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E-Commerce in Business

This post demonstrates how e-commerce growth depends on various external factors. The pandemic situation proved that the Internet plays a significant role in the life of modern society; it is an essential channel through which many companies run their business. For example, in developing countries, the virus outbreak led to an increase in e-commerce development (Mallya & D’Silva, 2020). At the same time, in certain countries, it was one of the most widespread ways of purchasing even before the pandemic. It is possible to conclude that the increase in e-commerce use is a result of continuous technological development. Another essential aspect worth emphasizing is that m-commerce has become especially common nowadays. Argo’s investments in launching mobile applications resulted in a significant rise in sales because smartphones provide easier and faster access to information than personal computers (Duhan & Singh, 2019). Personalized content and convenience also make mobile commerce more efficient than wired e-commerce. Therefore, the ability of the company to adapt to the needs and preferences of the target audience may define its success in the market.

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This post provides a bright example of how a company may use current trends to maximize its profit. Nowadays, smartphones can be compared to computers in their significance and functions; moreover, due to their convenient size, they have become a part of people’s life. Using GPS technology contributes to making content and services more personalized (Duhan & Singh, 2019). From the point of view of customers, location-based advertisement content may seem more appealing since it reflects the interests and preferences of the audience. It is possible to add that this technology can be implemented in different companies, including shops, banks, and restaurants (Duhan & Singh, 2019). Therefore, I would agree that reaching customers through their mobile devices and using GPS technology may bring a competitive advantage to a company.


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