Flagami Community’s Crime and Health Situation


The community under analysis is Flagami, where mostly emigrants and people with low social status live. The vulnerable population of this community, as a rule, is subject to a rather high mortality rate due to the involvement of local people in crimes. The purpose of this paper is to assess crime as one of the primary problems of the studied community, as well as to consider the factors that can have a positive contribution to the correction of the situation. Timely intervention can be effective and help the aggregate reduce the level of violence and mortality for this reason.

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Vulnerable Population Overview

The predominant number of community residents is of Latino origin. Nevertheless, there are also African-Americans and white people. Judging by the appearance of the population, they are rather neat and do not look like people without a specific place of residence. Despite the fact that most of them do not have high enough incomes, they are dressed in clean clothes and do not look sick or haggard. Due to the fact that the residents of the community are experiencing certain difficulties with their jobs, they cannot afford comfortable housing or expensive attributes. This way of life is probably the reason that one of the acutest problems here is an increased level of violence, which leads to mortality caused by people’s involvement in crimes.

Another issue that exists in the community is a high level of alcohol consumption. According to Koning, Van den Eijnden, and Vollebergh (2014), there is a definite relationship between alcohol dependence among adults and adolescents as an excessive parental addiction quite often becomes one of the causes of teenage alcoholism. In this regard, there is a need to control this problem.

Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers

When assessing the health problems of the community under analysis, it can be noted that an insufficiently high social standard of living causes problems that arise here. According to the results of the overview, the residents do not suffer from such severe diseases as AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. However, a high crime rate characteristic of this place causes some risk factors. In particular, it is about a high level of early mortality among both adults and adolescents. As Finkelhor, Vanderminden, Turner, Shattuck, and Hamby (2014) claim, the prevention of youth violence in the US is a political issue that has been explored for at least one generation. Therefore, the problem is relevant enough.

Also, the danger is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. This addiction has already developed into a rather serious issue that can entail co-occurring problems in the form of an increase in the level of crime. The reason for this may be an insufficiently high social status of the residents and the lack of opportunities for self-realization. Perhaps it is the basic barrier that prevents the normal development of the community.

Community Resources

One of the resources that can be of great help in solving community problems can be the Florida Department of Health website (Florida Health, 2014). It represents separate ways of assessing the health status of certain communities’ residents and offers different options for monitoring specific indicators. Also, the assistance of nursing volunteers can contribute to educating people and improving the situation. In particular, programs aimed at preventing violence, as well as excessive consumption of alcohol can be used as a beneficial material for working with the population. Such resources are quite adequate for the studied group of people. Firstly, most of the young people use the Internet and can receive useful information from a special website. Secondly, the population will not have to pay for the services of volunteers who will work with them and provide moral support. Therefore, no serious financial investments will be required, and the result of work can be successful enough.

Community Health Problem Diagnosis

The central health problem that community health nurses could positively impact is the incessant growth of violence caused by depression and the lack of opportunities to fully develop. A medical worker can carry out appropriate work to reduce criminal inclinations, paying particular attention to adolescents. To do it, the topic of Injury and Violence Prevention is relevant, and the issue of reducing physical fights among adolescents will be very useful in this case (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018). This objective can help to achieve positive results in community nurse’s work and provide the population with protection against constant involvement in the crime.

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Thus, timely intervention to correct the situation in a specific community can be effective and help the aggregate reduce the level of violence and mortality for this reason. The basic issues that deserve particular attention are an increased level of violence and alcohol addiction. Certain resources can be of good help to solve these problems. Community nurse’s work can be accompanied by adherence to supporting resources. All the problems can be resolved by the joint forces of the vulnerable population and nurses. Intervention is an effective way to correct the situation for the better within the group under analysis.


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