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Work-Life Imbalance, Its Reasons and Outcomes

Description of Topic and Research Questions Topic Description The topic I would like to research is the life-work balance. In the modern world, this issue is becoming more and more actual. People spend a lot of time commuting to work. Sometimes, they work long hours or have an unsociable work schedule. Due to these circumstances, health problems such as depression…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Asian Hotel Industry and Digital Marketing Strategy

Introduction Industry background Emerging technologies have redefined marketing. One of the new areas of marketing that have emerged due to new technologies in digital marketing. Digital marketing is an important and ever-growing area of interest and a key component of marketing plans and business strategy in modern society where technology has become an integral part of marketing. It is a…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Argentina’s Wine Industry and Global Connections

Introduction Considering the rapidly developing pace of globalization, it is important to note that plenty of industries tend to be engaged with global issues. In particular, economic tendencies, climate changes, and some other factors affect many of them. Argentina’s wine industry is also presented by such global connections as farming challenges, tourism, and economic events that are to be discussed…

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Australian Rugby Union’s Limited Digital Presence

Rugby is considered one of the most popular sports in Australia. Australians love rugby, whether it is playing with friends in the yard or spectating finals in a crowded sports pub. Its sheer speed, tenacity, and roughness in combination with individual and team effort are appealing to many viewers both inside and outside of the country. According to the survey…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kiev

The Hyatt Regency is a 5 star Hotel situated at the Kiev’s city center. It is adjacent to the most popular historical sites in Ukraine such as Kiev-Pecherska Lavra, Sofiyvskiy Sobor, Statue of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, and the ministry of foreign affairs. Hyatt Regency Kiev is within walking distance of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Saint Michael’s Monastery and the boutiques of Khreshchatyk…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Discriminatory Traditions Regarding Marriage in Egypt

Introduction Family is one of the fundamental institutions that regulate the functioning the society and precondition its further development. For this reason, marriage as one of the forms of creating families has always been given much attention by people. Since the first stages of the evolution of communities, different forms of marriage were introduced. However, their particular similarity was that…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

The Website Hospitality Net

Executive Summary The primary focus of this paper was to analyze a website in the hospitality industry in terms of how it presents its message to the clients, the relevance of its message to the target audience, and how it makes visitors make repeat visits. The chosen website was Hospitality Net. This website is purely dedicated to the hospitality industry.…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi’i Iran

Summary Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi’i Iran by Shahla Haeri (first published in October 1988) is a scholarly account related to the practice of temporary marriage within the community of Shi’ite Muslims. The author aimed to explain how “contractual” or temporary marriage provided the Muslim community with an efficient and practical solution for fulfilling their basic human needs.…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Same Sex Marriages in Australia

Introduction Same sex marriages and relationships have become common in modern societies due to the expansive democratic space offered by constitutions (Sullivan 2011). People misinterpret constitutions to behave in ways that make them happy even if this violates the moral and religious teachings of the society. The move to establish same sex relationships faces resistance from different quarters, but it…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

The 2022 FIFA World Cup

Introduction In 2010, Qatar won the right to host 2022 World Cup. It became a significant achievement because no Asian country has been hosting this international sporting event since 2002 when the tournament was organized by South Korea and Japan. Such events as FIFA World Cup provide many opportunities for the hosting country. First of all, they attract tourists and…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Single Parenting Benefits and Disadvantages

Introduction The topic of single parenting is often controversial in the modern world, which is caused by disagreements between the supporters and opponents of such a family union. However, earlier this issue was raised to attract public attention to this topic, but today this type of family is quite a regular phenomenon in some countries and US states. The choice…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Single Afro-American Mothers and Their Teenage Sons

Topic Endorsement Research Topic The topic to be researched in the proposed study is the relationships between single African American mothers and their adolescent sons. More specifically, the manner in which single African American mothers perceive their adolescent sons, interact with them, or feel the responsibility for raising them and looking after them (Elliott, Powell, & Brenton, 2015), as well…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Gender Stereotypes Formation in Children

Introduction Modern Western society is characterized by a great deal of gender equality. Moreover, people tend to refer to such countries as Canada, the USA, European countries as egalitarian societies. It is natural to see women working in various areas and even occupy high posts in the sphere of politics, business, science. However, women often face the issues associated with…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Defining the Concept of Responsibility

Responsibility is an important feeling one may have. As a future nurse, I feel responsible not only for my relatives and friends but also for the outcomes of my future patients. In this paper, after defining the notion of responsibility, I explain who I feel responsible for, and why. A responsible person is one who, while acting, attempts to calculate…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Are Working Women Better Mothers?

