Effective Health Promotion Plan Importance


Medical professionals should use their competencies to empower people to control their health outcomes. They can achieve this objective by implementing powerful environmental, health, or social interventions. The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of a powerful health promotion plan.

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Health Promotion Change

The selected health promotion change that has captured my attention is derived from the article The Effect of Health Promoting Schools Programs in Improving the Health Status of Schools in Urmia: North West of Iran by Moradali Zareipour, Ali Sadaghianifar, Rohollah Valizadeh, Mahin Alinejad, Simin Noorani, and Mousa Ghojogh. The researchers explored the benefits of health-promoting schools and how they can improve learners’ health outcomes. The scholars focused on initiatives such as sensitizing children about the best health behaviors. The health-promoting school (HPS) program was designed in such a way that healthy lifestyles are embraced in different schools (Zareipour et al., 2017). The program minimized the spread of chronic diseases.

The ultimate goal was to implement a new change whereby different stakeholders could be involved to transform the health outcomes of communities. Similar insights are supported in the article Supporting Health Promotion Practitioners to Undertake Evaluation for Program Development by Roanna Lobo, Mark Petrich, and Sharyn Burns. The concept of evaluation is considered in an attempt to understand and meet the needs of different populations (Lobo, Petrich, & Burns, 2014). Such attributes can be implemented in different settings to improve patient outcomes.

Applying the PDSA Model to the Program

The above health promotion selection can be analyzed using the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) change model. The plan is applicable in various settings such as societies, families, and hospitals to promote positive behaviors. The first step of the model is planning. This phase is used to examine various health practices and determine how data can be collected (James et al., 2016). The second step is to experiment with the proposed test. This is usually done on a small scale to understand the nature of health behaviors embraced by the targeted population.

The third stage is studying the collected data and presenting adequate inferences. The fourth phase is used to refine the change. After examining the behaviors promoted in the targeted setting, the researcher can develop new initiatives to address every gap. Different stakeholders can be involved throughout the process to deliver meaningful results (Rosu, Oliffe, & Kelly, 2015). The implemented change will be aimed at promoting desirable healthy lifestyles.

Evidence-Based Strategies

The insights gained from the above health improvement program can be applied in different healthcare settings (Lobo et al., 2014). To achieve these health promotion objectives, it is appropriate to use AHRQ or QI indicators and combine them with evidence-based strategies. As an APRN, I will use the indicators to develop powerful models for supporting my patients. Some of the common indicators include mortality rate, patient safety, and re-hospitalization.

These indicators will be used to collect adequate data and identify the major gaps facing different patients. This knowledge will inform evidence-based strategies that seek to transform the situation by the above health improvement model (Wessel, 2017). I will go further to use multidisciplinary teams to address the needs of different patients (Thomas, Hart, & Burman, 2014). The new practices will be implemented in my clinical setting to improve patient safety.

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Nurses must use powerful models to achieve their health promotion goals. The knowledge of AHRQ or QI indicators can result in evidence-based strategies to improve patients’ health outcomes. Appropriate change models should then be implemented to empower different stakeholders to improve the quality of available health services.


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