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Norton’s Declining and Poor Performance Behaviors


Poor performance behaviour is situation rather than personality driven. People normally portrayed negative behaviour in a work that they don’t use outside the work environment. Poor performance is a learned behaviour and hence it can be avoided. Poor performance is the reactions essential to external forces that drive individual to feel anxious, frustrated, and uncertain, threatened, belittled or annoyed. The factors that can lead to such behaviour are work pressure, systems obstruction, job insecurity, lack of motivation, business environment, communication, unclear direction, inadequate support from workers, supervisors, managers among other factors.

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Such individual in this particular situation will react to those factors in three main ways that is, attack, retreat, or ingratiate (submission). These are some of the reactions that were exhibited by Norton. For example he failed to show quality of a good leader to his colleague in a project which he was assigned to by his boss. One or the combination of these reactions may occur in a frustrating manner. However, it is the emotional of the person that drive the exhibited behaviour. It is important to recognize that the objective of poor performance is to indulge the individual emotional state.

Poor communication network

Different situation warrant different method of passing messages. Training and education on the behaviour of an individual equipped the managers and the workers with skills and knowledge necessary for carrying out their duties (Vessenes, P.M., 2001). This might be lacking in this organization since apart from assigning new projects to Horton, we don’t see where he is given a formal training concerning the task.

Business Environment

The environment of the business comprises of constant continual changes. According to Bridges, (1994) quick request and response circled, affect the competitiveness of the organization greatly. The life of Norton has been comprises of many changes in the business compounded with the duplication of the positions. His manager might have placed and assigned him a project that he might not be conversant with. This is lacking in his current position hence the reason for his poor performance.

Lack of motivation

Once a goal is identified in an organization the level of energy and enthusiasm required to meet that goal is on a person decision. If one is demotivated then his effort of quality performance declines. Norton might have been disappointed by the management when they altered his new managerial position and gave it to another person. It is not clear why the position meant for him was reallocated to someone else.

Unclear direction/ procedure

The procedures in the company might not be appealing one. The assigning of positions and projects within the company seem to not following the right procedure. The port folio in the company is not well clear and duties assigned are not based on the skills and experience of the person but on a mere allocation. When Norton’s intended position was given to somebody it is not clear who made such a decision. The leader of the projects is also not specified. This might have posse a problem in his job security.

Inadequate support and work pressure

A part from non-supervising staffs workers who seem to have a lot of fans with Norton, his senior colleagues are not close to him. When he is depressed Norton only interact with subordinates other than his senior colleague members. The senior members did not even support him when his new position was being re-allocated to someone else. Even the new division manager George Yee distant with Norton.

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The Norton pass experience and behaviour was quite successful indeed. Employed at Pentarecon for a period of 12 years he portrayed a very exemplary and leadership qualities that improved his performance and that of the company. His successful and achievement might have been due to reformed and firm support that he received from his supervisors. His resourcefulness and perception of his task was worth praises. This motivated him, and we saw him formulating the company strategies which were easily adapted by the organization. However, this did not last for long, especially during his seven years when his newly managerial position was suddenly re-allocated to another worker, without grounded reason.

The current situation in this company needs a thorough investigation. A team of professional analysts should be formed to carry out and analyzed the performance of the employees in the company. They should identify the factors that cause poor performance and propose recommendations that should be taken to reverse this situation. A profound policy and strategies should be put in place. Evaluation program should be put in place to monitor the worker and seniors members if they abide by these policies. Workers should also be trained and motivated to improve their performance in carrying out their duties as assigned (Harless, J.H., 1992).


Proper management in an organization is vital in ensuring that the duties and activities of the company are executed in a proper manner. Workers ethical behaviour are equally importance in the achieving the personal and the organization goals.


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