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  1. Criminology Discipline and Theories
    The discipline of criminology helps to understand why individuals commit particular crimes. This essay will examine routine activities theory and situation choice theory and their relation to crime.
  2. Crime Scene Investigation in Media and Real Life
    The process of identifying and matching a piece of evidence to a particular person is a long process which requires exact sciences and methods.
  3. Crime Scene Investigation Effect in Justice System
    Movies have been known to influence popular culture in different parts of the world. Analysts believe that the “CSI effect” is one of the fruits of popular culture.
  4. Organized Business Crime Prosecution and Investigation
    Mr. Big is charged with operating a criminal enterprise that engages in illicit business activities. The memo proposes the investigative plan to obtain relevant evidence.
  5. Undercover Police Investigations in Drug-Related Crimes
    Undercover activities have traditionally been used to target crimes involving corruption, drugs, pornography, and prostitution.
  6. Frank Hagan’s Textbook “Introduction to Criminology”
    Throughout the chapters, Frank Hagan deliberately made reference to positivism criminological theory as such, which was largely discredited.
  7. Criminology Today by Frank Schmalleger
    This paper discusses the first chapter from the book Criminology Today by Schmalleger that tells about the basic topics and defines the basic term.
  8. Criminal Behavior Investigation and Search Warrants
    This paper discusses issues related to the investigation of criminal behavior, referring to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution.
  9. Classical and Positivist Schools of Criminology
    General and specific deterrence use the threat of negative consequences for illegal acts to reduce crime rates.
  10. How the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights Was Influenced by the Classical School of Criminology?
    In the United States Constitution and bill of rights, many of the fundamental rights used by the citizens originate from classical criminology.
  11. Criminology as a Science: Cause and Effect
    Criminology is a study of the nature and degree of the problem of crime in society. For years criminologists have been trying to unravel criminal behavior.
  12. Criminology: Femininity and the Upsurge of Ladettes
    In recent years, women in highly industrialized countries are drinking more and behaving more badly than men. These women are called ladettes.
  13. Criminology and Victimology: Victim Stereotypes in Criminal Justice
    The paper shall look at this matter in relation to female perpetrated violence as well as male experiences of sexual violence and racial minority victims.
  14. The Usage of DNA Technology in Forensic Science
    DNA typing technology gives the forensic science an opportunity to uncover the information considered by the society “intensely private”.
  15. Legal Insanity in Criminology
    In America, defendants are said to be legally insane if they suffer from cognitive disorder or lack the capabilities to abstain from criminal behaviors.
  16. Labeling Theory and Critical Criminology: Sociological Research
    Sociologists are researching offense and deviance to gain more knowledge about the motivations and attitudes of people involved applying theories of criminology based on sociology.
  17. Criminology: The Social Control Theory
    For criminologists, the social control theory means that an effective approach to reducing crime might be to change not individuals but their social contexts.
  18. Feminism and Criminology in the Modern Justice System
    Feminist research is a promising method for studying the psychography of crime, motivation, and the introduction of women’s experience in the field of forensic science.
  19. A Look at Firearms and Ballistics in Forensic Science
    Firearms and ballistics expertise is an essential process and area of study within the framework of forensic science.
  20. Criminology: Four Types of Evidence
    There are basically four types of evidence. Every piece of evidence should be analyzed several times throughout the actual investigation by following all the required steps.
  21. Criminal Investigation: Offense Issues
    Prosecuting a crime is a process, which is not limited by the processes related to the investigation. Bringing the case to the court is another stage of the prosecution.
  22. Postmodern Criminology: the Violence of the Language
    According to Arrigo (2019), postmodern criminology recognizes the specific value of language as a non-neutral, politically charged instrument of communication.
  23. Contemporary Theories in Criminology
    This paper discusses three methods of measuring crimes, Classical School of criminology and its impacts on the US criminology, and the causes of crime – individuality and society.
  24. Approaches in Criminal Investigation
    There are many types of investigation methods, they comprise inductive reasoning, theory, synthesis, priori, posterior, deduction, hypothesis, classification, and analysis.
  25. Green Criminology: Environmental Harm in the Niger Delta
    This essay analyzes environmental harm in the Niger Delta, Nigeria using the Green Criminological analysis of victimization and offenders.
