexual nature against any family member.
  18. Domestic Violence Intervention in Health Care
    Domestic violence is a concept that can be described as emotional, verbal, sexual or any other existing kind of abuse that may scare the victim.
  19. Domestic Violence and Public Awareness
    This academic research increases the audience’s understanding of the severity of the topic of domestic violence and raises public awareness.
  20. Domestic Violence in Nursing
    Despite legal repercussions and the established support systems, a large share of victims avoids reporting incidents of domestic violence.

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  1. The Root Cause of Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence had great implications on the physical and mental health of the victim. There are many attempts that have been put in place to deal with domestic violence.
  2. Domestic Violence by an Intimate Partner
    Most people, especially women, are rejecting any form of violence in intimate relationships as a legitimate social norm. The major factor is the diffusion of global norms.
  3. Domestic Violence: The American Psychological Association
    The American Psychological Association (APA) style is a set of rules that describe different components of scientific writing.
  4. Mental Health and Domestic Violence in Bangladesh
    The paper reviews Ziaei et al.’s article “Experiencing lifetime domestic violence: Associations with mental health and stress among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh.”
  5. Domestic Violence and Abuse Countermeasures
    At the moment, the civilized world condemns domestic violence and has introduced different measures to protect people from this remnant of the past.
  6. Domestic Violence in the Health Policy
    Domestic violence is a crucial issue that has to be addressed in order to eradicate abuse and help the patients to overcome the issue of retained supremacy.
  7. Domestic Violence Study and Lessons Learnt
    Apart from shedding a lot of light on the nature of abusive relationships, the project on domestic violence and abuse helped me develop new research skills.
  8. Domestic Violence, Its Existing and New Solutions
    Domestic violence is a problem that is researched and monitored by various agencies. Different social care establishments try to create a system for possible interventions.
  9. Domestic Violence Forms: Cases Analysis
    In the cases described in the current research paper, an elderly woman and a six-year-old girl endured several forms of domestic violence.
  10. Domestic Violence and Victims’ Resistance
    This paper defines, discusses, and solves the problem of domestic violence to guarantee the improvement in the sphere and victims’ ability to resist this problem.
  11. Domestic Violence Problem
    The research question of this paper is whether domestic violence results in irreversible changes in children’s mentality and psyche and how its negative impact could be mitigated.
  12. “Addressing Domestic Violence Against Women” by Kaur and Gang
    Kaur and Gang present arguable aspects regarding ways of addressing the problem of domestic violence against women. Different individuals have divergent views on this subject.
  13. Domestic Violence in the US: Effects on Children
    Domestic violence is a common practice in many countries. This study finds out how domestic violence affects children in the USA.
  14. Domestic Violence Negative Impact on the People Psyche
    The question of the project is whether children who have experienced domestic violence demonstrate irreversible changes in their mentalities that shift their behaviors to deviant.
  15. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children and Youth
    Children and youth who have been continuously exposed to domestic violence and abuse are at higher risks of experiencing psychological, developmental, and social damages that influence their future lives.
  16. Domestic Violence and Its Environmental Influences
    Domestic violence is commonly the consequence of negative childhood experience, which may include witnessing abuse between family members or being abused personally.
  17. Nurse’s Help and Policy for Domestic Violence Victims
    Nurses often found themselves deprived of opportunities to help their patients who are victims of violence because of policy restrictions.
  18. Domestic Violence Victims’ Needs Assessment
    To address domestic violence, it is important to perform a needs assessment and collect the data to develop an effective strategy to withstand domestic violence.
  19. Domestic Violence Among Black Immigrant Women
    This study shows that domestic violence is more prevalent among black immigrant women as compared to other women in the United States.
  20. Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Maternity
    Domestic abuse directly impacts maternity as women experiencing a hostile environment feel that the conditions are dangerous to personal health and the well-being of a child.

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  1. Domestic Violence Typology and Characteristics
    The typology of domestic violence is based on the nature of the abusive act and provides clues to the underlying reasons for it.
  2. Domestic Violence, Consequences and Solutions
    Domestic violence is a burden of contemporary society. In the United States, there are more than ten million victims of violent actions every year.
  3. Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
    The article “A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent” by Shwayder addresses the issue of domestic abuse as one of the key concerns of contemporary societal concerns.
  4. Child Corporal Punishment as Domestic Violence
    The public widely accepts a differentiation between domestic violence and corporal punishment, although the latter can be damaging to children’s health and well-being.
  5. Domestic Violence in Same/Opposite-Sex Relationships
    In their article, Banks and Fedewa investigate counselors’ attitudes toward domestic violence in same-sex versus opposite-sex relationships.
  6. Domestic Violence Analysis
    This paper evaluates peer-reviewed articles that touch on the subject of domestic violence, and addresses ethical issues related to the use of secondary data.
  7. Domestic Violence Article and Conservation Model
    This essay examines the article “Violence against women and its consequences” and assesses the article’s strengths and weaknesses using the conservation model.
  8. The Root Cause of Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence had great implications on the physical and mental health of the victim. There are many attempts that have been put in place to deal with domestic violence.
  9. Domestic Violence as a Pressing Issue
    This work examines a course project on the topic of domestic violence as a pressing issue on which the public cannot come to an agreement.
  10. Domestic Violence in Federal and State Legislation
    Despite the fact that much remains to be done to solve the problem of violence in the family, the state and society have contributed to changing the current situation.
  11. Domestic Violence as a Research Topic
    The family abuse that took place in the community, often affected women, elder members of the family, and children.
  12. Domestic Violence Problem: Psychiatric Patients
    The problem of domestic violence experienced by psychiatric patients is particularly acute now that the statistics show the rapidly growing number of the cases of family abuse.
  13. Domestic Violence Experienced by Psychiatric Patients
    Oram et al. believe that the incidence of domestic violence and abuse can be associated with the victimization among the patients with psychiatric disorders.
  14. Domestic Violence: Control and Prevention
    Domestic violence occurs when a person is abused by another in the same family. This form of violence is common in relationships, marriages, and families.
  15. Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects
    Domestic violence disrupts regular patterns of communication and provides children with behavior models that ruin relationships and suggest the role of an abuser or a victim.
  16. Domestic Violence Issues and Interventions
    The fact that domestic abuse victims often do not report their cases to the authorities leads to a difference between the actual number of incidents and the official statistics.
  17. Domestic Violence in the US of the Last Decade
    The issue of domestic violence is a global societal problem. In most cases, women are the main victims of this uncivilized behavior with men being the perpetrators.
  18. Domestic Violence as a Topic for Academic Studies
    The topic selected for the research deals with family issues and is critical for society. Domestic violence is reported all over the world that is why it should not be ignored.
  19. Environmental Influences of Domestic Violence and Potential Interventions
    This paper propose a study on what are the potentials drivers for the increasing rates of domestic violence, and how can different social and healthcare institutions intervene.
  20. Domestic Violence and Non-Therapeutic Interventions
    In the United States, the issue of domestic violence is closely related to other misfortunate circumstances in people’s lives.

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