Introduction The globally increasing number of employed/working women The number of working women has steadily increased, especially over the last two decades. In some countries, the number of working mothers constitutes a more substantial percentage relative to stay-at-home mothers. In the US, for instance, more than 70% of women with children younger than 18 years are working (Buehler, O’Brien, Swartout,…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Hospitality and Restaurant Management: Singapore

Introduction The hospitality industry is one of the industries that is growing very fast due to the fast growth of economies that have necessitated the growth of this sector. Many investors opt to invest in this industry because it is widely known that, such businesses have considerable profits. Hospitality is the main service sector in the global economy. It contains…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Positive Parenting and Child Externalizing Behavior

Mining Reference Lists for Sources The study by Boeldt et al. (2012) was referenced in Barnett and Scaramella (2013). Boeldt et al. (2012) investigated the association between positive parenting and externalizing behaviors of children. It is usually hypothesized that positive parenting practices are capable of averting adverse behaviors in offspring through a process that is mediated by the environment; an…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

House Activities vs. Personal Happiness

Having read your article, Want to be Happier? Hire a Housekeeper, Researchers Suggest, which promotes the idea that spending money to get rid of annoying activities makes people much happier than buying material things, I felt perplexed. On the one hand, the message and the tone of this article seem rather convincing and attractive (since we all know that no…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Rio 2016: Where Refugees Are Finally Being Recognized

This essay presents the main theme, two subthemes, global connections in relation to major ideas discussed. The number of persons displaced from their home countries by conflicts and persecution in the recent past is larger than in any period since more thorough record keeping started, according to the UN refugee agency recently released report, which showed that the current global…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Dark Tourism and Theories of Its Motivation

Introduction The concept of dark tourism is becoming a more and more popular subject of research in modern studies. Scholars investigate the reasons why people are interested in dark tourism sites, and they agree that the most common motive is paying tribute to the deceased people and finding out more about their national identity. I would like to research the…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Internet for Travel Agencies and Tourism Websites

Introduction As mobile technologies provide more and more opportunities for travel, the need for travel agencies reduces. Such applications as Google Maps, Foursquare,, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and hundreds of others make independent traveling easier, cheaper, and more convenient for regular tourists. Despite the presence of such rivals, travel agencies have not yet ceased to exist and continue to provide services…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Should Athletes Be Held to a Higher Moral Standard?

Introduction The debate about athletes and higher moral standards sparks whenever there is an ethical scandal involving athletes. It happened after Lance Armstrong was found using drugs to increase his performance rates and win Tour de France seven times in a row (Ingle); it was brought up after many members of the Russian Olympics team were discovered to use illegal…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

The growing interests of parents in the nurturing of their children in the recent decades reflect the challenges faced by the same due to societal behavioral change. The society we live in today has and is still evolving so much that the child rearing strategies have to change to counter the challenges posed by the same. Consequently, the old parenting…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Theme Parks in Dubai

Marketing Problem The rapid development of the UAE has attracted attention from the representatives of other countries. Being one of the biggest cities in the whole UAE, Dubai turned out to gather the majority of tourists and local citizens who have the highest income. It amazes people with its magnificent nature, eye-catching architecture, and entertainment options. In particular, many individuals…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Myra Walters’ Speech: Benefits of Doing Yoga

Organizational Component The informative speech delivered by Myra Walters aims to demonstrate the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga. The speech is designed to communicate the advantages of following a yoga regime with support from academic research and verbally explaining how it can be practiced. I believe the speech was properly organized and followed logical transitions. It was clearly…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Ranking Systems: FIFA and US College Football

