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  1. Nutrition: Foods Containing Calories
    Many people argue that the consumption of excess calories is the only cause of obesity. This argumentative paper examines some of the other possible causes of obesity.
  2. Genetically Modified Foods and Their Impact on Human Health
    Genetically modified food has become the subject of discussion. There are numerous benefits and risks tied to consumption of genetically modified foods.
  3. Healthy Food: the Impact of the Vegetarian Diet
    In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards vegetarianism in societal dietary choices. In the modern world, vegetarians can uphold the nutritional needs of the body.
  4. Consumption of Junk Foods and Their Threat to the Lives
    Junk foods dominate the grocery store aisles, are served every day in school lunchrooms and, in the form of fast-food junk, crowd every major intersection.
  5. The Negative Effects of Fast Food
    Obesity and depression have become an epidemic in countries like the US and UK due to increased consumption of fast food.
  6. Fast Food Causes and Effects
    Fast food is been born out of the modern way of living in our societies. Unfortunately, the effects it has on the human body and health are not positive.
  7. Food Safety: A Policy Issue in Agriculture Today
    Food safety constitutes proper preparation, storage and preservation of all foods. Markets are increasingly calling for improvement in the quality and safety standards of food crops.
  8. Food Allergies and Obesity
    This short research paper will examine how food allergies can lead to food addiction that can cause obesity in individuals suffering from these allergies.
  9. Alaska Natives Diet: Traditional Food Habits and Adaptation of American Foodstuffs
    The Alaska Natives have retained their culture up-to-date in spite of their interactions with the wider American society.
  10. Nutrition and Food Security within the Aboriginal and Remote Communities of Australia
    Apart from food being essential for life, it has the potential of acting as a vehicle for pathogens that enter the body.
  11. Food Additives
    There are three types of food additives, cosmetic food additives, preservatives and the processing aids of food.
  12. Nutrition, Healthy Food Choice, and Nutritional Value of Fast Foods
    People’s choice for food is based on their specific perception and specific food need in the body as it may be prescribed by a medical doctor or a nutritionist.
  13. Food Safety and Information Bulletin
    Factors that contribute to food poisoning include; holding food at the wrong temperature which is mostly caused by inadequate cooling and inadequate cooking.
  14. Food in the 20th Centure
    The paper discusses food in the USA in the 20th century, factors that limited the food choices, ways working-class Americans get their food and pros and cons of processed food.
  15. Food Across Cultures: Asida (Jamza) Meal Project
    Asida is one of the oldest traditional Arabic foods. It is typically made of flour, honey and butter. The meal is traditionally eaten in the mornings, as a breakfast food.
  16. Financial Projections for Entrepreneurship in Food Industry
    Running a restaurant, especially in the area known for its high competition rates among the local food production companies, particularly, the fast food industries, is not an easy task.
  17. Food Science and Technology of Genetic Modification
    Genetically modified foods have elicited different reactions all over the world with some countries banning its use while others like the United States allowing its consumption.
  18. Nutrition: Causes and Effects of Fast Food
    In modern world productions of fast food and access to take-out combined with little exercise have raised very many health concerns.
  19. In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
    Michael Pollan in his essay talks about how the focus of food processing in America has been on individual nutrients rather than on dietary patterns or whole food that are beneficial to consumers.
  20. Fast Food and Obesity Link – Nutrition
    The scholars attempt to determine the influence of various behavioral factors on the degree of obesity. This is the main research question that the authors strive to examine.
  21. McDonalds Fast Food Company Organizational Change
    This paper attempts to explicitly review the successful implementation of the proposed change that involves improving the performance of the McDonalds Company and enhancing its customer focus.
  22. Supply Chain Management in the Food Industry
    Designing a proper supply chain in the environment of the global economy is a challenging task for a number of reasons; the numerous risks that need to be dealt with being the key one.
  23. Food Safety Issues in Modern Agriculture
    According to the United Nations Asian and Pacific Center for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery, an upsurge in international trade on agricultural products has made food safety a major concern.
  24. Pizza as One of the Most Famous Food in London
    The most revolutionary thing about pizza is that it combines three key ingredients to become one of the tastiest foods to date. This dish utilizes our London-made bread.
