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Girl Talk Company’s Business Plan

About Me

I am a twenty-five-year-old with a passion for business and fashion. I believe that fashion and looking good do not have to be expensive. For this reason, I have invested in both newly made and pre-owned fashion pieces for women.

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The Problem

Many professional women spend a lot of time and money to acquire professional clothes. Fashion designers who offer quality clothing are often too pricy for a significant percentage of working women. Blanchard (2019) explains that many women are looking for a reliable and affordable provider of classy clothes.

The Solution

The proposed solution is Girl Talk, which offers both pre-used and new apparel for the modern woman. The business will offer a solution to the problem in two ways. First, it will avail affordable clothing for all in need. Secondly, it will offer convenience as the clients will be able to view and pick clothes from Girl Talk’s online store. These will then be delivered to the clients.

Business Model

There will be no cost of production as Girl Talk will purchase readymade clothes both from fashion houses and from clients (pre-owned). Therefore, money will be made through the sale of these apparel. Pre-owned clothes will be sold at half their original value.

Target Market

The target customer is women looking for both professional and casual clothing. This is the total available market. The serviceable available market (SAM) is working women while the serviceable obtainable market (SOM) is working women between the age of 24 and 45.

Competitive Advantage

One of the things that set Girl Talk apart from its competitors is the selling of pre-owned clothes. Further, the company will accept pre-owned clothes from the target clients as well. Currently, there are few stores that do this, which means it will work as a competitive edge.

Management Team

The management will be made of six staff. The founder, a social media manager, finance personnel and customer service agent and two fashion gurus. The latter will be tasked with sourcing the clothes and also work closely with the social media manager to post attractive outfits. It is important to note that there will be models who will be used on a part-time basis.

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Financial Summary

The sales projection reveals that the company will break even in eight months. The first seven months will record losses due to the intensive capital needed for the project to start. The business projection also shows that the company will be profitable within sixteen months.

Funding Required

Significant funding will be required to establish the company. A significant percentage of the money will be self-funded. This money will be collected from personal savings and contributions from family and friends. Further, a smaller amount will be requested from angel investors, who will receive a percentage of the shares for their investment.


Girl Talk is a reliable and affordable online apparel store for professional women. We value our client’s need to get the right cloth for the right occasion, from office wear to without necessary breaking their banks.


Girl Talk strives to be a regional hub for quality and classy apparel for the modern woman. We aim to use technology and passion to deliver the best outfits to our clients.


The company will be guided by three principle values namely, integrity, honesty and transparency.


Blanchard, T. (2019). 100 women – 100 styles: The women who changed the way we look (fashion book, fashion history, design). Laurence King Publishing.

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