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Generation Y and the Workplace

Individuals born after 1980 belong to generation Y, and having just entered the workforce are exceptionally motivated in surging ahead to achieve their career objectives. In being brought up by the career-minded baby boomers they have immense potential in adding value to their employers. They have the inherent knack of being techno-savvy and the technologically advanced resources such as internet and online social networks make them reach out to the entire world. Technology has made their world to become much bigger, which enables them to perform multi-tasks at any given time. Technological advances have enabled them to work, play and enjoy at the same time, which also leads to increased productivity.

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However on the flip side generation Y entails its own shortcomings. They lack prudent discretion and are excessively open-minded in sharing all that they possibly can and are hence prone to compromise on privacy issues. Individuals of this generation have been brought up under pressures of a scheduled lifestyle and are always in need of direction for their future actions, especially in the workplace. They tend to be overconfident without having the required experience and competencies; hence there is a tendency for them to face failures in the business environment. They lack the patience in solving complexities in the work environment and expect instant rewards. In view of their over-dependence on computers for correction of grammar and sentence construction, they are not self-reliant in terms of correct language usage while communicating during inter-personal interactions in actual business and work situations. They lack effective communication skills which makes them less adaptable in resolving conflicts within their environment.

Technological advancements have changed the way people live and work and members of generation Y are the additions to the workforce that will have to face the real challenges emanating from the developments. They will have to bear the brunt of the adversities arising out of the changed circumstances which future generations will have to adapt to. This generation has been blessed with advantages that no generation has had so far and if the technology is used judiciously and with caution the advantages can be reaped to the world’s benefit. A major weakness however pertains to the attitudes which need to be changed in making the youngsters more responsible and open to making creative use of the changes. A better model needs to be devised in defining work so that tasks are given importance, performance is gauged on the basis of quality of work and quality of networking abilities are enhanced.

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