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Food Truck Business Strategy, Resources, Management

The business goals and objectives of the company

Goals describe a roadmap that helps a business to achieve its agenda. Objectives are the actions taken to achieve these goals. A business with clear goals and objectives has a guarantee of getting good returns and fulfilling customers’ needs. The goal of this business is to offer affordable means for office employees to eat in the city. Due to the rising food prices, the food truck business offers a better alternative to workers with a tight budget (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).

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One of the objectives is to supply clients with healthy and freshly cooked food in a fast and efficient way. This will be good for clients who are watching their cholesterol level, and for people who have less time to go to a restaurant or cook at their homes. Another objective is to go for prospective clients. On weekends or holidays when most offices in the city are closed, the food truck goes to crowded places in the park or river piers.

In addition, the manager needs to explore the districts of the city that are more profitable (Jackson, 2014). As a result, the business will have a busy schedule that will ensure a steady income because it will be working in the busiest region in the city. Based on the clients’ needs, the manager will add new items to the menu. This will be accomplished by giving clients a questionnaire where they will list the meals they would like the truck to supply. It will be easy for the manager to choose meals with the best popularity from the questionnaires.

How does the management define success?

The management defines success as getting good returns in the business without compromising the quality and price of meals. Offering foods at lower prices, will lead to a significant increase in food demand from employees leading to a quick return in the money invested in the business (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).

The business therefore plays a significant role in ensuring that employees within Portland eat healthy and nutritious foods at lower prices. This reduces risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. This will cater for workers who are too busy to go to a restaurant or cook food at homes. Success also means creating a positive brand image that has a consistent quality that does not change in spite of fame. Satisfied clients will promote the food product through word of mouth (Jackson, 2014).

What are they trying to achieve, and why?

The food truck business is formed to satisfy the people’s need for food. The business aims at workers that have little time to cook food, and have less time to spend at their lunch break. In addition, they cannot buy meals at restaurants because of high price or other inconveniences.

People prefer not to purchase fast food because of high content of fats and sugar, which increase cholesterol level in the body. High cholesterol level in the body results to overweight and diabetes. Today, people are educated on foods to consume that are healthy and nutritious. Therefore, many people prefer good quality, freshly cooked meals, served quickly at lower prices (Jackson, 2014).

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The food truck business will satisfy all these needs. The location of the business is in one of the busiest areas of the city and will attend to the diverse needs of clients. It will provide food to workers, and move to parks where people will be having picnics and may have need for a dessert or a light meal. Consequently, the business will have a steady income on both weekdays and weekends (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).

Who will perform the various management functions, and how the decision-making process proceeds?

The business structure of this business is single proprietorship. This implies that one person owns and manages the business. The owner will be responsible for all the management functions and will employ workers if need arises. The business involves only a single food truck and one person will efficiently run it. The owner is the main decision maker, while the other worker is involved in preparing meals in the food truck.

What will be the critical skills needed of managers?

Managers interact with clients, address disputes, and motivate workers. Thus, they require good people’s skills to communicate effectively (Jackson, 2014). As a result, they will understand the needs of their clients and they will be able to sense any disputes with employees and settle them amicably.

Business skills are important in balancing accounts and preparing payrolls for workers. The owner will know if the business is getting good returns. In addition, a manager who possesses these skills will be able to pay bills and taxes on time. Business skills help the manager to situate the business in the busiest part in the city where the demand for healthy and nutritious food is high (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).

Time management skill is also important for any manager running a food truck business. If the target market is office workers, the meals have to be ready during their lunch break. The manager has to ensure that food is prepared at the right time, and served quickly to serve all the customers within the lunch break period.

How is the company organized? (e.g., organizational structure)

The organizational structure describes how different functions such as sharing responsibilities and management are directed with the aim of realizing the goals and objectives of the business. Since the business is a single proprietorship involving a single food truck, the organizational structure is simple. The main decision maker is the owner of the business and communication is done one on one (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011). The other workers are the chefs. Depending on the growth of the business, the business may change to a partnership structure or a limited liability company.

How the program helped reduce environmental impact, and improve social or community life

The food truck business contributes to the local community in a positive way. It offers its clients meals that are healthy and freshly cooked. Consequently, the truck becomes the desired source of meals for people that are conscious of their weight, and concerned about their health. This improves the social life of people because they will be less sick of weight related diseases. Due to the mobility of the truck, it will move to crowded parks where people are having picnics and supply light meals and desserts. As a result, their social needs will be met and their overall life will improve (Jackson, 2014).

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One of the negative aspects of a food truck is that it forms a huge amount of litter around its operations. This is because majority of customers consume their food and throw the containers on the ground. To prevent the problem of litter, the business has introduced ecologically save containers (Jackson, 2014). Moreover, the city provides a cleanup service that ensures all litter is wiped out thus sustaining a clean environment.

The human resources policies you have developed for the business


Consistent success of the food truck business relies on its ability to draw, maintain, and build up workers who can guarantee its continuous growth. The policy is to employ workers with professional skills helping them build a sustainable relationship with the business. The worker should be willing to improve his or her skills and adhere to the culture of the business (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).


The Company is dedicated to supporting all laws involving employee’s rights. The management will execute the required procedures to ascertain these laws are imposed (Jackson, 2014). All employees not abiding by the business principles will be asked to leave the business. It is paramount for all workers to form a work relationship and avoid any form of discrimination and harassment.


The food truck business will offer attractive remuneration depending on the employees work performance. The remuneration package will include salary and allowances. The management will be required to do research and get more information on remuneration packages of other similar businesses (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).

Employee development program

The business encourages employees to upgrade their skills so that they will be relevant in the dynamic market. Thus, all employees must be willing to acquire more knowledge and improve their skills. The business will support employees when opportunities for trainings arise (Jackson, 2014). Sales people are encouraged to polish up their people’s skills while chefs should stay updated on the current trends in the food industry.

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