  25. Food for the Working-class Americans
    The paper discussed factors that limited food choices for the working-class Americans in the 20th century, options used to get food and possible benefits of the processed food.
  26. Slow Food Movement in USA
    The Slow Food movement started in the middle of 1980s by C. Petrini as a protest against the fast food industry and the call for returning to the traditional healthy eating habits.
  27. Food Culture: Doughnut’s History, Marketing and Sociology
    A doughnut, or as it is often called donut, is a kind of fried dough baked or pastry meal. The doughnut has become well-known and beloved in numerous countries and cooked in an assorted model.
  28. Organic Food Market Trends
    Food retailers replaced farmers and whole food retailers as the main retailers of organic food. Higher production costs is the only factor to the higher organic food prices.
  29. Food: National Identity and Cultural Difference
    This paper examines Ukrainian salo and Japanese sushi to verify if food’s actual taste and ingredients help understand the affiliated people’s mentality.
  30. Packaging in Marketing, Food Safety, Environment
    The principal functions of packaging are protecting products from the deterioration and external influences and providing important nutritional and marketing information.
  31. Food Truck Business’s Customer and Market Analysis
    Food truck business has high chances of becoming popular because food industry is one of the kinds of businesses that never go out of fashion.
  32. Whole Foods Market’s Strategic Position and Goals
    Whole Foods Market is an American company specialized in foods without artificial hydrogenated fats, colors, flavors, and sweeteners.
  33. Food Truck Business Strategy, Resources, Management
    The paper describes the food truck business’s goals and objectives, management functions, decision-making process, organizational structure, etc.
  34. World Hunger and Food Distribution as Global Issue
    World hunger is a serious issue that affects the development of many countries, impairing the overall health of their populations and increasing child mortality.
  35. Food Ads Ban for Childhood Obesity Prevention
    In order to prevent childhood obesity, it is necessary to ban food ads because they have adverse effects on children’s food preferences, consumption, and purchasing behaviors.
  36. IES Lean Systems Ltd. in the Food Industry
    The phenomenon of lean thinking, which is typically rendered as the introduction of sustainable principles for the use of the resources, is essential for the 21st-century economy.
  37. Saddle Creek Corporation: Food Company Analysis
    The Saddle Creek Corporation has been known as a logistics organization for quite long. The company exports a variety of products, including food.
  38. Food Producing Company and Its Key Processes
    For a company operating within a food industry, an appropriate information system must be used to feel the pulse of the food market, learn about the recent changes, etc.
  39. Food and Drink Industry’s Innovation and Barriers
    The paper provides the reasons that influence the need to innovate in the industry and the barriers that stop innovation from taking place.
  40. Food Diversion as a Type-2 Diabetes Treatment
    This research paper examines its potential use for the treatment of type-2 diabetes in patients within the previously stipulated BMI range.

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  1. Drug-Drug and Food-Drug Interactions
    Drug-drug interactions occur when a medicine interferes or affects the activity of a second drug when administered together.
  2. Fast-Food Industry’s Market Place and Environment
    The fast-food industry is experiencing a revenue of over $15 billion growth a year, and the future growth rate at an average of 2.7%.
  3. Healthy Food in U.S. Schools
    The main reason for choosing this topic is the need to establish the reasons why young people in schools are provided with unhealthy food that have negative health effects.
  4. Fast Food Harmful Effects on Children
    This paper states that the exposure of children to fast food early on has an adverse effect on them, resulting in the need to prevent the sale of fast food in schools.
  5. Ethical Eating in Daily Food Practices
    “Good food, good people” by Johnston et al. explains how consumers from diverse class environments understand ethical eating and reinforce these ideas into routine food practices.
  6. Labeling Food With Genetically Modified Organisms
    The wide public has been concerned about the issue of whether food products with genetically modified organisms should be labeled since the beginning of arguments on implications.
  7. How Canadian Government Could Improve Food Safety?
    The paper points out how the government can cooperate with other stakeholders in the food industry to improve the existing standards.
  8. Pet Food Product Marketing Strategy
    This paper outlines the marketing strategies that will be used for launching my pet food product: SWOT analysis, target market, market needs, and other market strategies.
  9. Local Food Venture and Its Operations Management
    Building a small business enterprise is a complex task. This case study examines a model of expanding a local food venture to a permanent location and franchise.
