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Laptops in Learning Process in the Classroom

Abstract This study focuses on investigating the effects of personal computers on students’ learning process and academic study during class. It examines how laptops impact on the learning process, and if the effects are adverse or favorable. The study utilized experimental method of data collection in which two experiments were carried out. The first experiment involved a sample population of…

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Virtual Reality in Healthcare and Education

Introduction Virtual reality is often perceived as a contemporary phenomenon and a result of the rapid technological development typical for the modern world. However, the beginnings of this phenomenon can be found throughout human history that dates hundreds of years back. Naturally, they are very different from the virtual reality as it is known today, but they demonstrate that the…

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Medical Technologies Developing Healthcare

Abstract Living in the era of modern technology requires taking advantage of its principles in the medical sphere. Consequently, the primary goal of this paper was to reveal the benefits of artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing on the functioning of the healthcare. The detailed analysis with the examples was conducted to underline an advantageous nature of these concepts. In…

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The Role of Computers in Education

Introduction The use of computers in the modern age has brought a lot of improvement in human lifestyle: accuracy, reliability, quality, and speed. It is not in contention that the world has gone digital and it is now almost impossible to execute tasks in any field without the assistance of a computer-related device. However, in the field of education, the…

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The Cyberbullying Concept

Cyberbullying involves acts that aim at harassing or harming people using information technology. Perpetrators use intimidations and communications that are meant to harm the reputation of the recipients. The acts could be conducted by manipulation, intimidation and humiliation of the victims of cyberbullying. There are chances that a cyberbully could or could not be familiar with their target. They may…

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“Horrible Bosses” Film in Project Management Aspect

A project is a short term undertaking from start to finish making use of resources aimed at meeting certain goals and achieving valuable change. Project management involves planning, classifying, leading, and collecting resources aimed at achieving a precise goal. The main characteristic of project management is the presents of constraints that derail achieving set objectives. The project managers and project…

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Inter-Agency Cooperation and Aviation Security

The Importance of Inter-Agency Cooperation The security and economic prosperity of any nation depend on the security of the Aviation Transportation System. There is a need to prevent terrorist attacks and other criminal acts while minimizing the impacts of these acts and ensuring that the aviation system continues to facilitate international trade and commerce. The work of an Aviation Transportation…

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Mobile Imprisonment: Threat or Opportunity?

Technology saves a lot of time to people and enables them to focus on such concepts as self-development, relationship, social contribution rather than do the chores. Technology has also made the planet really small as people can communicate with each other irrespective of distances or time. At the same time, researchers warn that people are becoming addictive to technology (Salehan…

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Project Risk Measurement and Management

Introduction In the recent past, the topic of procurement and project risk management has attracted numerous researchers who seek to unravel the strategies for identifying and mitigating risks. The reason for the fast growth in the research about the stated topic is that many projects have failed because of poor management of risks. The contemporary projects are characterized by intense…

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Fire Prevention to Protect Employees & Property

The article on fire prevention by Ross delved into the various methods that could cause a fire to occur and the preventive measures that can be implemented to stop them. In essence, the document is a generalized guide to various situations, locations, and issues that cause fires and what can be done when such a problem has been observed (Ross,…

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Los Angeles County’s State Highway Risk Management

Abstract Projects in the contemporary times are characterized by intense risks with the infrastructure projects facing more risks than other types of projects owing to the huge amount of finances involved and the amount of time required to complete such projects. The risks vary from one project to the other hence complicating the standardization of the approaches taken by managers…

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Home Robotics in the Modern World

Executive Summary Home robotics is one of the biggest inventions in the field of science that has attracted attention of many researchers. The society has come to realize that some of the tasks undertaken by human beings can be addressed by the robots. This is coming at a time when slavery has lost its meaning, and many households are finding…

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MS Office Excel to Design WBS

To develop a project successfully, one has to identify the key milestones in its evolution prior to the implementation thereof. For these purposes, the MS Office Excel software (Warburton & Kanabar, 2013) was used. With the addition of a WBS-related extension, which allowed introducing the BS score into the project framework, the identification of the tasks priority and the key…

