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Enterprises Architecture’s Case

Modern companies cannot be imagined without the implementation of innovative technologies into their functioning. In such a way, the enterprise architecture (EA) becomes closely connected with the work of the IT sector as it provides numerous opportunities for the further growths and evolution. The fact is that the use of advanced technologies cultivates a new performance culture characterized by unusual solutions, approaches to particular tasks, and increased efficiency (Senthilvel, Khan, & Qureshi, 2017). Moreover, the integration of IT services and governance has outstanding potential for the further evolution and growth (Senthilvel et al., 2017). In such a way, the selected case about specific vehicles status monitoring system is analyzed with the primary aim to determine all EA components characterized by the implementation of IT services and their efficient functioning.

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The case describes the functioning of one of the biggest automakers with the revenue about $250 billion (“Connected car – our accomplishments,” n.d.). The company is focused on the provisioning of outstanding products for its clients to guarantee their satisfaction and devotion. For this reason, it tries to improve its telematics products continuously and ensure that clients will be able to use remote diagnostics, vehicle finder and status, and other options introduced by the new system (“Connected car – our accomplishments,” n.d). To guarantee the efficient functioning of the new framework, the company uses the OEM services and other innovative IT components. his result in the enhanced efficiency and increased level of interest to the companys products and services. In such a way, the case proves the beneficial character of the implementation of IT aspects with the central aim to create a new digitalized environment comfortable for customers.

Analyzing the case, several EA components should be discussed. First, the company integrates the IT function to its cars. This helps to suggest new options to customers and attain a significant competitive advantage. Additionally, the firm introduces specific application designed to manage an automobile distantly. It provides an owner with an opportunity to check a vehicles health status, its current state, location, basic showings, etc. The given approach apparently adds value to the company as its clines feel better because of the constant monitoring of their automobiles (Lankhorst, 2017). Dealers also acquire an opportunity to remotely assess the state of the vehicle and provide some recommendations regarding its current state and the need for maintenance procedures (“Connected car – our accomplishments,” n.d). Finally, another EA component helps to secure both the enterprise and its products by offering opportunities for tracking. It means that a client will always know the current location of his/her vehicle.

Consequently, the selected company integrates several EA components and IT technologies with the central aim to ensure the preservation of its leading status and further rise. The integration of IT good and services, their governance, and development contributes to the companys rise. At the same time, the invitation of specialists to continue the development of IT sector means that the company adheres to the ITIL methodology to organize new projects characterized by the enhanced service-level and security management (Milchman, 2017). It could be attained by using innovative practices of the IT management and implementing them to the basic elements of the EA.

Nevertheless, the information presented in the selected case study could be used to determine new opportunities for the growth using EA components. For instance, the additional value to the organization could be brought by enhancing cloud storage the company uses. At the moment, all information from vehicles, their location, state, health, and data about customers is stored in logical pools provided by a hosting company (Lankhorst, 2017). The given method of storing data provides numerous opportunities for the further improvement. For instance, the introduction of backup storage will guarantee information integrity (Lankhorst, 2017).

Additionally, the use of innovative protocols in processing and distributing information will help to attain the enhanced performance and reduce the time needed to handle a particular request. Moreover, to maximize the efficiency of vehicle monitoring and ensure that customers interests will be protected, user data encryption should be introduced. It will help to create a safer environment and guarantee that all data pools will be protected (Milchman, 2017). Finally, speaking about EA components that can further bring value to the organization, the IT service for the collection of feedbacks should be introduced. It will stipulate the appearance of new ideas how to improve the functioning of the company and preserve its image among customers.

Altogether, the integration of specific EA components remains crucial for the functioning of any company as it guarantees the creation of an efficient framework appreciated by customers and providing numerous benefits. The selected case that describes the automakers functioning also evidences the efficiency of EA supported by the integration of IT at different levels. The company efficiently uses diverse systems to provide customers with an opportunity to monitor the state of their vehicles, their location, and status. At the same time, there are several opportunities for the further improvement as the introduction of new approaches to cloud storages, working with clients, and data management will guarantee the further enhancement of the companys functioning.

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