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E-Business Systems and Customer Needs

The internet is an avenue that comes with immense opportunities for growth. Essentially, the internet is a business platform that enhances efficiency in terms of operations and market presence. Doing business on the internet presents vast opportunities for expansion. Rapid spread of information on the internet is beneficial to online businesses (Goymer, 2004). For instance, a business can monitor what is happening within markets and respond to the information in time. The ability to respond to vital information increases adaptability and creates room for dynamic growth (Goymer, 2004). Internet connectedness enables a business to understand customer preferences, prevailing trends and market patterns. Upon this realization, the company creates a path towards growth. The content herein evaluates how to use the e-business platform to determine what to sell, how to sell, and how to reach out to customers. Recommendations for considerations

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The first step when determining how to use e-commerce is in understanding the general operation of this system. Clear understanding of e-commerce creates ground for realizing benefits that come with electronic transactions. E-business is a broad term that describes technologies and applications that enable business processes to take place electronically (Gangopadhyay, 2002). The concept behind e-business will enable the business to interact with customers electronically without direct physical contact. How can this business organization utilize the concept of e-business? In order to benefit from e-business technology, it is important to understand the existing business entity. The process will allow the organization to take advantage of prevailing strengths and mold them into customer needs. In order to achieve this, the business will have to follow the right steps. These measures include understanding the e-commerce strategy, having the right people, following a certain process, and embracing technology (Cassidy, 2001). Application of the strategy needs to match the updated plan. Such a plan will consider changes in the market and align them to customer expectations. The management will have to put in place an effective strategy that requires new information systems alongside skilled personnel. In order to meet the expected standards, the business will need good e-commerce applications (Cassidy, 2001; Gangopadhyay, 2002). As such, it will be important to identify the right hardware and software technologies to meet the electronic business operations. When aligning the e-business strategy, the management team should look at it from the customer’s vantage point. Customer-centric e-business model will enable the business organization to identify the selling points and approaches that attract customers.

When executing the e-business concept, an organization must start with developing a website. The website is an online entity that provides business information (Gangopadhyay, 2002). Creating a website with graphics that match the target market will be a great way to start. The goal of creating a website should be to provide features that attract customers and help them in selecting goods and services. Achieving this goal requires a website that creates a platform that mimics the business environment. Such a site will enable buyers and sellers to find it easy in embracing the site. As a result, the management team will get a deeper insight into the type of products to make and buy.

The business can also use interactive websites that offer the customers the opportunity to interact. Such interaction will enable the business to identify what products to produce and key attributes for the perfect marketing strategy. An example of such a site should help buyers to specify and suggest the aspects that please them. Furthermore, it should also target shedding light on security features that promote customer confidence.

E-commerce sites can link the website to social sites and other affiliate online businesses that help in understanding consumer trends. Such interconnectedness enhances visibility. Visible sites monitor prevailing market trends hence creating a platform that understands consumer needs. Therefore, ensuring that a website has a good optimization rate in major search engines is critical (Cassidy, 2001). Optimization is a technique that ensures that the website has high rankings in major search engines. Conclusion

Creating efficient e-business platforms should be the primary consideration for the management team. In essence, for a business to navigate the 21st century, it should invest in e-business technology. E-businesses approach will give the organization an opportunity to record growth. High growth potential will come because of the global image created through the internet. Thus, it is important to establish e-business systems in order to match the dynamic business trends in the global market.


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