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“Fast and the Furious 4” by Justin Lin

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The recent movie named ‘Fast and Furious 4: New model Old parts’ has been a blockbuster among the teenage enthusiasts of racing in local colleges. The movie is directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. It was released on the 10th of April this year and since then it has been a hot topic amongst the enthusiast of street racing and lovers of sporty rides.

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The elements that constructed the plot of the movie feature a cop working for the FBI in LA and a notorious criminal. They are teamed up and set to get their hands on a drug dealer while aborting his businesses.


Dominic Toretto is on a path to find his girlfriend, Letty’s murderer. He had left her earlier since his criminal record demonstrated him like an international criminal involved in the robbery and attempt to murder cases, which can in-turn would have affected her. His sister tells her that she has been killed after he leaves the state. He heads back to LA to attend the funeral of her girlfriend and find the traces which can lead to the killer. He, along with his sister visits the area of murder and comes across traces of nitrogen remains. According to his information, only a single shop sells this stuff, and with the help of his old fellows he tracks down the person known as David Park. Luckily, he finds David and forces him to reveal the name of the murderer. David assures him access to the gang liable of her girlfriend’s death, using a street race organized by Campos who later is discovered to be the special acquaintance of Arthuro Braga.

On the other side, Brian O Connor, the agent working for the FBI gains information about David Park also. This leads him to the drug lord as well. The story brings two of these old rivals to face to face and they are set to race together to win their chance of getting into the team hired for drug transfer.

Dominic wins the race and ends up confronting a man named Fenix who is later discovered as the murderer of Letty. Brian uses the authority of the FBI to get into the team by arresting one of their group members Dwight for the illegal sale of chemicals. When the event comes ahead, Dominic realizes the importance of drivers as throwaway items since the leaders are not willing to pay them instead. They counterattack the team and succeed in pulling drugs from them forcing them to arrange an exchange for it.

Later, at the exchange point, Dominic and Connor discover that Campos is indeed Braga himself disguising to confuse everyone. The raid of the FBI becomes messed up and Braga escapes the situation. Brian and Dominic chase after him and are successful in captivating him this time. Followed by Braga’s group, they chase each other again, and once crossing the United States border, Dominic kills Fenix, devastating him with his car. They bring him back to the USA where trial and imprisonment become his destiny. Finally, Dominic also comes under trial with the plea submitted by Connor; he is sentenced to 25 years of jail time. The last scene of the movie shows Dominic’s group along with Connor himself chasing the bus shipping Dominic to jail signifying his release illegally.


The movie though depicts an endangering lifestyle played by the main characters but ends up giving the message of a well human being. The relationship between a cop and a criminal is quite considerable. The criminal-minded character helped the law to arrest an illegal businessman which shows the goodness of character. Their sincerity for his girlfriend and striving to seek justice for her also depicts his honesty. Law never supports crime and the criminal, but decency of personality and good character can lessen the tight punishments as shown. Dominic though, charged for robbery and murder cases is given leverage and is imprisoned only, due to the support of the cop owing gratitude towards the assistance provided by him. The conclusion of the movie describes that a person who commits a crime is liable of charge no matter what circumstances forced him to do the deed and how good the person is in terms of character and nature.

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The movie attracts the viewer’s attention with striking stunts and special effects. The visuals are decorated with picturesque views and exotic racing vehicles featuring the ever-glorious American muscle cars and Japanese sports editions from Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Nissan. The racing stunts are specifically designed to provide the most exciting viewing experience. The technologies are shown in the movie give an edge to the script like the GPS-powered engine management system exposed in the race during the movie. The drift, the wheel-spins, and close-up shots of moving vehicles are worth watching. The movie overall is a thrilling genre, portraying skills of racing styles and the sport itself.

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