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Internet Impacts on Print Media and Journalism

Introduction It is not a contention that internet has created a single medium where million s of people from different parts of the world can share information. However, its accessibility means it is not business as usual for players in media and journalism industry. Over the past few years, much has changed in terms of how people interact. Technology has…

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Reasons Why Computers Will Never Achieve Self Awareness?

Introduction Computers have dominated the human world today, with almost every task requiring a computer, in order to be accomplished. The Computers devices have developed through different generations, with each developing the product development process. Each generation is used to advance the generation before it. The command, speed and CPU memory, have proportionally enlarged and improved because of miniaturization. Each…

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Unix System Technology for Legal Company

Directories Since the internet was invented, several forms of directories have been applied in different areas to facilitate work. It entails the usage of the software that is mainly charged with the role of storing, organizing, and accessing information in case needed in a computer operating system. In the field of engineering technology, a directory is defined as a map…

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Safety Plan for the Warehouse with Refrigeration

Introduction This is a safety plan for a very large warehouse with a large refrigerated section. Most of the workers have reported cases of illnesses, specifically dizziness and lightheadedness from the refrigerated part of the warehouse. In addition, there are other health risks such as low temperatures, gas powder forklifts, exhaust from the forklifts, and a lack of sensors and…

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Information Technology – Network Security Tools

Introduction Network scanning and vulnerability assessment tasks are critical to ensure protection for network resources from hostile attackers to maintain the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information in cyberspace (Skoudis 1). Attacks from the internet aim to exploit the vulnerabilities discovered in applications, which occur because of weaknesses in system configurations, use of default passwords, and poor software design and…

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Use of PowerPoint Presentations in a Learning Process

More than forty years ago, presentations were conducted by organizing speech and drawing schemes and pictures on blackboards or on large sheets of paper. Further development of these approaches to delivering information refers to the emergence of overhead projections that premise on mechanically typeset slides and flipcharts that were effective as well (Craig and Amernic, 2006). Slide presentation software has…

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Encryption: Digital Signatures

Introduction Cybercrime is one of the problems that pose a challenge to the world’s ICT systems. In fact, companies recognize the need for effective cybersecurity systems. Types of cybercrime include phishing and hacking, among others. Techniques utilized to control cybercrime include encryption. This paper will explore the use of encryption in making digital signatures (Kessler 1). Problem When handling sensitive…

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Science and Technology Roles in Society

Abstract Science and technology have played critical roles in transforming society, particularly in the transport and communication sector. Approximately two-hundred years ago, the rate at which changes in technology and science were experienced in the western societies was alarming because it was so intense. The development of the wind power, the emergence of water and animal power, were some of…

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Engineering Professionalism and Ethics

An engineer is ethically right to leave one company to another even if the new company is a competitor to the previous one. The current working conditions may be unfavorable, forcing the engineer to leave the job. Some customers may feel comfortable to follow the engineer to the new company (Steib 161). Steib observes that professionalism is self- directed rarely…

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Network Neutrality

Net neutrality underscores the need to introduce equality in the way different Internet stakeholders treat data, with governments and Internet service providers being the key players. The past few decades have experienced an unprecedented technological revolution. Net neutrality has led to massive connectivity coupled with introducing novel ways of doing things. The Internet extensiveness and pervasive proliferation have eventually fostered…

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LabVIEW Software: Design Systems of Measurement

Introduction LabVIEW is software that was developed to design systems of measurement [1]. In addition, LabVIEW provides an array of tools for controlling the course of an experiment, such as specific methods of providing time constraints, etc. Thermocouples, in their turn, are typically defined as tools for measuring temperature [2]. Experimental Setup and Procedure The experiment was carried out with…

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Digital Divide – Information and Communication Technologies

Introduction The most significant technological advances in the last century were made in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Due to these advances, ICT emerged as the most important tool for fostering growth and development for the global community. Through the ability of ICT to enhance information processing and connect people, it has increased the pace and efficiency…

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Lock Out/Tag Out: Requirements Fulfillment Among Workers

