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Drones and Robotic Technology

Introduction Two things were required in transforming pre-historic man into modern man. The first requirement calls for a healthy dose of curiosity. The second requirement calls for innovative thinking. It is a good thing to know that human beings were imbued with the right amount of curiosity, because it becomes the fuel that drives the desire to solve problems. People…

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Applications, Software and System Development

How Does Understanding Various Microsoft Office Applications Enhance Productivity in Education, the Workplace, and at Home? The use of Microsoft Office applications greatly enhances productivity in educational matters, at work, and in various everyday activities at home. Microsoft Word is a program for word processing that is used to create and edit text documents. Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for…

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The Airport Security Importance

Introduction Nowadays, airport security can be regarded as a challenge and an issue (Kaufmann, 2016), which governments and researchers all over the world attempt to resolve with varied success (Bonfanti, 2014; Stewart & Mueller, 2014). Apart from the challenge of security, which is difficult and costly to achieve (Stewart & Mueller, 2014), the unintended consequences of the practices used in…

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E-mail: Effective and Professional Electronic Communications

Over the past decade, the internet has revolutionized the way in which communication occurs in the workplace. One of the revolutionary communication means which has emerged is the use of emails. According to Isabelle (2009), electronic mail is now the most useful channel of communication across the globe. As such, it is of uttermost importance that we, as professionals, equip…

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Data and Information Difference Explanation

The web search of the phrase “difference between data and information” resulted in a variety of links, from which to choose. Upon the exploration of some of them, website was chosen as it specifically focused on providing information about how certain phenomena differ from one another. The “Difference between data and information” page contained images, text, a chart, examples,…

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The Indian Creek Foundation Strategic Plan

The action plan is an instrumental part of any project because this method provides a person with a certain idea of what he or she is obliged to do to accomplish a particular goal. The final version of an action plan makes the implementation process more effective and clear. Therefore, the following paper is to develop an action plan for…

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IPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison

Introduction While the technological advancements in the field of mobile hardware advance with each year, the features they provide become less and less impressive. The newest flagship phones available on the market are the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. Both feature hardware of impressive power and provide the largest set of features to the user. However, there is…

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Technology Description’s Diary

Modern life is impossible to imagine without a great number of devices that make people’s lives easier and help to keep many things under control. There are applications that we use at home or work, as well as those that we carry around all of the time. As an experiment, I decided to abstain from using my smartphone for twenty-four…

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London Crossrail Project Management Principles

Introduction Over the past years, the global construction industry has been characterized by an increment in the number of challenges faced. The complexity is mainly associated with the increment in the degree of financial and operational risks. Dikbas and Scherer argue that the “construction industry has many problems such as the fragmented and the inefficient nature and the technology-averse practices”…

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The Current Information Management System Improvement

Previous analysis has shown that Company X needs a substantial improvement of its information management strategy. The changes in the way, in which data is processed in the company, as well as the ways, in which the staff members interact, is bound to have a significant effect on the quality of its performance. Therefore, the tools used for data analysis…

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Education Theory for Online Learning

Reflection of Learning Journey Teach and learn online is an emerging concept that has led to an increase in the size of classrooms by incorporating ICT in teaching and learning. Teaching online entails the development of instructions for students and delivering them through technological gadgets. Teaching and learning online has disseminated intellectual development for students across the world by eliminating…

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Encrypted Viruses as the Plague of the New Millennium

The Internet has never been safe enough – browsing online has always meant putting oneself under the threat of contracting a virus. However, as viruses become more difficult to deal with, Internet safety software is getting more complex and sophisticated (Brafford para. 1). As a result, the XXI century viruses no longer hinder the user’s net surfing or block computer…

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The Mobile Phone Service Market Development in Africa

Introduction The mobile phone service market in Africa has experienced massive growth over the recent past. According to Mohapatra and Ratha (2011), the African continent is using mobile phones to transform the lives of people in different ways. The primary service offered by mobile phones is the ability to communicate. The continent has seen the emergence of numerous mobile operators…

