Education in 21st-Century Multicultural Environment

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Addressing the needs of students from diverse backgrounds is a rather complicated task for a teacher due to the necessity to use different strategies for appealing to the learner’s enthusiasm and motivating them to excel in their studies. The research by Schachner, Noack, Van de Vijver, and Eckstein (2016) shows that promoting equality and inclusion may contradict the policy of cultural pluralism since they have different effects on learners. Because of an elaborate use of research method, as well as a careful choice of references and its credibility, the article can be regarded as a scholarly one.

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The fact that the article has been published comparatively recently (specifically, in 2016) and in a peer-reviewed journal (i.e., “Child Development”) should be listed among the qualities that make it a credible and scholarly source. In addition, one must keep in mind that each of its authors has a Ph.D. and is affiliated to a specific University. The specified detail adds specific value to the information represented in the paper.

In addition, one must give the authors credit for incorporating a variety of credible, peer-reviewed, and fully academic resources in their paper to support the analysis. For instance, they reference mostly academic papers with an appropriate DOI assigned to them. In addition, chapters from several scholarly books are referenced in the study to create a profound statement. The paper contains minor methodology biases, which can be attributed to the imperfections in the existing research tools (specifically, some of the target population members may have been underrepresented). Nevertheless, the study provides an all-embracive analysis of the issue and, thus, can be used to support other academic papers on the topic.

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The paper by Agirdag, Merry, and Van Houtte (2016) sheds light on the subject matter by examining the effects that multicultural content integration has on learners’ performance in the context of a college. Although the process of multicultural content integration requires a profound analysis for determining the initial pool of items, which will be used for performance analysis, it is essential to deploy the specified tool.

The article can be considered credible and should be regarded as scholarly since it was published in a peer-reviewed journal (“Education and Urban Society”), and the outcomes of the study are based on an objective analysis. One might argue that the adoption of the methodological tools such as focus group interviews opens a gateway to biases such as possible subjectivity of the answers, as well as the threat of these answers being misinterpreted by the researchers. Nevertheless, Agirdag et al. (2016) managed to address these issues by introducing a statistical analysis and creating an elaborate scale for measuring the participants’ responses.

In addition, the paper was published in 2016, which makes it a recent and relevant article. Furthermore, the fact that the study is peer-reviewed should be seen as the proof of its trustworthiness and credibility. Finally, one must bring the active use of other scholarly references to attention. Agirdag et al. (2016) feature a range of important studies, using them to prove the point that the authors are trying to make. Therefore, the paper by Agirdag et al. (2016) is a scholarly article.

Why Scholarly Articles are Important

Using a scholarly article is crucial since it helps support research and provide the foundation for an in-depth analysis. Unlike other resources, scholarly articles contain only verified information that will lead to correct assumptions and research outcomes (Walden University, 2015). Thus, producing efficient results becomes a possibility.

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