  10. Fast Food as a Cause of Obesity in the US and World
    In the contemporary rapidly developing world people are always on the move. They want to save time whenever it is possible.
  11. Food Policy Action and Food Security Legislation
    Food Policy Action was created from efforts of the US food policy leaders for holding legislators accountable for those votes that have a direct impact on the food industry.
  12. Dietary Laws and Food Products for Health
    The current paper provides information about balanced diets and investigates every type of product which can be useful or bad for health.
  13. Food Additives: Dangers and Health Impact
    Research shows that synthetic food additives have a negative human health and consumer dissatisfaction effect which calls for stricter regulation of their use in products.
  14. Eco-Friendly Packaging Design for Food and Drinks
    The paper will focus on the issues of eco-friendly packaging. The topic will be narrowed to the food industry, i.e. food and beverage production.
  15. Food and Drug Administration Fast-Track Approval
    This paper outlines the cases with fast-track approval of new medicines and describes the four phases of clinical trials required for regular FDA approval.
  16. Childhood Obesity Causes: Junk Food and Video Games
    The problem of “competitive foods and beverages” that are sold in schools outside the existing breakfast and lunch programs has been discussed for a while now.
  17. Chick-fil-A Inc.’s Entry into Qatari Food Industry
    The report presents three elements (political, economic, and legal) of PESTEL for Chick-fil-A to use in its decision to expand in the Qatari fast food industry.
  18. Food in Reducing Risks and Improving Health
    Different researches have been carried out to investigate how the consumption of fruit and vegetable can potentially prevent or reduce the risk of cancer.
  19. Food Chain: Ricotta Cheese Production
    The choice was made in favor of Ricotta cheese, because it makes the basis for and is added to a range of products, such as cheesecakes, cookies, pancakes, pizza.
  20. Healthy and Nutritious Food for Young Children
    The paper is intended to complete an evidence-based practice proposal regarding the influence of formula feeding on infants’ health in comparison with regular breast milk.
  21. Food Choices in Food Deserts: Sociological Analysis
    The research is focused on the investigation of factors impacting healthy dietary habits and the availability of healthy food for individuals.
  22. Nature’s Best Pet Food Brand’s Target Market
    This paper is dedicated to the study of the target market for a new pet food brand called Nature’s Best, which is soon launching on the market.
  23. The Currency Devaluation Concept in the Food Industry
    Finances and exchange rates play a substantial role in the functioning of the international market while ensuring the circulations of goods and services.
  24. Granite City Food & Brewery Company’s Value Chain
    To have a unique brand, the Granite City Food & Brewery launched the Fermentus Interruptus brewing process, which was designed by the founder called Mr. Burdick Shawn.
  25. Costly Healthy Food and State Policies
    The paper explains a problem of high prices for healthy food giving causes and outcomes, describing relations of costly healthy food and state policy and offering solutions.
  26. Food Truck Business’s SWOT Analysis
    The Food Truck company operates in the central business district of Portland, the area where the food delivery industry is very well developed.
  27. Start Up Company: Genetically Modified Foods in China
    The aim of establishing the start up company is to develop the scientific idea of increasing food production using scientific methods.
  28. National Food Products Company: Marketing Segmentation
    NFPC has gained the reputation of a company that has been striving in the UAE market quite successfully by delivering essential products such as milk, water, plastic carriers.
  29. Global Food Supplies, Overpopulation and Pollution
    The essay explores the problem of the threats to global food supplies and presents solutions and a critique of their effectiveness in alleviating this challenge.
  30. Advertising Promoting Organic Food and Beverages
    To turn the world more organic, one has to resort to using organic supplies. Creating ads on the way people can improve environmental conditions will change the position.
  31. McDonald’s Company: The Flawed Fast Food Tax
    McDonalds is one of the world’s leading fast food restaurants serving more than 57 million customers daily with branches all over the major cities.
  32. Biofoam: The Snack Food That’s Packing America
    Biofoam is likely to succeed due to its product nature. It is a resilient, lightweight, and inexpensive product. It resists the urge to shift in transit.
  33. Food Labeling Changes in the United States
    The new FDA proposal to change the serving size of packaged food has its pros and cons. Consumers will have realistic information regarding nutrients.
