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Apple, Its Present and Future

One of the biggest and wealthiest companies, Apple, has reached unexpected heights with Steve Jobs, being the major moving force of the business. Steve Jobs has left a legacy behind him and now all the attention is on Phil Schiller and if he can take the company in the right direction of success.

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Statistically, the sales of Apple products are still high. People are very much interested in Apple and what it has to offer. The theft rates, which are also high, demonstrate that the products of Apple are still desired. Even compared to the theft of other products, Apple took the number one spot. Steve Jobs is no longer at Apple, manifesting new ideas and creating the unthinkable, some people have worked with him for a long time and it seems, they are more than ready to continue the legacy Jobs has created. There is no denying that the sales are still high but on the downside, it is a fact that nothing new has been created. At the same time, it is hard to judge the company and its success only one year after the management has changed. Most likely Phil Schiller, who was very close with Jobs, is taking his time in implementing new ideas and wants to analyze the market and what the people of the present world demand (Lusted, 2012). In reality, it is a very hard thing to do, since technological advancement has reached unexpected heights. The consumer of today demands something extraordinary and so it is much harder to create a shock effect today than it was before.

Some think that Apple has “no place but to go down” but that is far from true. There are several strategies that Apple can use the help of, to influence the market. The implementation of new products must differ from the previous years. With the help of technology, segmentation can be done much faster. Apple has used e-marketing segmentation to make the selection of potential consumers easier and more efficient. It has simplified the computer products to be more easily identified and understood. One of such examples is the improvements that Apple has made to the iPhone 4 model. It has improved its video recording, in terms of the recording speed, which is now faster, and also to the graphics, which are now of much higher quality. It is making deals with the mapping companies to improve its mapping system. It also is developing better ways to control and use the signal processing technology and as a direct result, the flash memory used in iPhones and iPads functions much better. Another thing that was done by Apple to improve its market value was the rollout of iBooks Textbooks. Phil Schiller is the one who introduced them to the market. This was Steve Jobs’ goal—to reinvent education and Schiller has shared his enthusiasm and so went on to continue Jobs’ plan. The 3rd generation iPad now has a Retina display, better memory, faster and better video recording, and a high-resolution video camera. Very recently Apple and HTC have made a deal to join their technology and goals together and the estimates of such partnership show to be very promising. There are many more ways, in which Apple can develop and create better uses for the technology. It has made some major changes on the market and in the technology industry and with such influence and knowledge, it is bound to continue to surprise the public.

The present and future of Apple are looking to be prosperous. Currently, Apple is still the biggest seller on the market in the world. Even though no major steps have been taken in the unveiling of new technology, the company is still successful. It is a very good and guaranteed strategy to innovate and evolve the already existing technology, as it is known how people will react to the product. The market is already probed to see what people prefer and what to avoid. Once the management sets definite goals, they will fill the market with even better products that will continue the success that Apple has had all these years. Phil Schiller is a responsible person, who is also hard-working and is determined to give Apple all he has got. There are some policies that he put in place, which are not that popular with the other members of the management. They believe that the criteria he is using to create new technology and software are too controlling and might scare off the potential customers. On the other hand, Schiller’s parental controls do a lot of good for people and even if some might find them too controlling, others might think that this is the right amount of control (Burrows & Satariano, 2012). Overall, the future of Apple looks to be very promising. It has been and is continuing to be, one the biggest and greatest technology companies in the world and it is guaranteed that the proper management will take it in the right and beneficial direction.


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