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Ford Motor Company Organization

The organizing function of management is a critical management activity that is closely connected with planning and leading. At ford Motor Company, organizing plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and retail sector used as a coordinated effort in order to adjust and balance its resources, and produce programs of logical action. Since marketing executives are faced with the necessity of utilizing scarce capabilities and resources in limited periods of time, effective organizing is a major problem. Effective organizing can only be achieved, however, through planned behavior. By enabling the conservation and allocation of human and physical resources, organizing provides the basic means for designing the marketing mix, implementing marketing programs, and establishing new marketing objectives. Although finance and production have long been planned, organizing activity has not. Often it has been performed rather haphazardly (Bateman and Snell 2005). The emphasis on organizing marketing operations (which is new, and has been stimulated by the marketing management concept) is now widely applied. At Ford, organizing can be characterized as predetermining courses of marketing action. It is based on both intelligence and the assessment of opportunities since it deals with the future with respect to both perspectives and operations. Organizing and marketing action is its major objectives, which are achieved through organizational implementation. Two general approaches to organizing exist a deterministic or general formula approach, and a dynamic approach. Organizing details and reflects the marketing planning procedure as follows:

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  1. determine objectives or goals;
  2. set up a plan to achieve them;
  3. control the elements to make sure they conform to the plan.

The sequence is goals, plans, and control. This approach ignores the realities of marketing situations. Organizing underscores the fact that plans are not merely the results of objectives, but that plans affect objectives. The goals and objectives can be changed, as can the plans. Changes in market opportunities, for example, result in changes in company objectives and hence changes in marketing planning. In addition, a company might purposely set out to change its marketing plans in the sense of improving them (Bateman and Snell 2005).

Delegation functions

Delegation is the main tool of modern management that allows big organizations to manage resources. For Ford managers, delegation is goal-directed and achieves a more efficient expenditure of marketing resources. Delegation helps managers to void work overload and necessitates the classification of a company’s goal or objective. Ford first specifies goals and then develops plans to carry them out, thus being able to achieve the goals. Delegation makes planning, control, leading and organizing functions work effectively. Goals thereby determine plans -plans are ways of reaching goals. Another dimension of the relationship between goals and plans stems from the fact that an organization does not have a single corporate goal; it has multiple goals. Thus, the delegation that at first appears to be a compromise among conflicting practices actually creates a major goal. As the basic vehicle for matching ends with means or marketing resources with market opportunity, marketing planning becomes the mechanism through which a company is brought into line with the external environment. Delegation is an essential function of management, which has a forward-looking, integrated, and balanced view of total action. Delegation encompasses the perspective of the future, the types of objectives established, and the strategies and tactics to be employed (Bateman and Snell 2005). Through delegation, the fundamental management strategies are conceived on the basis of market needs, forces, and opportunities; and HR management is implemented as a philosophy of business operation and a way of corporate life.


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