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Experimental Psychology and Forensic Psychology


Psychology is a powerful field of study aimed at addressing a wide range of human problems. The field can be divided into two specialties. These include experimental and forensic psychology. This essay gives a detailed analysis of the ideas gained after completing the class exercise. The exercise outlines the major aspects of the two specialties and the respective roles completed by different professionals. The essay describes the education levels and salaries associated with the two specialty areas. The discussion explains how the newly-acquired ideas in psychology can support the professional goals of many scholars. This knowledge will play a positive role towards addressing the major psychological issues affecting the wider society.

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Types of Work for Professionals in Different Specialty Areas

Psychologists in different specialty areas are expected to complete a wide range of activities. Experimental psychologists can complete researches to understand various human behaviors. They can use animal or human subjects to execute most of their studies. Experimental psychologists, on the other hand, use scientific data to complete their studies.

These experts can explore various psychological phenomena such as human cognitive processes and personalities (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). Such psychologists can work in different settings such as health institutions and medical facilities. Forensic psychologists complete numerous researches to understand the nature of criminal behavior. Such skills can be used to explore the traits possessed by criminals (American Psychological Association, 2016). These practitioners can pursue different studies in an attempt to influence court decisions.

Education Type and Level

Significant education in psychology is needed by individuals who want to work in these two specialties. Individuals planning to work as psychologists must possess adequate education. For instance, a forensic psychologist must complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). The degree should be regulated by a recognized psychological society in the targeted country.

This practice is embraced in order to ensure the professionals are competent. The professional can decide to pursue a Master’s Degree in Psychology. A Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory for an individual who wants to become an experimental psychologist. Doctoral degrees are also available for these professionals.

Work Settings and Average Income

Experimental psychologists use their skills to conduct research and come up with new ideas that can address various human problems. This fact explains why such professionals can work in different settings. For example, these professionals can offer their services in research institutions. The role will make it easier for them to present findings that can influence different policies. They can also work in universities and learning institutions. This role will make it easier for them to educate more learners (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). Governments and non-profit institutions can hire these experts to complete various researches and experiments.

Forensic psychologists can work in mental health institutions and correctional facilities. They can use their competencies to support the health needs of patients with diverse needs. Those “working in correctional facilities can evaluate criminals and complete evaluations for deferent legal cases” (Kuther & Morgan, 2012, p. 48).

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These professionals earn an annual income of around 78,000 US dollars (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). Those who have completed their doctoral degrees will earn an annual salary of around $110,000. Experts believe strongly that these individuals will earn better salaries in the future. This is the case because more people will be in need of better psychological services in the future.

Career Possibilities

This research has equipped me with adequate ideas that can support my professional goals. I have realized that the field has numerous career opportunities. The number of people requiring diverse psychological services has increased than ever before. I have always wanted to become an experimental psychologist. The study has indicated clearly that the profession presents numerous career opportunities.

I will be able to work in different settings such as in health care facilities, learning institutions, and government agencies (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). These career possibilities explain why I am planning to join the profession. The careers are associated with good salaries and remunerations. This fact explains why the study has captured my attention. I will therefore study hard in order to achieve my personal and career goals.

Description of New Lessons

This exercise has made it easier to learn new things about the above specialty areas. To begin with, the exercise has informed me about the differences between forensic and experimental psychology. Initially, I used to imagine that the two specialties were closely related (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). I have understood why forensic psychologists can work comfortably in different mental health institutions. Such professionals can present numerous concepts and ideas to support the needs of more people with mental health needs. This knowledge will make it easier for me to develop the best personal philosophy.

Podcasts: Every Day Human Experience

The podcast “Ep 154: 5 Reasons Why Casey Anthony Might be Innocent” shows how people tend to judge offenders from their physical appearances. This is an every-day human experience whereby it is always easy to identify guilty people. Many offenders are treated negatively in the society and treated as guilty. However, this podcast explains why people should embrace the use of psychology before judging different offenders. The facts of the case should not be used as the main evidences (Michael, 2011).

That being the case, the aggressor’s circumstances should be examined from different perspectives. The other podcast “Ep 183: Critical Thinking – Important? Yes. But Can We Teach It?” presents similar ideas. People should embrace the power of critical thinking to deal with a number of psychological issues. These aspects can be used to reshape human thoughts and decisions whenever dealing with various criminal issues.

Hot Topic

The hot topic that has been considered in the field of psychology is the issue of insanity defense (Kuther & Morgan, 2012). Some experts have argued that insanity can be faked to ensure a criminal is not incarcerated. This issue has affected the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in many societies. The greatest concern is how insanity defense has been widely used to ensure a criminal gets away with a case (American Psychological Association, 2016). That being the case, forensic psychology has been used to establish the potential causes and motivations for committing different crimes.

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This specialty area has also been associated with increased cases of insanity defense. At the same time, experimental psychology should be applied in similar settings because it explores the major aspects of human cognition and motivation. Through the use of these two specialty fields, this hot topic can eventually find a long-lasting solution. Multidisciplinary teams consisting of both forensic and experimental psychologists should be formed to minimize chances of faked insanity.


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