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Ford Motor Company: International Finance Manager


The selected company is Ford Motor Company and the person is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this company in charge of management of international financial operations. As is well known, Ford Motors is a global automobile leader that sells its products in 6 continents. It has nearly 246,000 employees and 95 plants around the globe, “The company operates as a globally integrated worldwide team with four key priorities: aggressively restructuring to operate profitably at the current demand and changing mix, accelerating development of new products customers want and value, financing its plan and improving its balance sheet, and working together effectively as a global team.” (Ford motor company 2007 annual report, 2008).

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Describe the position the international finance manager enjoys in the firm

The man in charge of international finance in Ford Motor Co. is Don Leclair, Executive Vice President and CFO. He has “earned $1,005,633 in salary and received incentive bonus award of $3 million.” (Ford motor company details 2007 performance and executive compensation in annual report and proxy, 2008).

During the year 2007, his net compensation was to the tune of $11,703,127.

Background of the finance manager

He is an automobile veteran with considerable amount of automating experience in the global market and has been instrumental in leading the financial portfolio, and taking many steps for revitalizing and rejuvenating the financial position of the Company. At 51, he wields tremendous influence inside the company in matters relating to international finance operations of Ford Motors and how it could be bettered and consolidated in the years to come. At a time when most of the American automobile makers, big and small, are struggling with high fuel costs, recessionary markets and massive economic meltdown, it is indeed remarkable that Ford Motors has been able to keep its head above water. When nearly all automakers like Chrysler and GM have opted for Government bailout packages, “Ford Motor Company is the only American Auto manufacturer that has not asked for one penny of the bail out money. Instead, Ford Motor Company mortgaged their own assets to get the money that they needed to stay in business.“ (The great American red, white, and blue oval, 2009).

Financial support provision

The fact that Ford has banked on its own reserves and assets to tide over the international economic crisis speaks volumes of the financial sagacity of its financial manager. Further it is also said that the finance management had arranged for $ 40 Billion in company financing to tide over the present difficult financial situation, enveloping the world automobile industry and American automakers specifically.

How does Finance Manager face international risks in Ford’s global auto business?

It is seen that from the financial and business point of view, there are three regional segments for Ford products and services. These three main sources are Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. It is seen that as far as business revenue generation is concerned, it is from the European markets. It is further seen that a key role is also being played by FCE Bank, which is responsible for sustaining and generating most of the revenues for Europe and contract volumes. (Investor center company reports, n.d).

Role of FCE Bank in providing growth thrust to Ford Motors

The financial networking of FCE Bank throughout the world is commendable. It has established subsidiary companies in almost all the countries where they do business; besides the UK, it has business associates in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic. In the UK it is done through the Volvo car financing franchisee and in Germany, it has established subsidiaries to promote its products and services. (Investor center company reports, n.d).

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Through its financial organ, FCE, it is seen that Ford is also able to reach out to places where it does not have marketing forays through the provision of financing and fund support to local importers and distributors. At one time, Ford was among the top four global names in automakers, but due to lack of strong global competitive strategy and strong competition especially from Japanese automakers, its position was relegated down the rung of corporate leadership. It is seen that in the Asia-Pacific segment, the markets that are covered by Ford are Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and China. Again coming to the growing and developing Latin American markets, Ford has inroads in the Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinean markets. (Investor center company reports, n.d). It also enjoys joint ventures and trade partnerships with many local financial agencies and businessmen in many parts of the globe where Ford is officially unrepresented, through local financing of automobile business and providing financial support to indigenous auto businessmen to promote auto products.


However, now it is believed that with the induction of strong financial leadership and international finance manager, it is possible that Ford may be able to regain its lost glory and position as one of the topmost car manufacturers in the world today.


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