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Dubai Tours and Travel Agency’s Strategic Project Development

In your area of work, draw up an outline project specification for the implementation of a new product, service, or process. This should include specific objectives and the reasons for the project, the main stakeholders involved, budgets available with time and cost criteria, equipment requirements, project team members, and any other criteria which will have an influence on the project.

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Service marketing has gained relevance in the near past (Hamilton 2004, p 25). The need to popularize various services has seen major companies aggressively advertise their services in both mass and social media. Furthermore, companies use other product promotional methods to make their services known to the market. The fast foods industry is one such industry that has experienced growth in many countries across the world (Davidson 2003, p 35). Schwalbe reports that the United Arab Emirates is currently one of the major exporters of various products to the developing nations, especially Africa (Schwalbe 2005, p 61). It is also one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. With its modern iconic buildings and other beautiful sceneries, many people from various countries come to spend their holiday in Dubai and other major cities in the country (Harvey 2005, p 64). As members of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency, we have decided to come up with a project that will benefit from this industry.

This project proposes the establishment of the first food store in Dubai. Michael and Tobis observe that there are numerous fast food hotels in the city (Michael & Tobis 2010, p 91). Many of them are already developed, with some having branches outside Dubai. The level of competition is relatively high with most players keen to ensure they maintain or increase their market share in the city (Tanke 2000, p 36). After careful analysis, the project manager approved the project. This was done after analyzing the rate at which people visit the city. It was noted that other than the local population that makes up a very attractive market segment, foreigners account for a significant portion of the market.

Objectives of the Project

This project was guided by the following objectives:

  1. To act as a source of extra income to employees of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency
  2. To capture the fast-food market in the city of Dubai
  3. To be a leading local firm in the hospitality industry

Justification of the Project

Kerzner notes that Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world (Kerzner 2003, p 47). Many African nations import various products from Dubai. The city is also a major tourist destination (Kotler & Gary 2010, p 41). Being home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Al Arab) and other modern iconic structures, the city has experienced an increase in the number of visiting tourists. The citizens of this country admire this city as their residential place.

This has seen a rise in demand for fast food stores. A large number of people need a place where they can get snacks as they conduct their activities in the city. Witzel reports that there are a number of large hotels in Dubai, which are foreign firms. The Sheraton and Hilton Hotels dominate this industry. The economy of the United Arab Emirates has no restrictions against foreign investment. Being an open economy, foreign competition is welcome (Van & Terry 2002, p 25). However, this should not mean that local investors should quit this industry. This is one of the most lucrative industries in the country (Pierre-Jean & Galarreta 1996, p 25). Despite this fact, many foreign investors have expanded in size at the expense of local firms (Witzel 2003, p 78). Although there are local firms that are fully established and doing fine, the dominance of foreign investors is evidently clear, as the local firms struggle to gain the market share (Pierre-Jean& Galarreta 2007, p 69). For this reason, the project team saw it wise to come up with a local firm that would compete with these foreign firms in the market.

The Project Deliverables

This project is expected to deliver foodstuffs to the market. The firm will offer whole wheat bread and eggs with blueberries for breakfast, grilled chicken, grilled beef, white rice, whole grain pasta, salads, and vegetables for lunch and supper. The meals will be accompanied by sandwiches and fruits.

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The Budget

This project is expected to be self-sufficient by the end of one year. Before this time, the committee plans to inject more finances to ensure that it gains a position in the market.

Sources of Finance $ %

  1. Funds from Union of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency $24700 (65%)
  2. Management of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency $9500 (25%)
  3. Direct contributions from members $3800 (10%)

Total $38000 (100%)

Fixed Expenses (The First Year) Amount ($)

  1. Rent $ 2824
  2. Fixtures and fittings $ 2942
  3. Cookeries $ 1520

Sub Total $ 7286

Variable Expenses (In a Year)

  1. Electricity bill $ 1260
  2. Labor $ 21412
  3. Raw materials $ 12584
  4. Others $ 1124

Sub Total $ 36380

Grand Total $ 43666

Budget Deficit

The budget deficit will be finance by funds from grants or donations that will be determined in the first quarter of the project’s implementation process. The entire union will agree on how to settle this deficit after determining the progress of the project in the first quarter of its operation.