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Computer Network Design for Graphic Arts Company

This is a network proposal for DesignIT. DesignIT is an expanding graphic arts company. The company will use additional space to accommodate more employees. The recommended network design for DesignIT is Ethernet. The company requires a small network design that can be effectively met through Ethernet option. It is inexpensive and flexible choice for DesignIT. The network communication catalogues can…

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ISix Sigma Tools for Airport Security

Introduction As employees, managers, or leaders of organizations, people often consider the idea of improving corporate processes, yet it is very rarely that an everyday process of an individual’s life is viewed as a possible area of making improvements (Kubiak & Benbow, 2009). For example, optimizing sales is a part and parcel of a company’s manager, yet, in the environment…

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Inconvenient Lockout/Tagout Likely Gets Ignored

Although Lockout/Tagout procedures are required by law and regulated by OSHA as well as other worldwide safety organizations, not all companies have their own written LO/TO programs. What is even more surprising, even those organizations that do have such programs not always adhere to them. Berke (2011) argues that when the LO/TO safety procedures are at least slightly inconvenient, for…

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Engineering Asset Management: Life Cycle Drivers

Hypothesis Life cycle cost drivers do not influence the whole life cycle in engineering asset management. Literature Review To collect academic sources (articles published in academic journals) about life cycle cost drivers and engineering asset management, a literature review was carried out. As a result, it has been investigated which issues have already been discussed and reflected in the existing…

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Hybrid Intelligent System for Credit Approval in Banks

Executive Summary The use of credit by consumers necessitates the use of an approval process by banks to vet suitable candidates to avert lending risks. The major risks a bank deals with when forwarding credit facilities is fraud and default. Banks use credit rating as the first line of defence against credit and fraud associated risks. The risks arise out…

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Saudi Marine Construction Projects and Risks

Introduction Project management refers to the process of developing a project idea, identifying the tasks involved, and mobilizing the necessary resources for the execution of the project. Projects follow different phases, with activities at each stage being unique to the phase (Almahmoud et al. 302). Turner identifies five basic stages of project management, as highlighted below (96). Project definition and…

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Technology for Human Capability Development

Technology is an important aspect in both developing and developed communities that focus on the innovation of highly sophisticated advances in neuroscience, computing, and biotechnologies. It holds a promise to transform our world for our sake and create overall availability with a character development where newer and improved mechanisms are developed to simplify work. Innovations enable a smooth running of…

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Electronic Devices, Communication and Education

Abstract Electronic communication has increasingly become the preferred means of communication and networking. The main objective of this paper is to explore and explain how electronic devices have influenced people’s daily lives, particularly in communication and education. Understanding how electronic communication influences people’s lives gives the users insights to use electronic devices effectively in a bid to attain maximum benefits,…

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The Motherboard Structure and Analysis

Motherboard A motherboard refers to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which has an extended capacity. Today, it has become the most important component found nearly in all modern computers all over the world. As a holder, the motherboard acts as a major point of connection in which most of the main components of the computer like the Central Processing Unit…

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Hazardous Materials, Environment and Health

The development of the science resulted in the extended use of the chemical elements that contribute to the achievement of the desired goal, namely to increase the harvest or change in the structure of the product to extend the storage time or ease the transportation. Chemicals have already become an essential part of human life. Although they are commonly used…

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Technology in Learning and Its Social Relevance

Nowadays, when globalization is uniting the entire world, we need to embed modern technology into education process as well. The research question of the paper is how technology could influence learning. The social relevance of technology in learning is undoubtedly significant. Modern technologies and telecommunications make it possible to change the character and quality of the educational process organization immersing…

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Windows Server 2012 Implementation and Configuration

Abstract The use of up-to-date technology is vital for all businesses operating in today’s corporate world. To this end, companies should carry out thorough research and evaluation before acquiring a technological product. The aim of this is to determine the software that will work best for the company. The management should select the software that meets its business goals and…

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Training New Technology in the Classroom

