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Gender Construction and Heterosexism


Hemophilia does not do good to anybody; on the contrary, it causes a greater deal of harm and detriment. It is seen that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) are virtually ostracized in US community settings, besides being despised as being mentally sick, biologically perverse or having unnatural sexual tendencies, inferior to normal hereteorsexals. Homophobia, or the aversion for people who have same-sex preferences, are categorized under personal, interpersonal, institutional and societal. Studies conducted by the National Gay& Lesbian Task Force(NGLTF) state that 90% of the respondents were targets of sexual victimization on the strength of sexual preferences, and nearly 30% have been vulnerable to direct violence. (P.269) Gender Construction and Heterosexism. (Adams, 2000, p. 269).

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Employment, professions, occupations, and scope for advancement are denied to LGBTs.

Homophobia and bisexuality

It is believed that homophobic heterosexual men and women may react almost similarly to bisexuality as they would respond to homosexuality. But they could also feel threatened by the awakening of heterosexual desires by a bisexual. A male bisexual could leave a male partner for a female one, or, in the case of a female bisexual, a female partner for a male one. Coming to the aspect of internalized homophobia among gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, such genre do face psychological challenges and hostility, and therefore, there are strong justifications for the need to hide or facade their sexual preferences. Positive sexual impulses are inculcated in childhood itself, and thus, having sexual feelings outside accepted mores may be viewed with anxiety, or even guilt, among teenagers or adolescents.

This could be exasperated by family or peer rejections, which creates a mental void that stays on for long. For a young man to believe that he is attracted to the same sex, would be as good as seeing himself abnormal, or different from other kids, at least to his own conscience. They live under constant fear that, should their sexual preferences become public, they risk losing employment or family ties. “LGB victims of hate crimes may face special psychological challenges.” (Adams, 2000, p. 282).

Next, when coming to the aspect of black male dominated society, it is seen that black gay men are more acceptable than black lesbian women. This is under the misnomer that women’s role as child-bearers are negated when they become active lesbians, even though the institution of marriage. Yet, it would be difficult to know who are gay and who are heterosexuals, unless they express it themselves. Often it is seen that preachers who preach to the black Christian community against the evils of homosexuality are themselves ardent homosexuals or bisexuals in their private lives. (Adams, 2000, p. 285).

Violence and sexual deviance

Same-Sex promiscuity is now very common occurrences in many European countries and often has group violence and anti-social overtures. It is also seen that police action would only exasperate tense situation, in that violent mobs would set fire to trash cans and even pelt bottles and bricks at the place, whose weaponry may not be sufficient to defuse the situation. Even when police reinforcements arrive, pitched battles would be fought between spray water hose wielding policemen and infuriated, impassioned crowds. This could be a common phenomenon in any minority dominated locality in the US. The Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Alliance (Glad) is a forum for bisexual, homosexual people with different kinds of sexual proclivities, and such people need to be private and discreet about their activities. In case their sexual preferences are found out by the institutions that house or educate them, there are threats of physical violence, rustication from educational agencies, etc. (Adams, 2000, p. 301).

When one considers the issue of transgender, it is seen that they are the mind of one gender, possibly female, trapped in the body of a male or vice versa, Young adolescent children tend to be tomboyish, or sissy, during the transitional period from childhood to maturity. But transgender desires are something more serious, or severs. It is often found that the assigned genders are not often what the person wished to be identified as. It is also possible that he/she rebels against such physical gender cast and seeks to present himself or herself as a member of the other gender, even bodily, as the other sex, in which there are no mental conflicts or in which a person feels himself happy. The fact that remains is that a person has complete freedom over the choice of his gender, sexual preferences or likes and dislikes. Any outside interference, as long as his actions are within the ambit of law and jurisprudential cause is contrary to public policy.

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It is seen that students need to develop a broad framework about the kind of societal fabric and sexual moorings in which they are living, and to know and differentiate between normal and queer, or deviant behavior. While the choice is highly individualistic, it would be very much in place to consider the community and family impacts of one’s actions or conduct. Peer pressures, group dynamics, and a host of other factors do contribute to the shaping of one’s future behavior patterns and reactions to situational stresses.


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