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Emotions: Types and Importance

For humans as social beings, a sense of love is inherent. Love is a complex feeling, which causes such emotions as warm feelings, affection, and passion. Usually, one determines three fundamental mechanisms of love: libido, attachment, and partner preference. Main biological components are the next neurochemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen, vasopressin, and testosterone. These biological parts formulate some behavioral peculiarities of an enamored person. These features are expressed in a constant desire to be closer to the object of love, to protect and empathize to it. Cognitive components of love include passion, intimacy, and decision or commitment.

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Some emotions are similar to each other, although they are different. For instance, one can confuse such feelings as guilt and shame. However, they have a diverse emotional spectrum and hormonal expression. Shame is related to how one is embraced as a person. When feeling shame, one can also feel humiliated, useless, and helpless. A person may want to avoid talking with other people, which would lead to social isolating. On the contrary, guilt represents a sense of acting wrong or violating one’s important internal principle. Usually, guilt is not so destructive and painful as it is more related to one’s behavior, but not to the person on the whole.

Moreover, emotions may be useful when they seem to be negative. While feeling fear, in other words, the intense stress, the body responds to it by releasing cortisol. This hormone, spreading through the bloodstream, prompts the body to fight the aggravator. In small amounts, cortisol increases immunity, numbs the sense of pain, improves memory, and gives a sharp burst of energy. The feeling of fear is the primary mechanism of survival, as it signals about danger and helps to avoid it. Moreover, in a state of love, people often not only dream about the object of their love but also do things useful for themselves. Sometimes, lovers discover new talents, for example, writing poetry or singing.

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