Introducing the Article The article “LOTO Made Simple” by Burns and Foust (2015) is devoted to the issues connected with promoting the necessity of lockout/tag-out (LOTO) requirements fulfillment among workers. Summary and Analysis of the Key Points Pointing out the importance of LOTO procedures, Burns and Foust (2015) highlight that the main hazard connected to these programs is the failure…

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Computer Data Acquisition Related Issues

Knowledge of workstations and other processing devices Computer forensics involves the use of many workstations and other types of processing devices (Easttom, 2014). Thorough knowledge of the components and applications of the devices greatly enhances the chances of acquiring good data for forensic uses. However, some professionals working in the field of computer forensics do not understand the essential components…

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Project Management Essentials: Plans and Standards

The task of managing a project might seem simple enough on the surface, yet introspect into the subject matter will reveal that it is a delicate process that needs a number of ingredients and demands consistent supervision. Working as a member of a quality assurance team to develop a plan for updating a product to make it more appetizing to…

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Mobile Banking Development and Analysis Project

Abstract Many different ways of transacting and trading with money have been developed as a result of the current technological advancement. The introduction of mobile banking applications to help consumers in accessing banking services is a very brilliant strategy. In addition, it can greatly change the cost of operation in a bank as well as reducing the possibilities for errors…

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Androids and Iphones: Operating Systems Comparison

There is a great demand for different digital devices of nowadays. People want to have them as a tool, toy or just an accessory. Any need should be fulfilled, that is why there are many companies which create their own digital devices and software for them. Nowadays the world is divided in two camps. The first one supports mobile phones…

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Texting While Driving: Risks and Prevention

Abstract The following research paper is devoted to the issue of texting while driving, the risks of it, and the feasible measures of addressing the issue. The paper addresses the problem of distraction when using the phone in the process of driving – particularly texting. As the author is well aware that action is the best solution, the paper adopts…

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The Network Strategy of USA Today

The deterioration between Online and the newsroom is caused by numerous differences that can be better understood by conducting the resource, process, and value (RPV) analysis. The resources of the newsroom can be defined as numerous political and cultural figures and institutions, which can provide the journalists with up-to-date information about different events and processes. The resources of Online are…

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Leader’ Success Factors

Managing a project traditionally requires creating premises for its successful completion (Larson & Gray, 2015). Due to the numerous negative factors that a project may be exposed to in the global environment, it is crucial to make sure that the existing obstacles are eliminated, and the available opportunities should be used to the project’s advantage. Particularly, a successful project presupposes…

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Cyber Security in Business Organizations

Introduction Technological growth has led to some crimes, which pose challenges to managing organizations in the modern world. The most dangerous crime associated with technology is the emergence of hackers, who steal organizations’ information for financial benefits. Hacking has been a threat to organizational growth, thus resulting in huge financial losses (Erickson, 2008). This paper will highlight the challenges that…

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Concurrent Engineering and Its Advantages

The modern business world is highly competitive, and the universal truth remains unchanged as time is money. Concurrent engineering can make projects more cost-effective and companies more competitive. The sequential approach has its advantages as it is easier to control the development of new products since each stage is over when the next phase starts. The degree of uncertainty is…

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Android Apps: DMD Panorama App and Smigin Tool

Android Innovations: DMD Panorama and Smigin Apps In August 2015, two original Android Apps were released. While the DMD Panorama App provides the Google Play users with a chance to look at the world through a perfected lens, the Smigin tool helps the clients of the Android to eliminate communication barriers. Therefore, both apps possess a purposeful dedication and can…

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Critical-Chain Project Management

Everybody knows that if a project is planned properly, the work is half done. To prevent possible disasters, managers often add extra time to the project schedule. In theory, it allows the participants of the project to feel comfortable and gives employees additional time in case if something goes wrong. However, these theoretical reflections rarely coincide with the practical situation.…

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Technologies: Security Involved Online Payment

