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Forensic Science: Psychological Analysis


The war on crime in society has been a hotly debated topic. This is in relation to the various methodologies adopted by various agencies in undertaking monitoring of human behavior and more so criminal activities. Despite the numerous strategies and approaches in dealing with criminal behavior, an efficient approach has been missing in accurately identifying and charging the right criminals. This has been clearly evident in the case of Mr. Arar who has been wrongly accused and detained. The concept of adopting psychological analysis in forensic has been missing in many judicial and criminal departments. In response to this crisis, the ideas and contributions of David Myers in criminal psychology are very useful and more specifically in the case of Mr. Arar. In his book, Psychology Ninth Edition in Modules, Myer has offered an explicit overview and discussion on the issues concerning human psychology. Myer has been categorized as the world’s best-selling introductory to psychology. This is in relation to his expertise in addressing the topic of psychology and its usefulness in forensic science. The book offers well-crafted pedagogy, up-to-date research and effective supplements and media. All these aspects make the book a useful resource in addressing the science of psychology and its influence on human beings. The ideas addressed in the book concerning study of human life and analysis of human mind offer insightful ideas for addressing the case of Mr. Arar. This is so because the symptoms or observations concerning his behaviors would have been attained.

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Main Discussion

The book has provided all information required in the field of psychology in all that is needed in understanding human behavior. The information in the book has been explicitly presented in sections which are in this case referred to as modules. It is worth noting that the book is written in a psychological perspective and offers clear inferences on real world case studies and examples. In the field of forensic science, the book offers not only important but also inevitable information. This is so because the author has demonstrated his expertise in handling human incidents requiring psychological analysis. According to the book, all circumstances and instances involving human beings can be adequately addressed by adopting psychological analysis. Myer has called for personnel dealing with human behavior and criminal activities to be vigilant and efficient in understanding the nature and operations of the human mind. This helps in establishment of accurate information on various instances, thus making the truly responsible to take charge of their actions (Myers, 2009).

The book has offered hard facts and examples on the nature of human behavior and how to accurately interrogate a person for his actions. All human behaviors are directly developed and coordinated in the mind. With this in mind, the behavior or actions of a person can be evaluated by studying the functioning of the human mind. This is important information in crime profiling among other operations in forensic psychology. By undertaking an in-depth psychological analysis, one is able to tell the observations or symptoms arising from an individual’s behavior. This can help an interrogator to accurately distinguish a criminal from an innocent person. From another perspective, the book has offered adequate information on the study of human life as well as the study of human functions alongside with its functions. All these insights stand to be very crucial in psychological analysis and more so in explanation of the instance of Mr. Arar. Based on these ideas, the worth of the book in the topic of psychological analysis in incidents is demonstrated (Myers, 2009).

In regards to the article, the issue of psychological analysis in various instances has not been adequately addressed. This is very evident in the wrong accusations of Mr. Arar who was perceived to have links with the Al-Qaeda terrorist gang. The circumstances facing Mr. Arar’s arrest are unacceptable. Being an innocent immigrant in Canada, Mr. Arar was found in the worst circumstances, where he was arrested and detained. The whole instance is controversial in nature and shows the unfortunate circumstances facing Mr. Arar. It is worth noting that the interrogators addressing the case of Mr. Arar were inefficient in establishing the truth concerning Mr. Arar’s character and behavior (Canter and Youngs, 2009).

The issue of psychological psychology in interrogating Mr. Arar was neglected. This is very evident through the inhumane torture he passed through in the endeavors of establishing information concerning his links with the terror groups. The whole process of interrogation and the questioning concerning Mr. Arar’s relationship with Abdullh Almalki was misled and ill driven. Though the interrogators had experience in interrogation, the approach they used in this instance was inaccurate and inefficient. It is unfortunate to see how Mr. Arar was forced into making testimonies on issues he had no idea of. The attention and expertise of the interrogators in examining the behaviors of Mr.Arar should be challenged. This is so because, despite the attempts Mr. Arar made to commit suicide following the allegations, he was given a deaf hear. The forensic approaches in this instance stand to be void and null thus demonstrating the victimization and suffering of the innocent (Canter and Youngs, 2009).

The book has adequately offered insightful and authentic ideas which would have otherwise been adopted in addressing the case of Mr Arar. In this case, the issue of psychological analysis concerning the behavior and conduct of Mr Arar would have been addressed. Myer has adequately provided guidelines on analyzing behavior. This is so because symptoms and observations of an individual’s behavior can adequately explain his mind as well as life. These insights could have otherwise been used in analyzing the case of MR Arar, thus avoiding the misconceptions which were undertaken (Myers, 2009).


By taking consideration of the ideas offered in the book by Myer and the instances in Mr. Arar, it is evident that the psychological analysis has been lacking. The insights offered by Myer concerning the study of the human mind and its functioning have not been adequately adopted in evaluating this case. The approach adopted by the interrogators in establishing the truth is unacceptable. This is very evident through the torture, victimization and threats used against the victim so as to gain the truth. In response to this instance, the ideas of Myer concerning psychological analysis stand to be useful. This is so because the symptoms or observations of an individual show his or her behavior. Any behavioral disorders concerning an individual can be accurately learnt by psychologically analyzing his behaviors or behavioral symptoms. In summation, the ideas of Myer on psychological analysis are very useful in addressing criminal cases. This is based on their efficiency in accurately evaluating human behavior without torture or threats as evident in the case of Mr. Arar.

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