  34. Granite City Food & Brewery Company’s Market Capitalization
    The market capitalization for Granite City Food & Brewery is increasing at a lower percentage as compared to its primary competitor.
  35. Granite City Food & Brewery Company’s Environment
    The stable political environment in the US has been a pull factor for the food and beverage products that are sold by the Granite City Food & Brewery.
  36. Food Stamps: Rationale for Tightened Conditions
    The state should tighten the conditions for receiving food stamps as the economy improves since citizens are able to make more money and engage in productive activities.
  37. Waste, Food and Transportation: Sustainable Development
    Sustainability is one of the most crucial issues of the 21st century when it comes to development. Countries, institutions, and individuals are seeking to engage in sustainable development practices.
  38. Healthy Food Access for Poor People
    Through numerous studies, it is evident that the secret to good health lies in balancing of diet in peoples’ meals.
  39. Genetically Modified Food Safety and Benefits
    Today’s world faces a problem of the shortage of food supplies to feed its growing population. The adoption of GM foods can solve the problem of food shortage in several ways.
  40. Fast-Food Restaurant’s Capacity Increasing Options
    The fast-food restaurant is experiencing a booming business and looking for ways to increase its capacity to serve more customers. The management has come up with two options.

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  1. Wendy’s Fast Food Franchise in the Chinese Market
    Because of the strong presence that KFC and McDonald’s already have in the Chinese market, firms such as Wendy’s have to design a unique product.
  2. Kenya, Its Tourist Attractions and Food Culture
    Kenya is one of the most beautiful African countries I have ever been. I am always thrilled to visit it. However, it has taken some time since I was there.
  3. Indian Culture and Food in the Raaga Restaurant
    Before visiting Raaga, a restaurant of Indian cuisine, I tried to consider what I knew about this culture and whether I would eat what I would be served.
  4. Australian Consumers Strategies to Reduce Food Waste
    It is estimated that Australians discard food over $5 billion annually. Thus, government efforts to reduce food waste would result in significant financial savings.
  5. “The Future of Food” Documentary
    The documentary “The Future of Food” is shocking by the revelation of how food is made in America. This work describes two main issues that this film focuses on.
  6. McDonald’s Fast-Food Restaurant’s Analysis
    The management at McDonald’s would view the SWOT analysis as being partly exhaustive of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company.
  7. Food & Beverage Companies’ Input to Global Food Consumption
    The reported data is usable for analysis the industry dominance and structure of both the packaged foods and beverage.
  8. Sociology of Food and Eating
    The challenge presented a menu that was repetitive and lacked variety. Since I had no other option, I had to consume the available food.
  9. Global Food Security: UN Speech
    This paper presents a UN opening speech from the name of the Republic of Uzbekistan about the problem and promotion of global food security.
  10. Granite City Food & Brewery Company’s Analysis
    Granite City Food & Brewery has a comfort food menu, which includes homemade food and craft beer. The company aims to provide customers only with fresh products.
  11. Organizational Design Factors in the Food Industry
    The analysis of this environment is the first thing to do when redesigning the organizational structure of an international corporation.
  12. Food Innovation: Ayran Yogurt in the Scandinavian Market
    This study researches the suitability of Ayran yogurt product and how to introduce it as a healthy alternative to soft drinks in the Scandinavian market.
  13. Food Company Managing Business Activities
    The company’s primary output consists of numerous dishes and drinks. The firm has a set of requirements that are used to determine if products meet the standards.
  14. Proposal for Lowering the Intake of High-Calorie Food
    By its nature, food items that are considered as junk food and fast food are rich in fats, salt, and carbohydrates.
  15. Business Within Society: Food Truck
    The business in this instance is a food truck that specializes in selling affordable yet clean meals to various workers in and around.
  16. Food Insecurity Intervention and Its Effectiveness
    We planned to provide lunches for children of five families and education for their parents on the prevention of heart diseases. The implementation went not as planned.
  17. Chick-fil-A Fast-Food Network Brand Analysis
    Based on customer demographic data, the paper analyzes the Chick-fil-A fast-food network and compares some data to compile an accurate picture of people’s preferences.
  18. The Case of Salesforce and Wegmans Food Market
    Companies’ ranking based on their employee satisfaction levels has seen many employees leave their organizations in search of better opportunities.
