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Family Planning Case Study


The rate of adolescent pregnancy is currently on the increase. According to recent research, approximately half of the people in the universe are below twenty-five years old. Therefore, their decisions about childbearing are crucial for the future population. Even though many people become sexually active at teenage, they do not access the required family planning services. If we want to address the issues of reproductive health, family planning services need promotion. This will reduce the prevalence of adolescent pregnancies, which usually result in maternal mortality. Therefore, this paper will analyze a case study of a sixteen-year-old girl who wants a contraceptive method.

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The family planning method

According to the case study, the girl has chosen an implant as a contraceptive method. As a health care professional, I would provide this method because of the legal and practical considerations. To begin with, the law states that minors have a right to privacy as well as integrity to the use of family planning methods (Shea, 2010). This means that the nurse should obey and respect their decisions regarding family planning methods. For example, if the minor chose a specific method of family planning, the nurse has no right to refuse or coerce the client. Instead, the nurse should offer the method if the client falls under the eligibility criteria of family planning services.

Additionally, the law permits minors to receive family planning services without the consent of their parents (McCarthy & Barbara, 2009). This shows that it is right for the adolescent girl to receive the family planning method of her choice. Additionally, Torres & Eisman (2010) states that some laws do not concentrate on parental notification and for those that do, the notification is not compulsory.

This gives adolescents the freedom of obtaining family planning services without the consent of their parents. Finally, the law that protects the confidentiality of teenagers who use family planning methods is imperative to both adolescents and health care professionals. It encourages adolescents to protect themselves from early and unplanned pregnancies. On the other hand, it protects the nurse who offered the family planning methods against any legal accusations.

In terms of practical considerations, the implant is suitable for all women including adolescents. This is because it is easy to use, as it does not rely on compliance (Gans & Newachek, 2008). As a result, it is a good method for the sixteen-year-old girl because the mother may not find out. Additionally, she will not have to worry about taking pills. Furthermore, teenagers are less likely to suffer from medical conditions that can deter them from using the implants (Reis, 2009). According to the case study, the sixteen years old girl does not suffer from any medical condition like deep venous thrombosis or tumors of the breasts or liver. This is because the physical examination revealed normal findings. Additionally, she does not take any medication. This shows that she fits to use the implant as a family planning method.

Implants usually delay the first pregnancies in adolescents (Shea, 2010). This fact would prompt me to give the girl implant as a family planning method. This is because when the pregnancy is delayed, she is likely to escape the complications associated with early pregnancies. According to research is done, teenagers are likely to die from pregnancies as well as childbearing-related causes. Besides, approximately fifty percent of their babies die before the age of one. Therefore, McCarthy & Barbara (2009) recommend that adolescents delay the first pregnancy up to the age of twenty years. This is possible via the use of family planning services. Therefore, the nurses should provide family planning services to adolescents.

Health education and guidance

The health education and guidance would focus on the family planning method as well as reproductive health. To begin with, I would tell her about the care of the insertion site. She should perform the normal activities but avoid straining the insertion site for around seven days. Additionally, the insertion site may be painful, bruised, or swollen. She needs not worry because all these problems will vanish after healing take place.

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Furthermore, I would tell her about the side effects of the implants. They include changes in the menstrual cycle, which manifest as spotting, amenorrhea, or menorrhagia (Torres & Eisman, 2010). I would assure her that the side effects would clear within six months but if they bother her, she should return to the health facility. Finally, I would tell her about the warning signs of implants. They include pus or bleeding from the site, severe abdominal pain, and the rods coming out. She should report to the health facility.

Additionally, I would tell her that family planning methods are not one hundred percent effective. Therefore, she should report to the health care facility if she suspects she could be pregnant. Moreover, I would let her know that implants interfere with the effectiveness of some medications (Gans & Newachek, 2008). Thus, she should always tell a health care provider that she use the implant as a family planning method. This will guide the health care provider in the provision of care and the choice of medication.

Lastly, I would tell her that no family planning methods except condoms protect one from sexually transmitted diseases (Reis, 2009). Therefore, she should protect herself from acquiring those diseases by use of a condom. Moreover, I would tell her the importance of knowing her HIV status. This would help her in deciding on undergoing the HIV tests. This is imperative because when one knows her HIV status, she will be able to protect herself and others. Finally, I would tell her about the cancer screening programs. They include self-breast examination, mammogram, and cervical cancer screening tests like pap smears (Shea, 2010). These tests are important because they assist in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of reproductive health cancers.

The response to misconduct

Upon receiving the news that she skipped school to be with her boyfriend and have sex, I would scold her. I would threaten her that I would tell her parents about her behavior as well as the use of the family planning method. This would make her realize that she has done the wrong thing. Additionally, she would be scared that I might tell the parent thus opt to change the behavior. Moreover, I would remind her about the failure rate of family planning methods. This would change her attitude towards sex because she fears getting pregnant. Lastly, I would let her know that she could still contract HIV and sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected sex. Therefore, she should watch her sexual behaviors.

The way forward

At this point, the client requires guidance and counseling about sexuality and the importance of going to school. I would inform her that the risks associated with sex are not only early pregnancies but also HIV and sexually transmitted infections (McCarthy & Barbara, 2009). According to a survey done, the majority of the people with HIV are below the age of thirty years. Besides, two out of five new HIV infections occur in people between the age of sixteen twenty-fivefive years.

Therefore, she should opt to use a protective method to reduce the risk of acquiring the infection. Additionally, I would inform the client that men spread cervical cancer, which is prevalent in women (Torres & Eisman, 2010). If she continues having sex frequently, she is increasing her chances of getting cervical cancer. Therefore, she should decide on the use of a barrier method of abstaining from sex.

Finally, I would tell the client the importance of going to school. By going to school she will empower herself with knowledge and skills. This will help her get a good job thus; she will not depend on any person for anything. Empowerment and independence are important for a woman because they reduce the chances of harassment from men. According to Gans & Newachek (2008), poor women are vulnerable to sexual and physical harassment frotheirhe husbands. This is because they cannot make decisions on their own as they depend on otheirhe husbands. Therefore, I would tell the client to decide if she wants a bright future or harassment.

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Family planning services are essential for adolescents. Therefore, health care providers should guide and assist them to choose a favorable method. Additionally, they should guide and counsel the adolescent about sexuality and the importance of concentrating on schoolwork.


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