Earth Day: Join Together for the 50th Anniversary

The first Earth Day of 1970 gave birth to a monumental process to environmental progress. Fifty years ago, “20 million Americans gathered together on April 22, 1970” (Greenwalt 330) to take part in environmental event called ‘Earth Day’. That Earth Day made the world a much healthier place for humans and animals. People have done a lot together since that day – it triggered environmental laws and a global movement, but much remains to be done. Pollution into the atmosphere continues to rise, and animal and plant species are disappearing at breathtaking speed. Our oceans are slowly choking in plastic, and a vast area of the Earth’s lands is severely degraded. The purpose of this appeal is to convince people of the importance of Earth Day and their contribution to the prosperity of the planet.

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Several years ago, the climate crisis was seen as a future crisis, but the future has now arrived. It has come with hurricanes, droughts, endangered species, floods, heat waves, rising sea levels, crop failures, disease bacteria, and millions of climate refugees. What people do in the next few years will determine the next thousand years of life on Earth. Humankind needs ground-level action right now if it wants to mitigate environmental change.

As the risks grow, the opportunities for a better, healthier world are ever more apparent. Our efforts equal stronger economies, and 2020 is the year step up action! We have to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of our future generations. Therefore, we need to join the global effort to celebrate this milestone 50th anniversary of the Earth Day on April 22, 2020. We should pledge our full and enthusiastic support and do our best to make this the biggest and the most widely delivered celebration doing what we can to build a more sustainable world.

The environmental situation can be improved through our involvement in the celebration of the Earth Day. Getting rid of the garbage, attending environmental events, taking steps to reduce food consumption or usage of electricity, planting a garden, or growing a tree – all these actions are matters. It is essential for the health of the planet to reduce transportation footprint when it is possible because CO2 emissions from transport directly affect climate change. Rather than using car or public transportation, it is better to use a bicycle or go on foot. Recycling useless items with the help of waste management departments can also makes an input to environmental sustainability. These ways can reduce the burden on the environment and make the ecosystem healthier.

Another thing that can contribute to changing environmental situation is inspiring others to join in the fight against climate change and pollution. Talking to friends and family about environmental issues such as climate change, pesticide use, and environmental pollution are essential. It can encourage others to change their habits that are destructive to the environment.

The importance of Earth Day cannot be overemphasized. It is a day of responsibility to our planet and people who inhabit it, to nature itself, of which we are apart. Every single individual matters, and each of us every can make some positive impact on the planet. You do not need to wait until April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. Celebrate it every day and help Earth become a healthy and comfortable place for all of us and future generations.

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