  19. Bologna-Surface Bacterial Analysis: Bacterial Contamination on Two Food Contact Surfaces
    The natural environment contains many micro-organisms that are suspended in the air, in water and on other organisms, for instance, humans.
  20. Do Marketers Condition Us to Buy More Junk Food?
    Marketing and advertising are two fundamental elements of the modern world that impact its evolution and shape people’s behavior.
  21. Food Waste Management
    The paper aims at explaining the issue of food waste and describing approaches to the reduction of this problem.
  22. The Importance of Sustainable Development in the Food Retail Sector
    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are discussed from the perspective of their relevance to the Canadian business in general and the food retail sector in particular.
  23. Food and Drug Administration – Regulatory Agency
    The Food and Drug Administration has already survived numerous social, economic, medical, and political changes and stayed loyal to its main idea of public health protection.
  24. The Trends of Natural and Organic Foods
    Organic food is primarily intended to appeal to financially well-off people who can afford to spend more money on food in exchange for its perceived superior quality.
  25. Food in Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”
    The readers of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” cannot overlook the fact that the motif of food consumption does resurface throughout the play’s entirety.
  26. Obesity Caused by Fast-Food as a Nursing Practice Issue
    The proposed intervention will emphasize the necessity to increase the intake of fruit and vegetables as a method of reducing the consumption of fast food.
  27. Time and Food: Chrononutrition & Night Eating
    This paper examines the relationship between time and nutrition, involving chrono-nutrition and night shift eating, as well as the health outcomes of metabolic and public health.
  28. UK Business Sourcing Extensive Food Materials from Greece
    The ability of a firm to achieve success in the current competitive business environment depends on the effectiveness of its procurement and supplier relationship strategies.
  29. Product Design in Food Industry – A McDonald’s Case Article Critique
    In “Product Design in Food Industry – A McDonald’s Case,” authors consider McDonald’s recent launch of new products along with some of the aspects of its production process and innovativeness.
  30. Concerns Regarding Genetically Modified Food
    It is evident that genetically modified food and crops are potentially harmful. Both humans and the environment are affected by consequences as a result of their introduction.
  31. Delectability of Foods Within the Context of Children
    The frequent food obsessed schedules seen in all three fictions explained are just the representations of contending the two most fundamental requirements.
  32. Fast Foods Lead to Fast Death: Informative Speech
    The fast-food industry has expanded at a rapid pace during the past half-century. The consequence has been the rapid expansion of the nation’s collective waistline.
  33. Fast Food Nation: Business Analysis
    Unless a company specifically lists the source of its natural ingredients on the label, the consumer is left without a clue.
  34. The Fast Food Restaurants History in the United States
    Fast foods are often associated with recent times but when one reads Nicholas Howe’s “Fast Food America” it is easy to see that fast food joins have existed since the early 1990s.
  35. Eating Home-Cooked Food Is Essential
    This paper aims to argue that food must be cooked at home and that eating home cooked food is beneficial not only for maintaining good health but also for bonding the family.
  36. Genetically Modified Food as a Current Issue
    GM foods are those kinds of food items that have had their DNA changed by usual breeding; this process is also referred to as Genetic Engineering.
  37. Role of Food in Marquez’ “One Hundred Years of Solitude“ and Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate”
    Laura Esquivel was born and raised in Mexico and may have written this novel with the hope of portraying to her readers some Spanish background and history.
  38. “Fast Food Nation” the Book by Eric Schlosser
    In his book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser argues that fast food has greatly influenced American society and culture.
  39. Proposal for Providing Healthier Food Choices for Elementary Students
    This paper describes the necessity of having a properly balanced diet, and execute healthy exercising patterns in our routines, along with our children.
  40. White Thinking Hat Fast Food: Overview
    According to the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office guide “Fast Food Facts”, fast food is popular because it is convenient, predictable, and fast.

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  1. Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation”
    In the past 40 years, the world of fast food has penetrated even the remote areas of the American society. It was an industry, which had been started by a few hamburgers
  2. Climate Change and Its Potential Impact on Agriculture and Food Supply
    The global food supply chain has been greatly affected by the impact of global climate change. There are, however, benefits as well as drawbacks to crop production.
  3. Food and Drug Administration History
    The paper provides a brief introduction, background, and history of the FDA and the ways in which it operates, and the practices implemented.
