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Formality vs. Informality Comparison

The English language is a paradigm of lexical diversity, a variety of semantic meanings and structures. Hence, when used in different utterances, one smallest lexical unit might bear a significantly different semantic load, which later modifies the whole conversation flow. For this reason, it is of crucial importance to learn how to differentiate formal and informal language in terms of various communicative situations. As for me, the key differences between the notion of formality and informality are displayed through the lexical and grammatical structure peculiarities of a communicative message. Thus, when the situation requires a strong sense of politeness to the addressee, it would not be appropriate to use slang or any other vague vocabulary followed by some shortened constructions. The same applies to the scientific discourse, where the addresser has the purpose of sharing his or her profound knowledge with the audience. Hence, the critical difference between formal and informal speech will be the fact that the former one is aimed at creating a certain impression on a recipient.

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The formality of a language requires knowledge of its various lexical aspects in order to operate the lexis and grammatical units appropriately. Hence, some of the most important features of the formal language include the absence of shortened structures, precise vocabulary, explicit use of conjunctions and markers, modality, and complete responses. In terms of the following characteristics, I face some minor challenges with the vocabulary usage and discourse choice. First, the application of advanced vocabulary sometimes makes me think which synonym would be the most appropriate for a certain semantic utterance. Secondly, sometimes, the discourse paradigm is confusing in terms of the vocabulary and syntax choice. However, I do my best to excel in the skills of formal language performance by the explicit use of synonyms, speaking in complete and comprehensive sentences, and using markers and conjunctions to make the message coherent.

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