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Ethics Within the Organization

Ethics within an organization have become very important now because all organizations have now realized the benefits and advantages they can get by following these ethics. The organization I work in has a number of tools that ensure that ethics are being followed and practiced within the company. Some of them include the value and mission statement. This mission statement is the driving force and motivation for a lot of people. It promotes better sales, profits, consumer satisfaction, high productivity and quality products. It defines the organization. It describes what we’re trying to achieve and the values of our company. Having a mission statement helps us in sketching a clear picture of what we want in the future. Similarly the value statement expresses what we believe in. Without a policy manual there would be no directions and procedures to be followed. Everything would be haphazard and chaotic. It basically describes the policies that every employee has to follow in every operational area of the organization. In my organization the code of conduct is considered very important. There is no compromise on behavior and the responsibilities of an individual. Ethical training is mandatory for all the employees and this training is done by the senior most staff as well as sometimes professionals are hired to train the staff. These policies, manual, value and mission statements have been a part of my organization ever since it was established. They are followed religiously and from time to time they are revised and upgraded but the crux remains the same. There is no discrimination within the organization. Everyone has to follow the same rule and regulations and policies which is why they are consistent. One reason that the ethics culture is so strong and is given so much important in my company is that the senior management is very committed to this culture. The middle and lower management follow their path. They practice it and they walk the talk. They themselves demonstrate everything they ask and expect us to do in their everyday life.

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Before leaving for a foreign assignment, the training and development department takes full charge of training us for not only the work that needs to be done there but also the cultural change that one faces when going to a different country. Every country has their own ethics. We are trained to deal with the ethical dilemmas of all sorts that we come across in a different culture. Dealing with these complexes especially if your company is not global is not easy unless you are mentally ready to face such problems beforehand. The readings that are provided to us help us understand what dilemmas we can possibly face, the cultural issues and law and order of that country etc. After these readings we are to some extent mentally prepared and know what to expect. After this we need to get acquainted ourselves. Our superiors are always willing to help us with any sort of questions we have. Usually questions like what are the affirmative action and ethics of that new place arise in our mind. Also questions regarding racial discrimination and gender discrimination are asked and more questions about the ethical culture of that particular country are asked. These are a few common questions that most employees inquire and our superiors willingly help us by answering them.

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