  26. Three Case Briefs in Criminology
    This paper gives three case briefs in criminology. Cases are “Macomber v. Dillman Case”, “Isbell v. Brighton Area Schools Case”, and “Wilen v. Falkenstein Case”.
  27. The Due Process: Criminology
    The due process clause has been a very essential clause to the ordinary citizens since it is a means of assurance that every freeman has the freedom to enjoy his rights.
  28. Criminology: About Corporate Fraud
    This article focuses on fraud: professional fraud and its types, accounting fraud, and conflicts of interest are considered.
  29. Criminology: USA Patriot Act Overview
    The Act strengthens and gives more authority to the federal agencies over individual privacy and secrecy of information.
  30. Federal Bureau of Investigation: Criminal Justice
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the Federal Bureau of Investigation and discuss its predominant goals and values.

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  1. Forensic Science: Psychological Analysis
    Human behavior can be evaluated by studying the functioning of the human mind. This is important information in crime profiling among other operations in forensic psychology.
  2. Criminology: The Aboriginal Crisis
    The aboriginal people have been living under confinement, in the reserves for a long time. These laws are still under a lot of legal constraints.
  3. Integrity as a Key Value: Criminology and War
    Integrity is included in the list of the LEADERSHIP values, which exist to direct military servicemembers toward appropriate conduct.
  4. Theories That Explain Criminal Activities and Criminology
    Academicians have come up with theories that explain why people engage in crime. The theories are classified which may be psychological, biological, or sociological.
  5. Sexual Assault: Criminology
    This paper discusses an act of sexual assault. The paper gives the definition of rape, social, personal, and psychosocial factors.
  6. Crime Level Investigation in the United States
    Two mechanisms that the USA uses to trace the rate of crime in the country are the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).
  7. DNA Analysis in Forensic Science
    This paper aims to describe its details, such as the PCR process, loci and their relation to CODIS, and the functions of touch DNA.
  8. Broken Window Theory In Criminology
    In criminology, the broken window theory is often used to describe how bringing order into society can help to reduce crime.
  9. Overview of the Theories of Criminology
    Criminology refers to a body that focuses on crime as a social phenomenon. Criminologists adopt several behavioral and social sciences and methods of understanding crime.
  10. Forensic Science: Killing of JonBenet Ramsey
    Forensic science uses chemistry to make an analysis of poisons and drugs, physics to carry out investigations on accidents and biology to conduct DNA profiling.
  11. Cyber Law and Digital Forensic Science
    The advantage and disadvantage of external media at the same time is that information is easy to hide, steal, or destroy since it is located on a small object.
  12. Use of Statistics in Criminal Justice and Criminology
    The paper discusses statistics in criminal justice and criminology. It is an organized collection of information about social processes and aspects.
  13. Robert Merton’s Strain Theory in Criminology
    Robert Merton’s strain theory explains the link between crime and adverse social conditions and how the former may be precipitated by the latter.
  14. The First Responding Officer in Crime Scene Investigation: Primary Duties
    Ascertaining the situation and providing the support needed to the people affected is the earliest objective of the first officer attending (FOA).
  15. “Introduction to Criminology” Book by Hagan
    In “Introduction to criminology”, Hagan explains survey research and uses it to investigate essential questions that the criminal justice system faces.
  16. Hernando Washington Case. Criminology
    The history of humanity has seen multiple cases of extreme violence, and such instances can hardly ever be justified by any factors.
  17. The Use of Statistics in Criminal Justice and Criminology
    This paper discusses small-sample confidence intervals for means and confidence intervals with proportions and percentages in criminal justice and criminology.
  18. Feminist Perspectives’ Contribution to Criminology
    The principles of gender inclusivity, equality, and cultural implications bear fundamental roles in the development of criminology perspectives.
  19. Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice Review
    Dispersion is important as it is not enough to merely know the measures of central tendency to make assumptions about a distribution.
  20. Variance Analysis in Criminal Justice and Criminology
    The paper states that there are several limitations associated with the ANOVA technique. It may be not suitable against a specific hypothesis.
