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“Wedding Crashers” Movie Converted to a Play


The first act of the play will serve as an introduction to the characters of John and Jeremy. Accordingly, the essence of these characters will be shown before “crashing” Secretary Cleary’s wedding. The act will use the scenes shown in slides 2 and slides 3. The Act will begin as a fragment of John and Jeremy doing their job as divorce mediators with their clients Mr. And Mrs. Kroeger, where the lines of the monologue will point to their attitude toward the institution of marriage.

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A transition to the second scene with the same setting will focus on John and Jeremy’s dialogue on the excitement about the start of the wedding seasons. The dialogue will reveal the main hobby of the protagonists, as well as their perception of women. It becomes obvious through the conversation that “crashing weddings”, although implies free food and drinks, is mainly concerned with picking up women; “We are gonna have tons and tons of opportunities to meet gorgeous ladies that are so aroused by the thought of marriage, that they’ll throw their inhibitions to the wind.”

John and Jeremy attend the weddings, where it can be assumed that they are taking place for several weeks, but the scene is around one wedding of a Jewish family, which focuses on the process of faking identities, closing the distance with the guests, and finally picking the girl for the night. A scene showing John using, assumingly, his standard lines so the girls do not last more than one night; “Sarah, I feel like I don’t even know you…. It’s Vivian.”

In the final scene of Act One, a philosophical monologue summarizes the events in this act showing the implication that the characters are not that young anymore, and clearly distinguishing between John and Jeremy’s perception toward wedding crashing, and introducing their source of inspiration toward crashing weddings, i.e. Chaz Reinhold. The act ends with the transition toward Act II, which is Jeremy announcing the next target, i.e. the wedding of The Secretary of the Treasury, and convinces John to crash this Kentucky Derby of weddings.

Lighting, Scenery, and Props

The main two sceneries in this act are the office and the wedding setting. The office will have daytime lighting and a necessary element in the form of a drawer, where the tuxedoes will be kept. The next scene is the weeding hall, where the main wedding events will take place. Unlike the film, the scene might be switched directly to dining tables skipping the episodes at the church. The lighting will implement in-door illumination which will transition into flashing lights at the dancing sequence. The props of this scenery will include dining tables with drinks and food on it and a cake. The final scenery is the bedroom of John, where the girl leaves him and subsequently the final monologue in the act takes place.

Costumes and Make Up

The main costumes in this act will consist merely from suits in the first scene, and dresses and tuxedoes in the second scene. The bride and the groom are dressed accordingly, and all male guests wear kippas to resemble the Jewish wedding. There is no particular make up in this act, with the exceptions of the last scene, where John and Jeremy would have a disheveled look implying the hang over along with the night’s consequences.

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