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Five Words For Easier Communication

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It is very difficult to become acquainted with new people. The problem is that a person knows nothing about you. That is why it is possible to create the list of five words which can give at least a vague idea of your character. Of course, these five words cannot show all peculiarities of your complicated nature. However a person will have a dim image of your personality.

The first word will be friendly. Oxford dictionary defines this term as kind and pleasant (Friendly, n.d.). I agree with this definition. I am very kind to people. It is difficult for me to say some rude words or even offend a man. I am an extremely friendly person, and it is very interesting for me to communicate with people and make new connections. That is why people feel comfortable while talking to me. The next word will be humorous. The fact is that I appreciate a good sense of humor in people.

I am deeply concerned that a good joke can change any situation for better and endear a person. I also have a good sense of humor; that is why I often laugh and joke. This fact can characterize me as a very optimistic person. I believe that people should be less serious as laughter is a powerful antidote to pain and stress (Smith & Segal, 2014). The next word is independent. I try to do everything by myself and to depend on anyone but me.

This trait of my character helps me in life very much as it means that a person is ready to face all difficulties on his way and overcome them, using only his own forces. That is why I think that this word should be mentioned for a person to understand what my priorities are. The third word which can characterize me is optimistic. I am deeply consumed that it is a result of my love for laughter.

It is possible to say that people who like to joke and make fun cannot be pessimists as they get used to positive emotions and they cannot expect something unpleasant from life. Optimism helped me in a great number of difficult situations, that is why I think that this characteristic is very important.

The next word is honest. I think that it would be fewer problems in the world if all people become honest. I associate honesty with dignity and consider both these qualities to be very important. The last word is kind. It seems to me that it is easy to guest this word judging on the previous ones.

There are situations in which these qualities approve themselves. As I have already said, it is easy for me to overcome some difficult situations as I am a very optimistic and independent person and try to laugh at a problem and not to become upset. Moreover, it is easy for me to make new connections as my sense of humor guarantees a very successful first meeting.

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