Employee Manager, Events Planner, Film Director Careers

Advice from the human resource manager

To set smart goals I resorted to talking to people who were already in the field. In my first interview, I decided to interview a local human resource manager by the name of Abdul Karim. He works at a private law firm. The interview was a one-on-one conversation.

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What are the major roles of a human resource manager?

I was able to understand that human resource management had to ensure that the employees’ potentials in an organization are utilized effectively. They also ensure that the workforce is matched with the needs of the business. They also ensure that the employees who are in an organization are cost-effective. This means that their pay rates should be competitive but not excessive. This also implies that there is minimal staff turnover.

What is the importance of ensuring employment equity?

The human resource manager started by defining it as the process by which employment is made based on equality and fairness as much as possible. This means that it improves the general service delivery. He said that the advantage of employment equity programs is that it helps an organization to recognize the abilities of all types of individuals including both males and females, the disabled, and other visible minorities that tend to be discriminated against.

What are some of the qualifications of a human resource manager?

The manager advised that it was important for one to have interpersonal skills. He said that this was important to ensure that one can relate to a diverse group of people. Apart from that, one needs to be educated in the field of management including human resource management, industrial relations, business administration, or other related fields of study.

Advice from events planner

For my interview with the events planner, I chose to interview Miss Aasiyah Fahima. She is a self-employed events planner. Since I know her personally, I was able to make an appointment for a one-on-one interview. I was also able to ask questions that were related to my field of study.

What would it take me to become an events manager?

She started by making me understand that I should first understand that event planning is not party planning. She explained that is whereby one is considering planning events such as social events or corporate events. The goal of an events planner, according to Aasiyah, is to focus on the rationale and significance of having a particular event and to determine whether it is achievable.

Event planning sounds like something simple to do. What are some of the skills that are required for the job?

The events planner argued that the real and demanding work is in the details that lead up to the event itself. She argued that the job required skills and knowledge. This is because the professional should be able to create programs that would be able to address the objectives of the meeting and to be able to convey the message that the company was trying to communicate to the intended receiver. The skills required to be a successful events manager include being able to communicate well verbally and in written form, being a self-starter and team player, being proficient in budget planning, being good in time management, interpersonal skills, among many others.

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Advice from film director

In my brief interview with the film director, I was able to pick out some valuable points that touch on management. I interviewed Mr. Abdul Hakim. He is a film director of some of the local films and he is relatively new in the field but is very talented. I made the following inquiries:

Our management skills required in the profession of film directing?

Mr. Hakim enlightened me that his profession involved the management of human beings during filmmaking. He said that he usually directs the actors to ensure that they follow the script and bring out the film as it was intended. All of these required management skills.

What other skills are required for one to be successful?

Hakim said that it was his responsibility as a film director to oversee the creative aspects of a particular film. He was responsible for the development of the vision for the film and made the decisions of how the film was supposed to look. Therefore, he stressed the need for creativity in trying to make one’s vision come to life. The creativity also comes from the process of turning the script into visual shots.

Smart goals

From the interviews I had with the three professionals, I came up with three goals. Each smart goal corresponded to the different professions. From the Human resource management profession, I derived my first goal.

  • The first goal is to be able to develop interpersonal skills – I would strive to achieve this through practicing conflict resolution, assertive expression, and know how to manage anger.
  • The second goal is to be a good time manager – this is related to the events planner job. I would work towards this goal by trying to manage my time daily.
  • The third goal is to exploit my creativity skill – this relates to the job of film directing. In the organization I would join, I would ensure that I put my creativity into practice and make a difference in the organization.

From the interviews, I was able to gather the information that is of value to me as a graduate. All these professions required aspects of management. Therefore, with my educational background, I would be able to pursue my career with smart goals in mind.

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