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Examining a Learning Organization


Learning organizations strive to continuously self-modify and facilitate innovation within the employee body in the attempt to remain competitive in the everchanging business climate. Since constantly adjusting strategies and the working environment is essential to becoming and remaining successful, many of today’s largest corporations, such as Google, Apple, and Pixar, are learning organizations (Cordero, 2020). However, it is not just the large corporations that embrace the adaptivity and flexibility needed to stay relevant and profitable. The following essay examines the company Wahl Clippers, an American company that specializes in grooming products for people and animals.

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Reasons for Choosing This Organization

Wahl Clippers produces and sells personal and professional grooming devices for people and animals, such as various trimmers, shavers, and care essentials. The company was founded over a hundred years ago, and since then has maintained a standard of excellence. However, this would be impossible without the constant learning and transformation of the company. Wahl Clipper was established in 1919 with the creation of the first electric hair clipper by Leo J. Wahl (Our History, n.d.), and since then, the company has come up with several modernizations. The innovative foundation of the company intrigued me, as well as the everyday use and practicality of the product. Hence, I thought this company to be perfect for this paper.

What Shows Its Dedication to Being a Learning Organization?

The foundation of the company is based on innovation and learning. Initially, Mr. Wahl used the electromagnetic motor, which was later put in the clippers, in a massager for his uncle (Our History, n.d.). However, seeing the market need for improved barbershop products, he decided to patent a clipper with an electromagnetic motor, starting the Wahl Clipper Corporation (Our History, n.d.). Over the next hundred years, Wahl Clipper has remained current to maintain the standard set by its founder, learning from the industry professionals and adapting to the needs of the market. Some of the most notable innovations include the Silent Giant, created in 1935, the Silent Dryer and increase in mass production in 1940, and expanding to a global market in 1950 (Our History, n.d.). Furthermore, Wahl has its own academy, committed to raising a new generation of hairdressers and groomers that would represent the company standard.

What Makes This Organization Successful?

One of the reasons behind the organization’s success is its global reach. However, first and foremost, it is the practicality and high standard of the wide range of products that it produces. Furthermore, the company website provides open access to Wahl Clipper’s Workplace Standards, which include numerous commitments to social standards, such as the non-acceptance of child labor. Furthermore, it includes pledges against discrimination, unfair working hours and wages, and involuntary work. It is the combination of high-quality products, a humane workplace, and the global reach of the company that makes it so successful.

How Do the Organization’s Practices Reflect Baldrige Principles?

The Baldrige principles help assess companies on their efficiency and how they face and overcome challenges. Some of the core values include organizational learning, which is a major part of Wahl Clipper’s mission and purpose. Furthermore, the focus on success and innovation, also a Baldrige core value, is an important goal of Wahl Clipper as well. Some of the major commitments of the company are to the customers, personal accountability, and leadership, creating a unique and cooperative working environment. Therefore, Wahl Clipper can be judged highly based on the Baldrige principles.

Concluding Statements

I would love to work for this company, as I find problem-solving fascinating, and I would love to search for everyday solutions for other people. Furthermore, the spread of products that Wahl Clipper works with is very interesting, as it allows to expand one’s knowledge of different industries and various issues they might have. It would be exciting to find new solutions to problems to ensure such a common and necessary task as grooming is efficient. Furthermore, since Wahl Clipper is a global company with offices worldwide, it would allow travel and work in different countries, which can be eye-opening.


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