Low Workforce Diversity in Technology

Contemporary trends demonstrate a slight shift in the gender imbalance in various career spheres, including, but not limited to, science, business, and healthcare. However, the technological industry remains heavily dominated by males, disregarding modern principles of diversity in the workplace. This assignment will examine the ways diversified labor, rich in culture, ethnicity, age, and professional experience, fits in the overall organization’s vision of a successful team, based on personal experience.

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To avoid low workforce diversity, it is beneficial for managers to put members with the same ethnic background into separate teams. As suggested by O’Brien et al., the inclusion of a more extensive number of nationalities in a group leads to a broader array of perspectives (2). Originally born in Vietnam, I moved to the United Stated for my Associate degree. Even before leaving Asia, I had an opportunity to experience distinctive cultural attitudes related to my parents’ upbringing.

Though born in the central of Vietnam, I was raised in the Southern part of the country, accustomed to Northern Vietnamese traditions, following the historical background of my ancestors. Such an unhabitual experience encouraged me to examine other cultural beliefs and grow a tolerance to other ethnicities. When joining an international team of technology developers, I would be able to bring the wisdom of Eastern values, including continuous learning, respect, and integrity.

Another critical aspect of forming a high diversity team is a rich educational experience in the international context. According to O’Brien et al., employees with high international exposure tend to make a more significant global impact on the organization and society, in general (4).

Over the course of my studies, I attended educational institutions in Vietnam, Singapore, and, eventually, the US. While studying abroad made me aware of the pressing social issues, it also increased my understanding of current trends in technology. Living with a culturally diversified group of friends in Los Angeles, I gained a more precise discernment of the American mentality. Therefore, as a future member of the American-based technological team, I will be able to contribute to the group’s success, balancing the premises of Eastern and Western markets.

Apart from the rich educational experience, a great value in hiring is now paid to the diversified professional roles. As supported by O’Brien et al., the realities of the contemporary market convey a strong need for multiple taskers, skilled at two and more jobs simultaneously (5). The main reason for such a tendency is that collaboration of employees with numerous degrees and rich professional experience results in higher productivity and creativity of the entire organization.

As a business graduate, I started my career in finances and sales. Later on, I became an entrepreneur, having designed my transportation convenient ecosystem. Meanwhile, I also implemented the obtained knowledge in the spheres of education and marketing. Currently, I serve as a founding president of a series of automotive and transportation services. Though all my projects were centered in the business sphere, being involved in a multitude of industries, I can effectively contribute to group discussions and brainstorming, bringing points from other specialties.

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Ultimately, the tendency for a diversified labor workforce has recently started expanding to the technological industry. Culturally, ethnically, educationally, and professionally distinctive employees provide a more comprehensive array of perspectives to group discussions, making the organization’s overall work more creative and productive. Therefore, my rich personal background, high international exposure, and work experience in multiple industries will make a valuable contribution to the process of diversification.

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