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Facilitating Language Development

There are different strategies that parents can employ to facilitate their children’s language development. The first technique is by being an active conversational partner for the child (Santrock, 2019). Parents should give their children adequate attention, especially when they start to develop capability of intelligible speech. The second technique is to talk as if the child understands what you say. The strategy enables an infant to perceive that they can understand what is being said. The third technique is for parents to use a language they are comfortable with when communicating with their infants (Santrock, 2019). For instance, a parent can choose to use actions, make noises, and sing. Therefore, parents can use these techniques for their children’s speech development.

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Tablets and cellphone can hinder language development among infants. The time children spend on electronic gadgets is related to the delay in expressive speech, which is the verbal form of communication (Santrock, 2019). A delay in expressive speech can impact a child’s ability to conceptualize words and identify their feelings. In addition, interaction with family and friends helps children learn to talk. Appropriate language development requires an interactive session between an individual and an infant. Therefore, if they constantly utilize gadgets, language development will become a problem because there are no communication advances or attempts.

On the other hand, tablets and cellphones can facilitate infant language development, especially when used for learning rather than as a source of entertainment. An infant can start learning a language from the media when a parent or guardian guides them in the process. A parent can use these devices as a teaching tool and make the process interactive. Thus, these gadgets become a problem when they are not used effectively.


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