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Finding Intelligent Genomes in People’s Brain

Nowadays, the significant progress of health and medicine science leads to the disclosure of the new “chapter” of humans’ knowledge about themselves. However, some advancements are so unbelievable that scientists do not know how to interpret the information and implement it into future studies. In this case, the authors of the experiment found 52 genomes connected with intelligence. Even though this disclosure is critical for humanity, scientists cannot apply this information to the present. On the other hand, when it comes to future perspectives, advances in intelligent studies allow specialists to succeed in developing a deeper knowledge base. Consequently, human beings would be more informed about their body and intellect.

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Turning to the article’s importance for the initial disclosure of intelligent genomes, scientists state that the number 52 is not significant for developing a determined opinion. On the other hand, the biological disclosure of intelligent cells’ existence made a serious advance in future brain studies. Previously, scientists were providing their experiments with psychological experiments throughout the whole history of intelligence analysis.

To be more specific, they included imagination of objects rotation in the space, determining the right shapes for the task, and reaction games (Zimmer, 2017). Moreover, the tests were provided for different aspects s of the human brain and activity. However, when a specific person failed the test in one field, there would be a high probability of gaining a low mark during another test. The same patterns occurred with successful people passing intelligent tests: they were more likely to finalize the estimation with a high mark due to their previous experience.

However, one of the scientists at Vrije University Amsterdam, Danielle Posthuma, had a great amount of interest in understanding how intelligence works on the genome level. Started initially by twins experiments due to their DNA similarity, the doctor found that “Identical twins tended to have more similar intelligence test scores than fraternal twins” (2). On the other hand, the main obstacle standing in front of the scientists was that they were forced to combine the tests’ results due to the circumstances. As a result, the effects of the genes studied were shadowed owing to the overlapping effect.

Failed to find intelligent genomes initially, the genome-study association of scientists decided to create a merged database of 13 previous studies derived from genetic experiments and intelligent tests. Eventually, even though Dr. Posthuma did not believe that the chosen approach will provide scientists with interesting results. On the contrary, the group found 40 new genes that directly influence intelligent development and functioning, while 12 others were familiar. Even though the number of genes is too small, the scientists’ team is content with the results: “We cannot do it overnight, but it is something I hope to be able to do in the future” (6).

To my way of thinking, a genome experiment is a great possibility to develop a cutting-edge technology that enables a person to change anything in another individual’s brain. On the other hand, the studies connected with human intelligence might be as dangerous as the invention of dynamite: some people might use it to take the coal from the cave, others would throw it in the crowd to kill hundreds of people. Consequently, if the technological advance in this field will be under genome association control, and no information is given to political power representatives, then the intelligent genomes have a great chance to impact our development level.


Zimmer, C. (2017). In ‘Enormous Success,’ Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence. The New York Times. Web.

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