  4. Food Habits and Dietary Practices: Honey as Food
    Honey is largely takenas a natural sweetener as well as a natural medicine because it is very rich in nutrients.
  5. Genetic Engineering in Food and Freshwater Issues
    The technology of bioengineered foods, genetically modified, genetically engineered, or transgenic crops, will be an essential element in meeting the challenging population needs.
  6. “Chinese Restaurant Food” : The Article Review
    The article ‘Chinese Restaurant Food’ educates the general public about the hidden dangers and harm of eating too much Chinese food.
  7. Food Safety Issues and Standards
    Food hygiene standards are perhaps the most important for any country to observe due to the damage which the food of poor quality may bring to the health of the population.
  8. Fast-Food Restaurants’ Popularity and Its Causes
    Majority of people in the United States have resorted to fast food restaurants, especially college students who are of the view that these restaurants save a lot of time.
  9. How the Fast Food Industry Has Changed the Environment and the Health of American Society?
    More and more Americans eat fast food and since it is relatively inexpensive, tastes good and can be ordered and consumed quickly, fast food has become the national diet.
  10. Competition in the Australian Food Industry: Case Analysis
    This article focuses on an analysis of the performance of Weight Watchers Comapny and Paradise Food Industries to identify the de facto leader in the health food market.
  11. How Tesco a Leading Food Retailer Globally
    This paper is going to give an analysis of how Tesco, a leading food retailer globally, can use the PESTLE model to sustain organizational performance.
  12. Testing Food Service Employees: Policy Assessment
    Mary Mallon, or Typhoid Mary as she was called, worked as a cook and was reputed to have caused infections of Typhoid fever in 47 people and caused the death of 3.
  13. Working in a Food Pantry
    Hunger is a highly pervasive social problem around the globe. It is required that authorities all over design and implement policies that will solve the problem.
  14. Food Safety in the Commercial Industry
    In considering food safety in the commercial industry, it is important to consider this seriously since food production is carried out on a large scale to serve many people.
  15. Negative Impact of Soil Erosion on the World`s Food Supply
    This paper tells about soil erosion as a process whereby soil-mostly the top fertile soil is transported or swept away from its natural environment then deposited in other places.
  16. Organic Foods Issue of “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan
    This paper diffuses the myths clouding the usage of organic foods based on their features and living factors that affect our daily lives by “In Defense of food” by Michael Pollan.
  17. Traditional Lakota Food: Buffalo
    Elements of religion, adaptation to their environments, and understanding nature can be seen in how they hunted, prepared, ate, and used parts of the buffalo.
  18. The Current American Food Situation Influenced by the Immigrant Farmers
    This research paper is concerned with finding out about the States’ food system and how immigrant farmers contribute to the food situation in current American society.
  19. Food Shortage Situation Overview
    The connections and relationship between population and food shortage transcend all areas of human life and as such encompasses various aspects of demands that support human life.
  20. Behavior-Based Safety in the Food Industry: DO IT Method
    The so-called DO IT method is useful when applied to jobs in the restaurant industry, leading to an improvement in the work behavior of employees.
  21. Causes and Effects of Fast-Food Addiction
    Studies show that those who frequently eat fast food have an increased risk of progressing from simple consumption to addiction.
  22. Is Fast Food Really Harmful and Can It Be Healthy?
    The aim of the paper is to evaluate the factors, associated with fast food alternatives and challenges, which may arise while implementing healthy fast food.
  23. Food, Body, and Weight Issues Exploration and Family Dynamics in Ireland
    For in-depth understanding of the problem of obesity and weight issues in Ireland qualitative method of data analysis consisting in examination of behavior and habits of teenagers.
  24. Visual Communication. Natural Food Packaging Colors
    Applying the right color scheme is often the key determinant of a product’s success since using the wrong coloring deters consumers from purchasing the product.
  25. Target Audience of Fast Food Restaurants’ Web Sites
    When designing a website, its creator focuses on the needs of all visitors or some defined audience. The target audience is users on which the web resource is oriented.
  26. America Express Charity Food Overview
    This paper analyses America Express (Amex) as regards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), vision, and mission statements.
  27. 2019 Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival
    2019 Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival: Spring Edition allowed people to try wines from all over the world.
