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Family Happiness Definition and Aspects

A family is the basic unit of society. Owing to the complex nature of contemporary family structures, it has increasingly become difficult to comprehend and define the key tenets of a happy family life or whether there is such a thing as a truly “happy family”.

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Incidences such as family strife, divorce and separation, domestic violence, single parenthood, abortion, parental neglect, and same sex marriages have dampened the authentic spirit of family happiness in the modern society. Nonetheless, the aspect of a truly happy family can be founded on wholesome recreational activities, work, compassion, love, respect, communion, forgiveness and regular communication.

To begin with, happy families share their feelings regardless of the magnitude of the issue at hand. it is clear that raising children is the responsibility of a lifetime. However, it does not imply that happiness cannot be attained when children come in and bridge the marital gap between a man and woman.

Sharing every detail on private matters between married couples is the epitome of family happiness. It is also crucial for married couples to demonstrate to their children that they are not only parents, but also human beings with feelings. An atmosphere of mutual sharing among family members builds a bond of trust that promotes discussion on the most sensitive topics that individual family members may not dare to face.

Mutual forgiveness between parents and children is a major ingredient of a happy family life. We are all prone to faults at one time or another. Whenever there is a defect in our characters, we lose perfection that other family members expect from us. Truly happy families in society dwell on unending forgiveness.

Since mutual forgiveness exists, it can be incorporated in family life for the benefit of all. Forgiveness enhances cohesion of a family. Partners must forgive one another. Family members cover each other’s faults, mistakes, weaknesses and shortcomings when mutual forgiveness is given a chance.

Communion refers to understanding and sharing among family members. It is the responsibility of family members to stay together and undertake common activities that can link them quite often. Family members should not have any hobbies and side activities that deprive them of family communion. They should strive to remain together always. Communion within a family structure can be enhanced when they eat t, laugh, joke, and even go out for holidays together.

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For peace to reign in a family, it takes mutual consideration. Both couples should avoid harming, frustrating or offending each other. Mutual consideration also goes hand in hand with respect and dignity within a family. It is not possible to imagine of a happy family life when the dignity of individual family members is at stake. For instance, the tone should not be raised when partners engage each other in a conversation.

Soft talk is necessary among family members and should not be perceived as a weakness. Parents should always consider their children, take care of them and stand with them in challenging situations. In return, children ought to respect their parents and avoid anything that can cause harm for a happy family to exist.

In a family endowed with adequate communication, each member easily and freely expresses his feelings and gets proper responses from other members. Good communication promotes the exchange and sharing of good ideas, problems, and worries. Communication also releases anxiety, fear, stress, failures and so on.

myriads of challenges that plague families may be solved through communication.

In recap, truly happy families still exist in society. A happy family life holistically relies on love, unity, good communication, mutual communion and consideration as well as forgiveness. Besides, a happy family requires the input of all family members.

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