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The Social Interaction in an Online Learning Community

Online education by Nagel and Kotze The main purpose of the research by Nagel and Kotze (2010) was to see the efficiency of the available teaching strategies for the online classes of large size to address the issue of the limited personal exposure of the learners to the tutor. The findings of the research signify that the employment of active…

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Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press

Introduction Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith whose inventions and ideas transformed the manner in which information was reproduced, stored, and shared. In 1436, Gutenberg used borrowed money to invent the first commercial printing press that revolutionized the industry (“Gutenberg’s Legacy”). The inclusion of replicable and movable letters in his press made it durable and serviceable. Consequently, technology was reproduced in…

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Tire Recycling, Compactor Machine and Clamp System

Waste or used tire is a mixture of rubber fillers bound with giant blenders. A typical tire combines 30 ingredients during its production phase (Ahmet 23). The features of tire production include ply, belt, shoulder, spie, & grove, beads, sidewall, read and rib. The production process combines different rubbers extracts called Banbury mixers to produce a dark rubber mix. Consequently,…

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Reactive Chemical Explosion in the T2 Laboratories

The T2 laboratories Inc. located in Jacksonville City, Florida suffered a heavy loss in property and human life following an on-site chemical explosion that occurred on 19th December 2007. As a result of the incident, four employees of the company were killed. The co-owner of the chemical plant was also among the casualties. Besides, twenty-eight other people working in nearby…

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Successful Online Learner: Skills and Requirements

Being an online learner is not easy because he/she is expected to organize almost all activities personally with minimal guidance from educators. To become successful in this area, students should pay enormous attention to the peculiarities of online learning, especially those that differ greatly from their usual education. For instance, it is vital to emphasize planning and how it can…

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Satellite Navigation and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications

Abstract Commercial aviation requires the use of safe and efficient air navigation and communications systems. Such systems allow piloting an aircraft between destinations without endangering the safety of passengers and breaking the laws associated with aircraft travel. Effective and precise navigation and communication systems have become invaluable instruments in the modern aviation world because there are thousands of commercial aircraft…

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Computer Hardware and Software Components

Computers, which were invented as far back as in the 1940s, are highly complex machines that need both hardware and software for their operation. If, in the middle of the 20th century, it was crucial only for computer technicians to understand how these components interact, in the age of computerization and data sharing, this knowledge is beneficial for every user.…

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Evolution of Network Systems from 1G to 4G

Introduction Access to information is among the most important aspects of contemporary life. The popularity of portable devices capable of Internet connection has created a strong demand for network systems that provide fast and reliable data transfer. The following paper is a literature review on the evolution of network systems from 1G to 4G, focusing on key aspects of each…

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New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Big Data

Abstract This paper shows how the use of big data analytics could help to improve the activities of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). In detail, it demonstrates that big data management techniques could help MTA to improve stakeholder relationships, enhance organizational performance, increase business transparency, minimize customer complaints, and promote the effective use of resources through data visualization.…

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Network Layers and Communication Flow Levels

TCP/IP Protocol Suite covers a whole family of protocols, application programs, and a network. The architecture of these protocols is necessary for an integrated network, which consists of connected separate heterogeneous packet subnets. They are connected to each other via gateways. Heterogeneous machines are connected to each of the subnets, and each of them operates according to specific requirements and…

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Chrome, Firefox, Opera Web Browsers’ Comparison

Introduction A web browser is a software application that is used to access information on the Internet. In the past decade, web browsers have evolved tremendously to give users tools that facilitate the efficient retrieval of information. The most commonly used browsers include Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Many people have disappointing browsing experiences because they…

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Technologies Growth: Significance for Human Development

Introduction At present, people are surrounded by diverse technologies. Besides, these technologies tend to develop fast. What is more, it has been claimed that the unhindered growth of technology is essential to the continued advancement of the human race, which is likely to be only partially true, as the unhindered growth should be for mere peaceful purposes. The Unhindered Growth…

