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Female Divine in Contemporary Culture

Traditional Vs. Modernized Black Woman

Historically, discrimination has been a major challenge, but globalization and acceptance of change bring in a new world where people can freely interact and build rapport without discerning others. Taylor’s article (2006) strongly reveals change, especially among black women. A black woman in today’s society feels confident of her achievements and can assertively locate her inner self and appreciate her beauty regardless of prior circumstances of negativism.

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She has found the power of intelligence and fought for equality. According to Leonard and McClure (2004), there is a big difference between the laboring home-based woman and a proficient professional woman. The family woman has a sole role in taking care of children or the home, and today’s professional women are great career intellectuals.

Modernized women still have the responsibility of raising and caring for children, but are also successful businesses people or are up-and-coming professionals. This is an indication of a complete revolution from typical traditional styles of living to rejuvenation.

Article overview

Black women have engaged a long battle of equality in society. The impartiality issue was not acceptable in the traditional setting, but today, women have proven abilities or equal skill that are more powerful compared to their male counterparts. They can attain professional levels and contract the opportunities they deserve. Considering the contemporary scenarios, women feel empowered and are thus more buoyant to meet goals.

Taylor (2006) emphasizes on women’s need to trigger inner power. She also points out the advent of ego when a woman finds the inner feminine power, as revealed in the conversation with the younger sister, who is a manager. The sister is proud of discovering her inner feminine supremacy and the beauty of a black woman. Initially, she based her powers on external appearances, but once she discovers her abilities, the external beauty also emerges and changes for the better.

She can appreciate her physical appearance because she already owns the true feeling of her innermost identity (Taylor, 2006). The article shows that when a person owns her inner self, they can sustain a personal perspective and battle to attain ambitions, therefore solidifying careers. Today’s women can choose and nurture their interests, and as the economic growth indicates, they are emerging as better investors, leaders, and fulltime managing personnel.

The Black woman manager in Taylor’s article (2006) is a successful businessperson who is a single mother in charge of her life and that of her child. This is an indication that she has big plans for herself and the future. Today the society is full of a single mother who is very successful, and the number is constantly increasing. This is an indication that it is important to discover abilities and maximize on them.

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The article illustrates the cliché “If you believe you can, then you will.” Taylor (2006) shows that black women have discovered the need to believe in inner talents. They are capitalizing on their abilities without considering negative comments from other people. If all women engaged such a spirit, then the results would be remarkable, especially to economical growth.


This article is, therefore, a lesson to the world over the need to empower women and assist them in discovering inner abilities. The article does not specifically address the plight of black women. Generally, everyone, regardless of race, gender, or religion, needs to be successful in his or her ways. Without discrimination, everyone would be empowered, but there is a need to have self believe. If you already believe in yourself, then this article is telling you to extend your believe to the family, friends, and your profession.


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