  21. Criminology: The Peace-Making Model
    The purpose of this article is to consider the peacekeeping model in criminology as an alternative to the criminal justice system to solve the problem of a growing crime rate.
  22. Chapter 7 of Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Chapter 7 of Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice analyzes populations, sampling distributions, and the sample related to criminal-justice statistics and criminology.
  23. Importance of Toxicology in Crime Investigation
    The research paper describes toxicology as one of the leading branches in the field of forensic science and importance aspect of criminal investigation.
  24. Researching Environmental Criminology
    Environmental criminology is the study of crime and criminality in connection with specific places and with how individuals and organizations form their activities in space.
  25. Criminology: Legal Rights Afforded to the Accused
    The essay discusses the police actions of arrest and the main features of the arrangement process. The case of John Doe shows criminal procedure specifics.
  26. Aspects of Crime Scene Investigation
    Crime scene investigation is a real art that requires care and caution. Criminologists must be careful and persistent in their research.
  27. Procedures Within Crime Scene Investigation
    A crime scene investigation is a complex and multistage research process in which a criminology specialist uses various scientific techniques and methodologies.
  28. Researching of Emerging Technologies in Criminology
    This paper reviews the advantages and disadvantages of computer technology for crime investigation and law enforcement and concludes that the former outweighs the latter.

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  1. Crime Investigation of a Death in Las Vegas
  2. The Criminal Investigation Developments in the Justice Field
  3. The Role of a Forensic Psychologist in Criminal Investigation and Prosecution
  4. Computer Equipment Confiscation for Crime Investigation
  5. How Technology Has Impacted Criminal Investigation
  6. Criminal Investigation and the Use of Modern Technology
  7. The Use of Medical Knowledge in the Crime Investigation
  8. Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics
  9. The Changing Nature of Crime and Criminal Investigations
  10. DNA Profiling for Crime Investigation
  11. Criminal Investigation: Electronic Evidence Collection
  12. Effective Use of the Media in Serious Crime Investigations
  13. Undercover and Entrapment Work in Criminal Investigation
  14. Criminal Investigation: A Method for Reconstructing the Past
  15. False Positive Error Reduction in Criminal Investigation
  16. The Effectiveness of Forensic Psychology in Supporting the Investigation of Crime
  17. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Investigation
  18. Forensic Linguistics and Its Role in Criminal Investigations
  19. Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
  20. Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement
  21. Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation
  22. Cyber Crime Investigation: Making a Safer Internet Space
  23. Investigating a Crime: Victim and Witness Information
  24. Criminal Investigation Then and Now
  25. Importance of Evidence in Crime Investigation

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  1. What Are the Proper Steps in a Crime Investigation?
  2. How Is DNA Used in Crime Investigation?
  3. What Are the Most Common Types of Crime Investigation?
  4. Which Method Is Used in Crime Investigation?
  5. Is Medical Knowledge Effectively Used in the Crime Investigation?
  6. What Are the First Steps in a Crime Investigation?
  7. How Are Modern Technologies Used in Crime Investigation?
  8. Why Is a Crime Investigation Necessary?
  9. What Are the Techniques for Conducting Interrogation During Police Investigation of Crimes?
  10. What Is the Main Purpose of Crime Investigation?
  11. How Do the Police Conduct Crime Investigations Before Arrest?
  12. What Is the Role of Crime Investigation in Criminal Justice?
  13. Has Modern Technology Affected Crime Investigation?
  14. What Is the Most Important Part of Crime Investigation?
  15. Are There Ethical Issues Field Crime Investigation Applied Wrongful?
  16. What Is the Most Important Goal of a Crime Investigation?
  17. How Has Crime Investigation Process Developed Over the Years?
  18. What Is the Best Method of Crime Scene Investigation?
  19. What Is the Role of Police Enforcement in Crime Investigation?
  20. How Are Methods of Inquiry Used in Crime Investigation?
  21. What Skills Are Needed for an Effective Crime Investigation?
  22. Is Documentation the Most Important Part of a Crime Scene Investigation?
  23. What Are the Methods of Inquiry in Crime Investigation?
  24. How Do Investigators Gather Evidence for Crime Investigation?
  25. What Are the Key Questions That Can Help Start a Crime Investigation?
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