Abstract Security in online payment is an issue that has gained massive attention in the recent past due to the increasing cases where online fraudsters gain access and steal from online shoppers. This is happening despite the effort made by banks and retail outlets to protect their customers. This paper confirms that the main reason why online fraud is still…

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WDG Consulting Site Location Selecting

WDG Consulting proposes a structured decision process on selecting the appropriate site location. The process consists of four phases which are The Building Blocks, including the development of profiles for locations; Location Screening, including the examination of locations according to criteria and ranking; Location Selection, including the evaluation of the area; Site Selection (WDG Consulting, 2015). The last phase includes…

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Technological Advances in Intermodal Transportation Industry

The intermodal industry has seen major changes supported by development in technology. Intermodal is the transportation of cargo in an intermodal compartment or vehicle, utilizing various modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), with no handling of the cargo when moving from one mode to the other. The following are the technological advances within the intermodal industry that assist retailers…

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Are We too Dependent on Technology?

Technology is a positive thing. In fact, the constant advancement in technology means that the execution of duties is becoming easier. Notably, improvements in the use of technology in the medical field have enabled doctors to save more lives. Similarly, the automation of key processes at the workplace implies that the work environment is not only safer, but productivity is…

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Stealth Aircraft Support in the United States Military

Introduction As it currently stands, the United States is the world Superpower boasting of the largest and best equipped military. However, this situation is slowly changing as rival nations gain more military might therefore posing a threat to the US. In the present time, the US faces multiple wars and increasing threats from hostile nations. The technological edge that the…

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The Future CSUF College Town Project

Executive Summary California State University, Fullerton, the oldest university in Fullerton, in collaboration with the City of Fullerton has come up with a project to develop a town known as college town. The location of the town is to be behind Hope University and the current Nutwood Street. The college town is designed to provide various activities, which may be…

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Technology of iPhone Jailbreak: Guide in 5 Steps

Introduction With the current technological advancement, you can manipulate your iPhone to meet your own demands. Nevertheless, why should you jailbreak your iPhone 3G? Jail breaking your iPhone opens it up so that you can use many applications that you would otherwise not access. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Jail breaking an iPhone 3G is simple and easy using Spirit jailbreak…

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Technology and Communication

Introduction The rapid development of information technologies has made communication much easier. For instance, people, who can be separated by long distances, can now write or talk to each other without any difficulty. However, one should not disregard the negative consequences of technological progress. In particular, many people nowadays attach less and less importance to personal contact and face-to-face communication.…

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The Intel Galileo Features

Introduction Design is an important element of marketing because it determines the uniqueness and competitive edge a product will have when released into the market. Effective design methods consider technical and market factors before developing and releasing products into the market. Although managers are aware of this, the fast-paced nature of the markets requires companies to make quick decisions to…

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The BNW Car New Models

With the advancing technologies, car makers have turned into making cars that consume less gas and yet can speed more. These cars not only are they fuel efficient but have also been modelled in a manner that their passenger capacity is bigger than the vehicles we are used to. For us (BNW Company) not to lose our market share as…

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Innovative Technologies for Communication

Introduction Technology is making communication easier in today’s world, but at the expense of personal contact as many people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen Innovative technologies have come into the human life so intensively that nowadays, it is impossible to live without those. Looking at people and their communication skills it becomes obvious that…

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Automated vs. Military Pitot Static Tester

Executive Summary The following report carries out a comprehensive analysis of two pitot static tester models. The models include the Automated Pitot Static Tester Model 6300 and the Military Pitot Static Tester Model 6300-M3. Both of them serve the same purpose of generating and measuring pressure or partial vacuums while simulating aircraft altitude and speeds. Consequently, operators are able to…

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Communication Process and Behavior

Introduction Managing a project means being able to coordinate the work of several teams and make sure that every single member has unique roles and responsibilities (Sanghera, 2014). Apart from the aforementioned element, the process of project management involves the need to manage the communication processes that occur at different stages of the key tasks completion (Schwalbe, 2013). Despite the…

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The HighLEARN Project Management Analysis

