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Ethical Decision Problem: What Ought I to Do?

Every day a person has to choose from a variety of options. Some of them might be right, and some might be wrong. The word ‘ought’ is very important in the field of ethics. Of course, when faced with a difficult scenario, people’s minds ask, “What ought I do?” One also needs need to show faith by having the power to do the right thing, in addition to the ethics of doing the right thing. If individuals sincerely believe and believe in the invisible, they will not hesitate to do the right thing. By having courage in our faith, we can do what God wants us to do. I believe that if we choose the right path for the right reason, we will do the right thing.

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In order to have an answer to the chosen question, it is important to mention morality. Everyone might have different morality when deciding on what they ought to do. Alternatively, people might rely on the law since it directly writes about what people should and should not do. However, the law does not always come in parallel with the Bible and the teachings of God. Ethics becomes Christian ethics when we include Jesus in our thoughts. Then we ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” Our natural self tries to compete with what Jesus accomplishes. Despite any possible natural circumstances, Jesus commanded us to act as we expected of God. We should not rethink the situation, but understanding God guides our hearts. We need to continue our journey of faith and explore the breadth and depth of our heritage.

Bible says, “To him, that knows to do good, and does it not, to him it is sin.” I think that this phrase reflects the problem with an organization that people might face today. Most of the time, the problem is that we take no action. In other words, the problem could be addressed as the issue of procrastination. Postponing reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ sacrifices to many people the peace of mind they may have. That is why the main answer to the question “What ought be I to do?” lies in the idea that one should do what he knows is good for him. That may be simple everyday tasks that will help them to achieve important goals. It could be different charity actions that will allow a person to help others and do good deeds.

A person might not know what he ought to do, at the same time doing things that he is not supposed to do. Unconscious decisions and ignorance of God’s words lead to sins. That is why I think that it is essential not only to think about what I ought to do but simultaneously be conscious of what you are already doing. One should ask himself whether his actions are fulfilled with love, hope, or faith, and Jesus would do the same.

The next crucial point is that one ought to do things that fulfill one with faith, love, and hope. Paul said, “These three abide, faith, hope, love.” (Cor.I.13.13.) Paul believed that faith, love, and hope are strongly related to justice. Moreover, these three concepts are bound by each other and cannot stand separately. For me, it means that when a person does not know what he or she ought to do now, they should remember these three terms named faith, love, and hope. If an individual abides them, their decisions will always be right.

Justice is a crucial term when talking about what a person ought to do. According to the Bible, justice could be achieved primarily through hope. Faith, in turn, helps to have that hope of injustice. Faith and love with the hope of justice will provide people with the notion of the truth. That is why I think that it will show them the right path and answer the question about what they ought to do.

If to analyze the extractions from the Bible and then answer the main question, I would come up with the conclusion that I ought to do things that correspond to morality. If in one’s case, it is Christian morality, then the main idea is to always take into consideration the will of God. Moreover, the deeds should be conscious, and they should be purposefully filled with love, hope, and faith. In that way, the actions will correspond to morality, justice and be right for the person doing those actions.

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In the Bible, love is considered a universal power. Everything that I ought to do should be based on love. It could be different forms of love, for example, love for God, love for the people, or love to nature. At the same time, one should have faith in Jesus in order to decide what is right to do. Christian morality sees faith in Jesus as the key to deciding on what one ought to do. In addition, hope in love and hope in faith will help a person to follow justice and come up with the best ideas on what they ought to do.


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