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Fantasy in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” Film

The film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a piece of art that was authored by David Hands in 1937. The fantasy musical work teaches children and adults the severe effects of jealousy and the significance of true love. The writer aims to communicate the theme of love and the detriments of envy through a story. The movie expresses the power of love and its effects on individuals. However, the subject of the fact and fantasy of filicide is evident as the story progresses. Snow White presents a fairy tale where a child is murdered. The killing of a young person is among the topics that generate significant public attention in the entire world. Children are often regarded as innocent and defenseless; hence, the murder of a kid by an adult is an atrocious and unfathomable act.

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The motivations and crime involved in the activity defy easy comprehension, as depicted in the film. This incident elicits the theme of jealousy. Snow White’s stepmother envies her for being “fairest of them all.” Guided by evil motives, she orders a huntsman to kill her. The intended killer is unable to execute the young girl, a situation that prompts the stepmother to commit filicide by herself. This story reveals the product of suppressed feelings, hidden wishes, and illicit behavior among young stars. Regardless of the fairness that the family knows of her, Snow White is jealousy of her mother and wishes that she could have her advantages and privileges. These wishful thoughts turn into something utterly opposite due to the feeling of inferiority, causing the mother to become defensive. Snow White provides a background for young people to work through the overwhelming sense of filial envy.

The case in this film has persisted for many decades and is also presented in other works. Various authors have argued that the fairy tale in Snow White is a product of wishful feelings or fantasies, and was intended for adult readers. The narrative’s filicide acts can be seen as a result of parental jealousy and desires, as opposed to those of the child. Snow White’s stepmother is so wicked that she deploys any means to accomplish the mission of killing the little girl. At last, she used a poisoned comb as a gift, making her collapse at the point of contact. The seven dwarfs manage to revise Snow White, but again she succumbs to the unrelenting wickedness of her stepmother. This fairy tale shows how the death of a brother or sister can result in distraught among the bereaved kin. The seven dwarfs are very hungry with the demise of Snow White.

Both love and jealousy play an important part in the events unfolding in Snow White’s filicide case. The author is keen to show how the love of a child can result in jealousy among parents. Although the work is unintentionally meant for young children, the author targets adults and parents whose failures or secret wishes can result in them envying their children. Jealousy, as opposed to love, is the primary cause of Snow White’s death in the fairy tale. Parents should take this story as a lesson to stay away from feelings that may result in the murder of a young person due to defensive superiority.

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