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Effect of the Law on the Human Resources Process


The success of an organization is largely dependent on forces external to it and operating in a global external environment. For the effective implementation of managerial functions, it is necessary to understand the effect of these forces. Organizations have to adapt to changes in the environment and accordingly adjust the approach to human resources management. Daniels (2019) argues that “it is clear that employment law is affected by several external factors, and one of these is the political party that is in government” (p. 3). In other words, various aspects, such as government laws and forms of state regulation, significantly influence any company’s HR policy. In some institutions, litigation seems to be more important than common sense and compassion. Nevertheless, many people are still ready for compromises to create a suitable workplace for everyone. Thus, people should be patient and kind but always remember about their rights related to labor and the possibility to protect them. The purpose of this paper is to consider and describe the different types of external influence on HR processes.

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An important external factor affecting human resources management is labor regulation by the government. Various organizations are involved in these issues and try to provide comfortable work opportunities for each person. A key organization is the Department of Labor, which governs most of the matters related to this topic. Its employees create laws and can influence current and emerging labor issues. The Department of Homeland Security is another organization that also has a significant impact on the HR process. Because of its activities, companies and their employees affect a growing level of security in various fields. This applies to the digital environment, everyday issues, and interpersonal relationships in the team (Nemeth, 2016). Thus, people have the opportunity to work in a comfortable and safe environment and to develop as professionals.

The impact of government measures on the HR process is carried out at the stage of the legislative establishment of equal opportunities for employment, selection of personnel, their assessment, promotion, and training. As a consequence, people understand that they have all the rights and opportunities for work. They feel protected by law and, if necessary, can resolve specific contentious issues with its help. Another critical aspect of the state’s activity is the regulation of wage conditions, working hours, unemployment, and other similar issues. All these details play a crucial role in human resource management. Without state protection, employers would be able to provide people with far less satisfactory conditions. However, now they do not have the right to do this and, therefore, hired employees can work in a comfortable atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly crucial that they fulfill their work obligations in a quality manner.

The exclusion of discrimination on the grounds of sex, age, race, and other factors can be attributed to the same part of state activity. Unfortunately, at the moment, discrimination cannot be avoided entirely. However, many people are used to it and are not ready to fight for their rights. In any case, it must be remembered that employers should treat different people with the same respect. If everyone retains these rights, then work collectives can be built efficiently and adequately. At the state level, the U.S. manages discrimination issues with the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Its activities lead to beneficial changes in various fields of work, for instance, the elimination of discrimination and equal working conditions for all (Weatherspoon, 2018). This has a positive effect on people’s lives both within organizations and at the level of the entire state.

An important aspect of working with the staff is the regulation of measures that affect retirement benefits. Thus, people have another motivation for working. They do this not only to succeed in the present and achieve success or make money. They work for their future to be able to have a well-deserved rest or do what they are interested in. This issue also requires a careful attitude of employers and employees.

For many professions, the issue of health protection is also relevant and acute. Unfortunately, its norms are not always followed, although they are also legally established. Therefore, for the effective management of human resources, it is necessary to pay special attention to this, so that people can work comfortably and safely. In this regard, it is essential to mention the Americans with Disabilities Act, which regulates the labor issues of people with certain diseases. Their health is protected by law, and their employers or colleagues do not have the right to discriminate against these people in any way.


Thus, the government establishes many measures that are necessary for the fruitful and safe functioning of the country’s organizations. Undoubtedly, there are many unresolved issues related to labor protection and human resource management. However, ongoing work on them is continuously carried out, which helps to improve the general state of the country. In addition, the measures that already exist reliably protect everyone. They allow people to work in comfortable conditions, receive a sufficient salary, and, for example, avoid discrimination. All this enables people to be explicitly focused on their tasks and perform work more efficiently.

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