Introduction Managing a project is one of the most complicated tasks in terms of the number of tasks to handle, the range of responsibilities to manage and the amount of possible conflicts to address being truly huge. However, by splitting the process of project implementation into several phases, one will be capable of making the specified issue more manageable. As…

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Project Management Selection and Initiation

Starting a project aimed at addressing a specific problem is the first step towards improving the overall performance of the organization (Kerzner, 2014). A project, however, needs to comply with a set of specific standards, which concern determining goals, objectives, criteria and expected outcomes. Although the research conducted by Wan and Zeng (2013) has several minor problems in the scope…

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Windows and OS X Comparison

Microsoft and Apple Corporations have always been leaders in the market of modern technologies. In fact, these two corporations have divided all people into two broad groups: those who prefer Microsoft products and those who like Apple more. Windows and OS X are the most popular operational systems nowadays. Numerous discussions have occurred aimed at identifying the best OS. Although…

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Federal Aviation Administration, Its History and Role

Introduction The Federal Aviation Administration is an important organization in the aviation industry. It has always played a critical role in aviation regulation and control of the air safety. This essay provides a brief history of aviation as it appeared earlier than the Federal Aviation Administration. Knowledge of the aviation history will help to understand its origins and the background…

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Defining the Key Elements

Identifying the key elements to be included into the project is an essential step towards completing the latter successfully (Larson & Grey, 2011). By listing the key components, one creates the layout of the project that will help complete specific objectives and, therefore, reach the primary goals within a comparatively short amount of time. Herein the significance of the project…

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Technology History: The Cost of Technological Advances

Introduction In contemporary world, where almost everything is handy and convenient due to technological advancement, one may appear ignorant if he or she happens to taunt technology. Technological growth has led to the development of products that mankind would have never thought. Nonetheless, in spite of the progress that humanity has gained as a result of technology, there are some…

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Hub and Spoke Routing Concepts

Introduction The airline industry in the United States has faced a number of regulations meant to increase profitability and efficiency among the airline companies. According to Bontekoning (2006), most of the United States’ airlines were forced to use the concept of point-to-point routing system where a plane has to fly directly from the point of origin to destination. However, this…

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Project Manager, His Role and Responsibilities

When it comes to defining the hierarchy of a project, its leader deserves to be mentioned first. Without a project manager, the very existence of the subject matter is barely possible (Phillips, 2015). Defining the course of a project, as well as the key processes such as the location of resources, the distribution of roles and responsibilities, etc., a project…

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Technologies: Mobile Phones and Human Capabilities

Mobile Phone Technology Mobile phone technology is the fastest growing form of communication in the world. Mobile phone technology is opening up new modalities of communication between individuals and organizations. The government has also been a major beneficiary of mobile phone technology. According to a World Bank report, the spread of mobile phone usage has been uniform across the world…

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Project Manager’s Responsibilities and Project Hierarchy

Being the leader of a project means being responsible for not only setting goals and completing them but also distributing roles and responsibilities among the people involved. However, a closer look at the specifics of roles and responsibilities distribution in a project will show that a project manager, in fact, can be replaced under specific circumstances (Heldman, 2013). To facilitate…

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Selecting Manager, Team, Stakeholders

Introduction A great number of people are involved in project management. Projects can vary in scope from building a railroad through opening a small shop to planning a vacation. For realizing significant business projects, though, there are some steps that need to be made. These steps include choosing key figures: a project manager, team members, and stakeholders. Choosing a Project…

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Models and Their Characteristics

The choice of a model for the project is not an easy task; in order to locate the appropriate mode for the project in question to exist and evolve in, one must take the key features of the latter into account and evaluate the opportunities, which each mode of operations opens for the project manager. Traditionally, non-numeric and numeric selection…

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Airline Certification Process and Stages

Today aircrafts are considered to be the safest type of transport. An organization that provides people with passenger and freight transportation is called an airline. As a rule, each airline has an air operating certificate or license. It is given by the national aviation authority to provide an aircraft operator with the opportunity to exploit the aircraft for commercial goals.…

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