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Snowboard Design Project: Engineering Materials

In snowboard manufacturing, it is essential to find the materials that would be perfect to help the snowboard withstand the external forces. The board will be built as a sandwich structure (Purdy et al., 2013). In order to calculate the key snowboard properties of bending and torsional stiffness, a new model has to be developed. Any complex layer structure might…

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Neural, Symbolic and Connectionism Learning Models

Neural Network Models In my opinion, neural network models have the potential to become an artificial intelligence that would think like a human. Certainly, it will not be observed in the near future, as there are some obstacles that need to be overcome in order to make such a computer. First, the amount of data needed for implicit learning, which…

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Information Gathering and Structuring Websites

Website for Internship Opportunities The first idea that selected over other ones is a website that will provide information about existing internship opportunities for teenagers, those who have a gap year, or those who have not yet decided what occupation attracts them. People who have just graduated from high school often experience uncertainty because they do not know what business,…

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Management Information Systems’ Distinctive Features

Defining an MIS Adamantios defines a management information system (MIS) as “a database of information programmed and organized in a specified way such that it can produce timely reports on operations for different departments in an organization” (12). This computerized database of vital data must be accessible and capable of delivering special reports. Nowduri goes further to define an MIS…

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The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society

Book Information Book Title: The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society; Authors: Larry D. Rosen, Nancy L. Cheever, and Mark Carrier; Publisher and date of publication: Wiley Blackwell (New York, NY), June 2, 2015; Authors’ background: Larry D. Rosen has been known as a research psychologist and educator, who used to be the Chair of the Psychology Department at…

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Wireless Network Topology’s Disadvantages

Introduction The topology of wireless networks is a concept that can be applied to denote specific circuits that are formed as a result of interaction between mobile equipment and devices and workstations. Compared to structured cabling systems, in this network, the interaction occurs between radio and light waves that transmit a wireless signal (Aggarwal, 2014). The purpose of this network…

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Information Technology Certification and Accreditation

Introduction Certification and Accreditation (C&A) refer to a federally permitted standard procedure to make sure that Information technology systems meet security prerequisites and uphold the accredited security status all through the system life span (Harris, 2002). Because certification and accreditation is a requirement for all information technology systems, frequently it is considered as just an essential step in an attempt…

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Ethics in Information and Communications Technology

Case Study: Jailbreaking ‘Jailbreaking’ describes how to hack the operating system of a device to remove the restrictions placed on them by the manufacturers; if you jailbreak an iPhone you can run any apps on it rather than just those which have been approved by Apple. Apple have argued that jailbreaking prevents the company from being innovative, and that they…

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Truss Construction Shop Workplace Incident

Introduction Critical thinking plays an integral part in a successful organization as it provides essential grounds for evaluation and analysis. Considering methods and instruments of critical thinking, a leader can effectively address the existing challenges within a company. This paper aims at accurate assessment and subsequent analysis of the incident that has occurred in the Truss Construction Shop. Explanation of…

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Container Tracking Devices in Global Intermodal Transport

Introduction People have accustomed to the globalized world and its opportunities. The availability of potentially all products from any part of the world is not regarded as a privilege of the chosen. The development of international intermodal transport of goods contributes significantly to the availability of products as their cost and delivery time reduce. In its turn, international intermodal transport…

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3M Company’s Cloud Solution Implementation

It should be noted that a Cloud solution is a convenient and multifunctional tool that both companies and individuals can use in their daily activities. This concept allows having all the applications and data on a remote server on the Internet. Thus, this software is a service that makes it possible to use a convenient interface for remote access to…

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Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking

Introduction It should be noted that the area of network design and management develops rather rapidly. The main reason for it is the fact that organizations have to adapt quickly to the changing environment. All the alterations are based on the accumulated experience to ensure quality improvements and revisions. The purpose of this paper is to review the trends in…

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Technology for Medical Students’ Experience

Introduction Medical students around the world suffer from a lack of practical knowledge and operational experience. Statistics show that the majority of operations training is performed on plastic simulators and dummies, rather than on corpses. This trend is easily explained by the fact that not many people would substitute their body for medical research, and the legal process of obtaining…

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How the Internet Changed the Way People Think?

