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Entrepreneurship. Running a Small Business

Running a business with enough sense and purpose can guarantee a person lifetime success. You don’t have to be lucky, clever, or have star qualities; instead, if you can get a few things right, then you can be sure to succeed in business. It is important to point out that, to start a business, you don’t require a huge amount of money but rather a modest initial investment or in other cases, no money is needed at all.

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Running a business calls for hard work, a great deal of discipline, and an attitude of persistence in your work; this helps a person to move on when the going seems tough and when no immediate reward is expected. Good planning ensures that you are able to map out what you are going to do, plan for what may go wrong, and have ample time to test an idea to determine if it’s practical.

Accounting is a very critical aspect of running a business. It is important to know that every part of the business must make sense as far as finance is considered. Through administration accounting, a person is able to know how much money a business is making and how much is spent. The cost of running a business must be kept as low as possible. This includes insurance, fuel, property maintenance, and electricity cost. A business may be making a lot of money but in the end, fail to make financial sense due to the high value of overheads. Proper accounting helps to keep such issues in check.

To run a small business, it is important to avoid partnerships during the early stages of operation. Avoid relatives and friends and if you decide to invite them to help you run the business, make sure that everything is put in writing so as to define the roles of every person and what is expected of them.

In this era of the internet, it is important to have a simple website. This will help you reach out to many customers who have a chance to buy goods and services online through eCommerce. You may also want to contract affiliate websites to market your business.

Credit should be avoided at all costs, if possible. If you have to borrow from the bank, avoid borrowing too much money as the interests might take up all your profit. With the same breadth, avoid extending credits to customers as big percentages are known to default payment. It is also necessary to transact all business in cash only to avoid bouncing checks which may have a negative impact on the business finances.

Whenever you are engaging in any contract, like business rent, supplies, etc, always make sure it’s put in writing and that you understand everything before signing. When in doubt, ask or don’t sign at all. It also helps to be on good terms with owners of other small businesses around you while maintaining healthy competition. Have as many suppliers as possible and make sure you are getting the best deals that enable you to make good profits.

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To successfully run a business, you have to plan ahead, personally handle the most critical aspects of business, and be determined. Accounting is very crucial to any form of business. Seek advice, test your ideas before applying them, and most importantly, make money.


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