Global Poverty, Inequality, and Mass Migration


The global issues that are discussed today at the international level and that are significant problems for mankind tend to intersect due to similar reasons and premises. The evaluation of the topics that cause a great public resonance can be multilateral because of not only different approaches to interpretation but also a large number of issues that affect the world community. As a result, large-scale work is to be done and to narrow the spectrum of analysis, two significant problems will be considered. As the most important and pressing global issues that seem especially relevant to me, poverty, including inequality, and mass migration should be mentioned. These problems are crucial in an international context since they involve a large number of people and pose a threat to inalienable human rights, at the same time intersecting and exacerbating the current situation.

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Poverty and Inequality

This problem is relevant today in many world regions where undeveloped economies are the reasons for people’s low social status. Professor McCarty mentions this issue and marks it as one of the first in his list (“Why Global Studies?” 00:01:28-00:01:40). Both poverty and inequality are mentioned together because one phenomenon inevitably leads to the other one. Forced labor for low salaries leads to the fact that a large social stratum has to work in conditions that do not correspond with any norms. The accessibility of the necessities of life remains problematic for many world regions, and today, there is an obvious border between prosperous and impoverished states. Therefore, inequality and poverty are unacceptable where society lives on democratic grounds and promotes humanism as one of the principles of relationships.

Mass Migration

The assessment of global problems may be interpreted through different approaches. In the considered lecture on this subject, the speaker suggests paying attention to global contexts and highlights and that marginalized people, including immigrants, are part of this discussion (“Eve Darian-Smith” 2017, 00:22:48-00:24:02). When analyzing mass migration as a global problem, it is crucial to focus on the reasons that encourage people to leave for other countries. A social context is not taken into account when the choice is made in favor of a country with better living conditions. Escapes from the territory of states where hostilities are fought or a harsh political regime is promoted are the phenomena that lead to the refugee problem. As a result, thousands of families are left without homes and are unable to contact relatives, which is also unacceptable in modern democratic society.

Intersection of Issues

The discussed issues intersect, and this proves that to solve them, several specific actions are to be taken. According to Darian-Smith and McCarty, on a geopolitical scale, several criteria should be considered, including the hierarchical structures of states, economic development, and other aspects (2017, 22). In other words, when solving the problem of poverty and inequality, the nuances of migration policy and asylum-seeking will also be affected inevitably. Therefore, the intersection of the issues under consideration is direct and requires immediate intervention.


Such global issues as poverty and inequality and mass migration are significant today since many people are involved in them. The problems intersect, which proves the need for fundamental changes aimed at creating more sustainable political, economic, social, and other backgrounds. The resolution of these issues should be immediate since life in modern democratic society cannot be associated with the humiliation of human dignity and violation of inalienable rights.

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