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European and American Real Estate Institutions


The real estate industry is one of the major investment points in most developed countries as well as developing countries. Globally, the real estate investment is a unique and a complex institution. This then calls for in-depth understanding of the industry and the inclusion of well trained professionals to handle the processes. The traditional training of professionals in this field was based on a distinct sovereignty (Seabrooke, William, Kent, and Hebe Hwee-Hong How, 2008).

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Various countries have different policies and structures that govern the operations of a real estate institution. This paper handles five major real estate institutes and strives to bring out the most beneficial amongst them. The institutions include:

The London Institute for Real Estate

The London institute for real estate is linked to the London South bank University (LSBU). The close association is intended to establish the institution as a leader in the training of professionals in the real estate field. Currently the institute provides the MBA international Real estate Block course a course that was developed by a German university. The university additionally offers applied research and consultancy as well as high-level executive training among other courses (

The Michigan Institute of Real Estate

The Michigan institute of real estate was established in the United States of America in 1985. It has established itself over the past 25 years as a market leader in real estate building, mortgage brokerage and appraisal training institute. The institution offers training in the traditional classroom setting, the virtual way (online) and through homeschooling where the student receives materials at your residence and done at the students pace (

The American Real Estate Institute

American real estate provides the professionals with real estate pre-license post license and continuing educational courses. It’s a well-recognized real estate institute in the state of Pennsylvania (

The New York Real Estate

It is perceived to be the gold standard in the industry since 1987. The institute offers continuing education courses. Its courses include: broker licensing, property management, mortgage broker, appraiser licensing and real estate investment courses among others (

Real Estate Academy Egypt

The real estate academy is located in Egypt. It was established in 2009 as a result of a partnership between the American University Cairo, the national University of Singapore and DMG- Mountain View. The institution offers a variety of courses to suit the needs of the professionals within the industry. It additionally facilitates interaction between professionals in the industry providing networking opportunities for growth and information sharing (

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Among the five real estate institutions, they offer similar courses that cut across and seem to attend to the immediate needs of the public across the divide. Such courses include broker licensing, real estate management and mortgage brokerage. The courses provided cut across the current needs of the changing real estate needs ranging from the business needs building and construction as well as managing already established resources.

The companies were all established over 20 years ago except the real estate academy of Egypt. However they have embraced technology and are keeping up to date with technology and policies that seem to accommodate the recent changes. The New York real estate institute however has an edge reason being the oldest in the market and with the ability to still provide to the current market needs.


The New York real estate institute is an icon institution in the field of training professionals in this field and with a vast number of years of experience. The ability to quickly adjust to the rapid and frequent changes in the world of real estate training is also seen in the Michigan real estate institute having been established in 1985 and has survived and trains professionals in the field to date. The institutes all share similar courses and all seem to embrace current trends in the market to satisfy the needs of the professionals.


Seabrooke, William, Paul Kent, and Hebe Hwee-Hong How. International real estate: An institutional approach. Vol. 20. John Wiley & Sons, 2008. Web.

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