Several schools are currently employing the use of technology in their classrooms. This is because they strive to keep up with the world’s technological advancement (Willson & Garibaldi, 2002). These technologies are aimed at providing improved instruction that contributes to improved student achievement (Krasavage & Stallings, 2002). Additionally, these novel technologies assist teachers in making classrooms more interactive and entertaining.…

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Airline Industry Trends, Changes, and Innovations

September 11 Incident Increased Security The September 11 terror incident in the USA led to an increase in security checks and measures across the entire airline industry. The need to combat terrorism has seen airports fitted with scanners for the main purpose of helping with the searching process. The US Senate then since passed the Securing Aircraft from Explosives Responsibility…

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Radiofrequency Identification Technology vs Barcodes

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology has been proposed as a much more advanced alternative for barcodes that can be used to improve the “product tracking, building access control, airline baggage tracking,” supply chain management and other aspects of various operations (Zhu, Mukhopadhyay, & Kurata, 2012, p. 159). The superiority of RFID is manifold: it is capable of reading multiple tags simultaneously…

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The Internet and the World Wide Web Concepts

Abstract The Internet and the World Wide Web play an important role in everyday life. Nonetheless, the Internet contributes to the connection between the computer and the storage of the files. In turn, the World Wide Web enables the access with the assistance of the hypertexts. In the end, the principles of the World Wide Web have evolved over a…

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CA Technologies: Cloud Computing and Its Benefits

At a time when globalization has dominated the center stage in dictating consumer interests and lifestyle patterns, cloud computing is acting as the best platform for linking producers, traders, and consumers with greater efficiency. Following the massive force of information technology in the last decades of the 20th century, Iansiti and Herman expound that cloud computing is fast replacing traditional…

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Smartphone for Deaf and Mute People

Australian Market Deaf and mute people living in Australia and members of Deaf Australia Inc. or Australian Association of the Deaf have been identified as the target audience for such a smartphone. This category includes 16.6% of the country’s population (Deaf Children Australia, 2010). People with special needs should have an opportunity to communicate with other people through various options…

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Information Technology Project Failures in 2006-08

The main idea of the text is the major cause behind the increased failing of information technology projects. The writer, herein called Levinson, explored the results of a report conducted by a US-based research and consultancy firm which had surveyed projects in 400 firms (1). The results had shown a decreasing trend in completed IT projects. The results of this…

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Internet Impacts on Print Media and Journalism

Introduction It is not a contention that internet has created a single medium where million s of people from different parts of the world can share information. However, its accessibility means it is not business as usual for players in media and journalism industry. Over the past few years, much has changed in terms of how people interact. Technology has…

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Reasons Why Computers Will Never Achieve Self Awareness?

Introduction Computers have dominated the human world today, with almost every task requiring a computer, in order to be accomplished. The Computers devices have developed through different generations, with each developing the product development process. Each generation is used to advance the generation before it. The command, speed and CPU memory, have proportionally enlarged and improved because of miniaturization. Each…

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Unix System Technology for Legal Company

Directories Since the internet was invented, several forms of directories have been applied in different areas to facilitate work. It entails the usage of the software that is mainly charged with the role of storing, organizing, and accessing information in case needed in a computer operating system. In the field of engineering technology, a directory is defined as a map…

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Safety Plan for the Warehouse with Refrigeration

Introduction This is a safety plan for a very large warehouse with a large refrigerated section. Most of the workers have reported cases of illnesses, specifically dizziness and lightheadedness from the refrigerated part of the warehouse. In addition, there are other health risks such as low temperatures, gas powder forklifts, exhaust from the forklifts, and a lack of sensors and…

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Topic: Tech & Engineering

Information Technology – Network Security Tools

Introduction Network scanning and vulnerability assessment tasks are critical to ensure protection for network resources from hostile attackers to maintain the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information in cyberspace (Skoudis 1). Attacks from the internet aim to exploit the vulnerabilities discovered in applications, which occur because of weaknesses in system configurations, use of default passwords, and poor software design and…

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Use of PowerPoint Presentations in a Learning Process

More than forty years ago, presentations were conducted by organizing speech and drawing schemes and pictures on blackboards or on large sheets of paper. Further development of these approaches to delivering information refers to the emergence of overhead projections that premise on mechanically typeset slides and flipcharts that were effective as well (Craig and Amernic, 2006). Slide presentation software has…

