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Fyre Festival Project Strategy

The Fyre festival in August 2022 is planned as a large-scale event with thousands of guests. As a basis for the program development, the SMART methodology will be applied, which includes setting clear objectives and implementing them in a specific period. Firstly, the style of the festival should be chosen since this solution simplifies the organization mechanism and allows preparing all the necessary conditions better ( /, 2020). Secondly, the organizers should consider all the legal conventions to avoid unexpected claims from the officials. All permits for the festival are to be certified and signed before the start of equipping the site. Thirdly, several responsible persons should be appointed to organize the safety of guests and monitor all sanitary standards. While the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to recede by 2020, human health is a priority.

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Evaluating and preparing locations for musicians’ performances and guests’ recreation are the critical aspects of planning. According to Robertson, Hutton, and Brown (2020), crowd behavior is a nuance that depends on numerous factors, including the dynamics of the event and its focus. In the case of the Fyre Festival, a large number of guests will be invited, which makes it necessary to distinguish between public gatherings and their stay outside the music program. In addition, transfer issues should be regulated both with the delivery of performers and the public to a specific location and with the return home. Related services, in particular, catering establishments, need to obtain a trade permit. Finally, partnerships with sponsors should be established to provide financial support for the festival and implement all the planned ideas without the lack of budget. Compiling these goals into a general plan will help avoid failures and unforeseen situations during the festival and make it possible to organize a high-class event.

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