Freud’s Contention “Love One’s Neighbor as Oneself”

Love is a strong feeling of care that a person has towards something or someone. This feeling grows with time. A neighbor is not the person that lives next to one’s homestead but is any person who needs an individual’s help. The commandment of love is one of the foremost commandments among other commandments, as believed so in the Bible. This is true because the commandment tries to go against man’s original nature.

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In society, people tend to embrace more of what they own and forget about the less fortunate. Look, for instance, the way the rich individuals in society try as much as possible to get more wealth. They feel proud when ranked the wealthiest people in the world. As if that is not enough, these so-called “billionaires” spend their cash on less significant things. These include owning several personal planes just for the sake of fame while their neighbors are probably, lacking some cash to purchase foodstuff.

This theory’s portrayal in real life, for example, is highlighted when we view different Nations today. When we look at third-world countries, developed nations indeed remain determined to make third world countries poor by putting many laws that only favors them in terms of international trade. Whenever the third-world countries try to borrow funds from the World Bank or the international momentary fund, they have to pay back with a large amount of interest.

It becomes a burden to these poor countries. It is, therefore, difficult to practice this commandment unless humans try to change their inner selves of wanting to possess everything alone. Freud’s opinion on this command is true, as is evident in the world today.

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