  28. Food and Sustainable Environmental Issues in Campus
    This paper aims to explore the environmental knowledge of the campus community and foster an understanding of how students use resources (food, water,) and energy-related issues.
  29. The Origins of the Soul Food and Barbeque in the USA
    The history of more than a hundred years makes soul food and barbeque not as simple as they may seem and contributes to their cultural significance for Americans.
  30. The Food Chain: Groups and Functions
    Producers, consumers, and decomposers are the three groups of organisms that comprise a food chain in an ecosystem.
  31. Advantages of Using Genetically Modified Foods
    Genetic modifications of traditional crops have allowed the expansion of agricultural land in areas with adverse conditions.
  32. Schieffelin: Rainforest Environment and the Kaluli Food Production
    The author spends so much time discussing the Kaluli environment to demonstrate the surrounding, as it provides an understanding of the people and the main events.
  33. Food Additives Use in Agriculture in the United States
    Food additives in agriculture become a debatable issue because their benefits do not always prevail over such shortages like health issues and environmental concerns.
  34. Food Waste Reduction Strategy
    The Strategy aims to raise society’s awareness and bring the food value back to reduce the volume of food waste generated.
  35. “Women, Food, and Learning” by Claudia Setzer
    Setzer comments on the issues of ethnicity and gender in her exploration of the Syrophoenician woman’s representation in the Bible.
  36. The Importance of Variability in the Food Industry
    Diversity is a widely discussed concept these days. While, traditionally, the food industry was looking for universals, later, it started to lean more toward the idea of variability.
  37. Teens ‘Especially Vulnerable’ to Junk Food Advertising
    Active marketing of foods that are full of sugars, refined carbohydrates, and fats substantially contributes to the consumption level, especially among teens.
  38. The Impact of Food Choices on the Economy and Environment
    I decided to research two food products: salmon fillet and orange juice. I will utilize the data collected to reflect upon how food choices can impact the economy and environment.
  39. Statistics on Food Disorders in the US and Puerto Rico
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the statistics on food disorders in the United States, compare it with the situation in Puerto Rico, and suggest measures to tackle the problem.
  40. Fast Food Chain Locations, Non-Chain Restaurants and Bars
    As discussed in prior sections of the report, the competition for Moma Monaz can be distinguished into three categories: fast food chain locations, non-chain restaurants, and bars.

💡 Simple Food Essay Ideas

📌 Easy Food Essay Topics

❓ Research Questions About Food

  1. Are Fast Food Restaurants to Blame for Obesity?
  2. Are Genetically Modified Food Safe for Consumption?
  3. Are the Nutrition Charts on Food Packages Accurate?
  4. What Are Issues on Food Around the World?
  5. What Is It Called When You Have Food Issues?
  6. Are You Harming Your Family by the Food You Are Preparing?
  7. Can Organic Farmers Produce Enough Food to Feed the World?
  8. What Are the Six Major Threats to Food Security?
  9. What Are the Four Major Problems That Affect the World’s Food Needs?
  10. Could Biotechnology Solve Food Shortage Problem?
  11. Does Dehydration Reduce the Nutrient Value in Quality of the Food?
  12. What Are Some Challenges to Food Production?
  13. Does Fast Food Have a Possible Connection With Obesity?
  14. How Can We Solve Food Supply Problems?
  15. How Did Jollibee Build Its Position in the Philippine Fast Food Industry?
  16. What Are Four Issues Related to Food Production?
  17. How Does America Solve Food Deserts?
  18. What Are the Seven Challenges to Food Safety?
  19. How Does Whole Food Build Human and Social Capital?
  20. What Is the Most Important Food Safety Issue?
  21. Should Fast Food Advertising Be Banned?
  22. What Are the Six Food Borne Diseases?
  23. What Are the Ten Main Reasons for Food Poisoning?
  24. Should Fast Food Chains Be to Blame for Childhood Obesity?
  25. Should Fast Food Only Be Sold to People Eighteen and Older?
  26. What Are Four Issues Related to Food Production?
  27. Should New Zealand Allow Genetically Modified Food?
  28. Should People Abandon Their Favorite Food and Stay Healthy?
  29. What Are Three Causes of Food Contamination?
  30. Were the Salem Witch Trials Spurred by Food Poisoning?
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