Introduction The presence of the Internet in people’s lives can significantly impact the way they interact with other individuals and the world around them. It can also change the way they think, like the Internet, while being an inherent part of life, has different and unique rules of its own. Nine of the themes of Digital Citizenship reflect these properties…

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The Dangers of Driving and Texting

Introduction With modern technological advancements, almost everyone can drive a car, and almost everyone has texted while driving. Any distractions on the road can create a potentially dangerous situation for the individual in the car, other drivers, as well as pedestrians. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), every day over eight people are killed, and…

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Digital Natives Generation and Culture

There is no doubt that all is in a state of flux this phrase can be used to describe the situation in any period. As for modern society, it can be stated that changes taking place today are even more significant than those related to the past centuries because modern information technologies, capable of changing our world completely, are still…

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Information Technology Sourcing and Cloud Strategy

The wave of globalization has made the world a small community. Many companies have embraced the power of outsourcing to streamline their operations and complete tasks that cannot be handled by its employees. Information technology (IT) sourcing is a process whereby various activities or computerized functions are performed by third party suppliers. This paper gives a summary of two articles…

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Technology in English Language Institute Curriculum

Introduction English Language Institute Curriculum is a curriculum that impacts English knowledge to students who are between grade 6 and 9. The students are grouped into levels based on “their test scores and faculty evaluation”( Peachy, 2008). This curriculum is divided into four levels namely; beginning, elementary, pre-Intermediate and intermediate. The beginner helps the students to have a clear understanding…

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The Future of Cloud Computing

The phenomenon of cloud computing Although the phenomenon of cloud computing is rather recent, it has become one of the most extensively discussed topics in the IT sphere. Despite a number of related challenges and vulnerabilities, cloud computing is now considered to be the most promising among next-generation technologies. A lot of research has been carried out in this field,…

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Security Risks for Emirates Airline: Contingency Planning

Introduction This paper is a contingency plan to manage information technology (IT) security risks for Emirates Airlines. The plan specifies key steps the organization could take to address such risks by specifying the policies and procedures that company employees should follow and what the airline’s management should do to maintain them. To demonstrate the merits of the contingency plan, this…

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The Effects of Cyberbullying and Academics

Introduction Background of the study The advancement in technology has led to the evolvement of various human practices, which have improved the living standards of people nowadays. In spite of this, modern technology has led to the growth of various social problems that have enormous consequences in the society. According to Michel and Heirman (2011), while the advancement in technology…

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Internet for Children: Benefits and Threats

Introduction The internet is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. This creation has had a tremendous impact on modern life. Many people rely on it for a wide variety of activities. The abilities of the internet have made it a key factor in increasing the productivity of both businesses and individuals. For this reason, access to…

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GPS Technology: How It Works and Who Uses It?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technical marvel, which uses satellites positioned such that they transmit appropriate signals that allow the GPS receivers to make calculations and display the speed, location, and the time information to the users (Zahradnik, not dated). GPS is mostly used for tracking objects moving on land, air or through water transport. Through calculations, it…

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Station Night Club Fire Tragedy and Prevention

Introduction The Station Nightclub incident is one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the United States that engulfed the Rhode Island in 2003. The catastrophe stemmed from the pyrotechnics display that appeared in the club during the concert and led to an instant flaming. The incident had deadly consequences for one hundred of visitors. Moreover, the expert…

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The Fine-Dining Restaurant Project

Situation Analysis Current Student Experience The fine-dining restaurant project at Thompson Rivers University is designed to meet the TRU’s five strategic priorities and to address the dinner services needs of the immediate community, which are not currently met effectively by existing restaurants. The analysis of the market indicates that adequate dinner services are missing from the current student experience at…

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