Produce a plan for the launch and implementation of the project. Include detail on timescales and targets, costing and resources, project team roles, project leadership, and any stakeholder negotiating requirements. Outline constraints including any influences from organization structure and culture and the environment.

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Planning and Execution

The project committee in conjunction with partners would rely on the network plan in issues pertaining to planning, implementation, and execution of the project. The network plan would attempt to display the interrelationships existing among various activities carried out during the setting up of the hospitality facility. More importantly, the network would elaborate matters regarding the starting and finishing of individual activities alongside the path, popularly known as the critical path. This perhaps would enable project partners and the committee to make choices and decisions based on resources, performances, and time in carrying out a range of activities. The objective of the partners is to ensure that already outlined deliverables are achieved without compromise.

Project Proposal Schedule

The project committee, which intends to initiate this project on behalf of personal project partners, aims at achieving quality work. In this regard, it would be significant to divide each activity in terms of starting, ending, and subsequent durations. This would assist managers concerned with putting up the hospitality structure to track and monitor the progress. This would ensure that deadlines are met within a predetermined period. The following table examines activities undertaken while carrying out activities pertaining to putting up the hospitality structure.

Project Proposal Schedule

Critical path

The longest path starts with selecting a suitable site and a viable place where the facility could be set up. What follows is the purchasing of land, laying the foundation and bricks, connecting electricity and its related appliances, and finally the overall fixing of the systems and equipment. Any deferred action along this path would lead to project failure. Notably, internet launching, electrical connection, and launching of computer systems would occur concurrently after the completion of laying the foundation and bricks.

Activity Starting time Ending time Duration
Selecting a suitable and viable place 18 January 2012 26 January 2012 9 days
Purchase of land 26 January 2012 27 January 2012 2 days
Laying foundation and bricks 2 February 2012 22 March 2012 49 days
Electrical connection 28 March 2012 2 March 2012 7 days
Internet launching 30 March 2012 3 April 2012 7 days
Launching Computer systems 30 March 2012 3 April 2012 7 days
Overall fixing of the management systems 3 April 2012 31 May 2012 29 days
Advertising jobs 23 April 2012 3 May 2012 11 days
Hiring and training personnel 10 May 2012 15 May 2012 6 days
Provision of training to qualified applicants 16 May 2012 30 May 2012 15 days
Initiating imperative hospitality services to partners 4 June 2012 8 June 2012 5 days
Opening accounts for individual partners 10 June 2012 15 June 6 days

Explain how the project will be implemented and evaluated

Make clear any quality assurance procedure, monitoring and review processes, project reporting requirements, and allowances for change control and contingency action. Include documents and techniques to be used for scheduling and management.

The project committee will be responsible for implementing the project. After identification of a location within Dubai town, the committee will ensure that all necessary resources are availed. The committee will also be responsible for the evaluation, hiring, and remuneration of staff that will be responsible for running the project. Although the committee members will still be expected to report to work as normal employees of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency, they will create time on a rotational basis to visit the site to monitor the progress of the project. The committee will be reporting to members of the Union of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency. The committee will also be responsible for determining quality assurance procedures. This would ensure that they are in line with the requirements of concerned authorities.

Evaluation of the project will be the responsibility of all the members of the Union of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency. As stated above, this task can be given to a private auditing firm, which would report to members the progress of the project. This project will follow the schedule given in the above critical path analysis.

Describe how the project progress and outcomes would be formally presented to a relevant audience

Explain presentation and delivery mode including detail of methodology: relevant documents, type of presentation, for example, IT, visual aids, time, pace, etc.

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The Union of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency will finance this project. They are the main target audience and therefore they must be convinced that the project is viable and can give returns if put into practice. Another target audience is the management of Dubai Tours and Travel Agency. It is not only responsible for paying part of the bill, but also allowing the employees of this firm some time to monitor the progress of the project. The project manager, in conjunction with committee members, will do the presentation of this project to the target audience. The presentation will be done by using PowerPoint. Recorded audiovisuals will also be used to clarify the main issues of the project. All members will be given copies of the project proposal in advance to familiarize themselves with the document before the presentation.

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