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Topic: Tech & Engineering

Encryption: Digital Signatures

Introduction Cybercrime is one of the problems that pose a challenge to the world’s ICT systems. In fact, companies recognize the need for effective cybersecurity systems. Types of cybercrime include phishing and hacking, among others. Techniques utilized to control cybercrime include encryption. This paper will explore the use of encryption in making digital signatures (Kessler 1). Problem When handling sensitive…

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Science and Technology Roles in Society

Abstract Science and technology have played critical roles in transforming society, particularly in the transport and communication sector. Approximately two-hundred years ago, the rate at which changes in technology and science were experienced in the western societies was alarming because it was so intense. The development of the wind power, the emergence of water and animal power, were some of…

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Engineering Professionalism and Ethics

An engineer is ethically right to leave one company to another even if the new company is a competitor to the previous one. The current working conditions may be unfavorable, forcing the engineer to leave the job. Some customers may feel comfortable to follow the engineer to the new company (Steib 161). Steib observes that professionalism is self- directed rarely…

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Network Neutrality

Net neutrality underscores the need to introduce equality in the way different Internet stakeholders treat data, with governments and Internet service providers being the key players. The past few decades have experienced an unprecedented technological revolution. Net neutrality has led to massive connectivity coupled with introducing novel ways of doing things. The Internet extensiveness and pervasive proliferation have eventually fostered…

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Topic: Tech & Engineering

LabVIEW Software: Design Systems of Measurement

Introduction LabVIEW is software that was developed to design systems of measurement [1]. In addition, LabVIEW provides an array of tools for controlling the course of an experiment, such as specific methods of providing time constraints, etc. Thermocouples, in their turn, are typically defined as tools for measuring temperature [2]. Experimental Setup and Procedure The experiment was carried out with…

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Digital Divide – Information and Communication Technologies

Introduction The most significant technological advances in the last century were made in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Due to these advances, ICT emerged as the most important tool for fostering growth and development for the global community. Through the ability of ICT to enhance information processing and connect people, it has increased the pace and efficiency…

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Lock Out/Tag Out: Requirements Fulfillment Among Workers

Introducing the Article The article “LOTO Made Simple” by Burns and Foust (2015) is devoted to the issues connected with promoting the necessity of lockout/tag-out (LOTO) requirements fulfillment among workers. Summary and Analysis of the Key Points Pointing out the importance of LOTO procedures, Burns and Foust (2015) highlight that the main hazard connected to these programs is the failure…

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Computer Data Acquisition Related Issues

Knowledge of workstations and other processing devices Computer forensics involves the use of many workstations and other types of processing devices (Easttom, 2014). Thorough knowledge of the components and applications of the devices greatly enhances the chances of acquiring good data for forensic uses. However, some professionals working in the field of computer forensics do not understand the essential components…

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Project Management Essentials: Plans and Standards

The task of managing a project might seem simple enough on the surface, yet introspect into the subject matter will reveal that it is a delicate process that needs a number of ingredients and demands consistent supervision. Working as a member of a quality assurance team to develop a plan for updating a product to make it more appetizing to…

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Mobile Banking Development and Analysis Project

Abstract Many different ways of transacting and trading with money have been developed as a result of the current technological advancement. The introduction of mobile banking applications to help consumers in accessing banking services is a very brilliant strategy. In addition, it can greatly change the cost of operation in a bank as well as reducing the possibilities for errors…

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Androids and Iphones: Operating Systems Comparison

There is a great demand for different digital devices of nowadays. People want to have them as a tool, toy or just an accessory. Any need should be fulfilled, that is why there are many companies which create their own digital devices and software for them. Nowadays the world is divided in two camps. The first one supports mobile phones…

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Texting While Driving: Risks and Prevention

Abstract The following research paper is devoted to the issue of texting while driving, the risks of it, and the feasible measures of addressing the issue. The paper addresses the problem of distraction when using the phone in the process of driving – particularly texting. As the author is well aware that action is the best solution, the paper adopts…

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