Introduction Sport championships and leagues all over the world revolve around the spirit of competition that is maintained through the application of systems of ranking. Such systems determine how points are assigned to teams or individual competitors in order to identify the strongest ones and assign trophies fairly. It goes without saying that sport ranking systems need to be thought…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Cohabitation vs. Traditional Marriage

Abstract Cohabitation has taken an increasing trend in the young population and many people prefer it for compatibility before marriage. Living together with partners of opposite sex helps reduce financial and other unforeseen exposures because the partners equally contribute to the same while they get the sexual romance. This paper focuses on the strengths, weaknesses and similarities that arise between…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Work-Life Balance and Social Intelligence

Introduction The increased number of responsibilities peculiar to modern society along with the necessity to earn money resulted in a significant shift of priorities from traditional values like family and personal life to work and career. In this regard, the issue of the life-work balance becomes extremely topical nowadays. Numerous cases of overwork preconditioned the appearance of personal life, anxiety,…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Romantic Love and Maternal Love

The Concept of Romantic Love Romantic love is a pleasurable and expressing feeling of an emotional attraction between two people. Romantic love involves the expressions of feelings of individuals and their emotional desires to bond with another person. Love makes people feel appreciated, admired, and happy in their lifetime. Also, love makes individuals feel valued and secure. According to attachment…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

How African Americans Change the Sport?

Introduction Has anyone ever wondered how the world of sports had turned out different if it was not for African-American athletes? We are very fortunate to live today in this time and in this country, the United States which revolves and lives around individual and team sports. But are we cognizant of the origin of sports in this country? Are…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Sports Venues and Events Management

Introduction Maintaining and increasing spectator satisfaction is an important goal in stadium management (Hock, Ringle, and Sarstedt, 2010). This need is more profound in multifunctional stadia that cater to different customer needs. Therefore, the stadium management process needs to cater to the needs of a wide spectrum of customers who span across business and leisure sectors. To understand the best…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Life Saving Sport

Introduction A sport is usually an essential activity that is planned, requires mental and physical skills and competence, and has some aspects of entertainment and competition. There are usually certain rules and regulations that govern specific sports and must strictly be followed. The sports industry has developed to great heights and various sports have come up some of which have…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

The 2008 Beijing Olympics: Public Relations Issues

Analyze the reasons why the Chinese government hired a Western public relations firm to work on the 2008 Beijing Olympics There are several reasons as to why the Chinese government decided to hire a western public relations firm during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. One of the reasons stems from the challenges the Chinese government had undergone at the period just before…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Hosting the World Cup in the United States

Abstract Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. However, it seems that the case is different among American game lovers. The game is not as popular in this country. Analysts have explored the possibility of bringing the World Cup to the US. The current paper discussed the advantages and disadvantages of taking this game to a…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Attraction, Love, Relationship Schemas and Stages

Antecedent of attraction Social psychologists argue that there is no one antecedent of attraction but rather that it is caused by numerous factors that include but are not limited to propinquity effect, similarity, reciprocal liking, social exchange, and liking (Aronson, Wilson, Akert, & Sommers, 2016). Similarity or a match between people in terms of their hand gestures, postures, and facial…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Friendship as a Two-Way Process

THESIS: Friendship is a multi-faceted process that requires everyone be more attentive to needs of others; a good friend is one who less egoistic and selfish and more comprehensive and empathetic because a friend is not the one who had been given for another person from one’s birth as parents and other members or family but a friend also becomes…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Family Relationships and Dominant Culture

Personal preferences, values, and attitudes are largely conditioned by the social and cultural environment in which people live. This idea embedded in a number of social psychology theories can be applied to the sphere of human relationships as well. It is valid to assume that the manner and outcomes of spousal, parent-child, and other types of family interactions, as well…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Parenting: Open versus Closed Adoption

Abstract The present paper focuses on open adoption as a widely debated social practice, discusses the positive and negative issues connected with open adoption, reflects upon the data and findings of current research on open adoption, and shows that the perspectives of open adoption are attractive and vital to society at the present stage of its development. Introduction One of…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Level of Happiness in Terms of Regional Differences

Abstract This paper focuses on the level of happiness in terms of regional disparities and measurement. Happiness has become a critical concern in the contemporary world due to increased psychological and physiological disorders. As such, the paper develops a survey design to collect data on the statutory differences in happiness, its measurement and the factors that affect it. The survey…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Sport Event – the Southeast Showcase

Introduction When organizing for an event, the host organization needs to ensure that they promote customer satisfaction by delivering the expectations of all the relevant stakeholders through the event. This can only be achieved through successful event planning and management. The organizers should ensure that they engage in extensive planning before the event to ensure that there are no unnecessary…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Group Dynamics in Baseball

A human being is a social animal. Moreover, society tends to value people based on their relationships, so even those who do not crave a sense of belonging must form them in order to gain a positive image. Membership, such as belonging to a sports team, teaches an individual to put the needs of others before their own, made easier…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Kabaddi: an Outdoor Game with Indian Origin

Other than watching TV shows or engaging in video games, humans can engage in outdoor games and events to have a good time with their family, friends, or associates. Dyck believes, “Outdoor games are usually preferred than other sources of entertainment because they involve physical and mental activities necessary for healthy living” (Dyck 23). A number of outdoor games that…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Same-Sex Marriage: US Laws and Attitudes

Introduction There has been a heated debate regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage for over a decade now. While the idea still seems novel to many American citizens, there seems to be a general trend of acceptance of same-sex couples, similar to how the US society has come to embrace interracial marriages in the late 1960s. Legal restrictions prohibiting people…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Major Sport Event Bidding Process: the Olympics Games

Bidding process for host cities was unknown until 1984 during the Los Angeles Olympics. Cities that previously hosted were selected based on their financial capability. It was after this event that organizers realized about the surplus income earned and a calendar of events, which require host cities to bid, has existed. Several international events such as the World Masters games,…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Consumption, Cheep Labor and Environmental Concerns

I would like to clarify my view on the criticizing of “expensive toys”. I do not think that we should confine ourselves to spartan conditions and reject all of the modern conveniences and amusements. Still, I strongly believe that reducing the number of unnecessary purchases can definitely make the world better. I think that while a lot of factors are…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Compassionate and Fatuous Love Comparison

Introduction Love is typically viewed as one of the most complex emotions, which, to some extent, is correct since, unlike other emotional responses like happiness or sadness, love cannot be produced intentionally (Sinclair, Fehr, Wang, & Regehr, 2016). The intricate nature of the phenomenon, nonetheless, allows classifying the subject matter based on the type of relationships that are built between…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Romantic Relationship: Failures and Lessons

Why do so many romantic relationships come to an end? Are people incapable of having true feelings these days? Where are Romeos and Juliets? Are they too afraid or busy to be attached to someone? Every case is unique, and there are usually many reasons for relationships to fail. Some people tend to see failed relationships as a horrific loss…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Meliá Hotels International in Hospitality Industry

Introduction In essence, this essay focuses on giving a circumspect analysis of the nature of international hospitality at Sol Meliá (currently known as Meliá Hotels International) which is a prestigious and highly revered Spanish hotel chain based at Palma de Mallorca in Spain. In doing so, the paper will begin by evaluating the strategies that have been used by the…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Attention and Anxiety in Sports Performance

Introduction Sporting activities have always played a crucial role in human life. Through these events, people are able to fulfill their fitness, social, and entertainment needs. People who engage in sports often aim to achieve the highest level of performance. It is generally acknowledged that athletes need to be in top physical condition to perform optimally. For this reason, many…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences

Vacations and Relaxation Types

Vacations is a free time that every person needs to rally one’s strength and return to work. People see the best vacation in different ways, as they all have different interests and prefer to have a rest in different ways. Some would like to stay at home while others search for adventures. Today many people prefer spending time within the…

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Topic: Family, Life & Experiences