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Greenomics: Marketing and Branding Strategies


As already discussed, the target market for this product is untapped and absolutely vast. Once Greenomics is launched, its market will only grow as awareness reaches people about how changing the way their run their offices will be cost-beneficial to them being environmental friendly at the same time.

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Product Strategy and POD’s

As of now, there is no one in the market to design environmentally friendly offices using only ‘green’ products. So far we have tried to narrow down some of our targeted markets under various headings, which are as below

Target POD Products
Offices Offices would have large glass windows allowing sunlight to enter and light the space.
Motion detecting lighting systems
Eco-friendly stapler, water powered calculators, recycled paper and stationery items
Food and Beverage Shops Wall decorations and mascots made from recycled wood and bamboo sticks.
Use soy-paint.
Led lights.
Counter tops constructed from recycled circuit boards
Absolutely no plastic. Containers and cups made from recyclable products or those which are biodegradable. E-Cloth cleaner to clean the utilities.
Special ‘green’ flavor of the month line.
Books explaining the u-turn
Retail Shops Innovative shelves and racks using recycled wood.
Motion detecting light systems
Make use of eco friendly bags
Featured ‘green’ product
Production Facilities Solar panels on the roof generate a portion of power
Sun lights which absorb energy from the sun in the day to be used at night.
E-Cloth cleaner to clean the machines.

Stage in Product Life Cycle

Greenomics is just entering its introductory stage following thorough market research where people’s awareness of the service is very low and there is absolutely no competition in the market.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix will comprise of the following approaches:

Pricing– Fabric being one of the most used items in our service will be priced low ensuring penetration but will be long-lasting at the same time.

Place– The office will be placed in the centre of the city/market area and will provide for the clients at their specified locations.

Promotion– Through ads in leading environmental, interior design and office magazines and quarterly supplements in newspapers. After a month or so when awareness has started to spread we shall go speak about our work on the local morning show.

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Product– Brilliant, one-on-one interaction with customers to provide them what they want and explain to them how what they’ll be receiving will not prove to be harmful to the environment.

Branding and Packaging Strategies

Branding and packaging are very important to a product as it helps potential customers identify with the brand name and promise. Greenomics, in its name, already delivers the message explaining that it’s about economically and environmentally friendly but fashionable interior designing. This message needs to be sent across in more concrete terms for it to remain. In order to do that the main office will be designed in a way to represent what is being offered by dividing it into different proposed models for different customers. This allows them to picture more clearly what they may expect the final result to be with the promise that it shall be delivered. Most offices will try things out on pieces to check whether this alteration of ways will suit them. To ensure that we’ll make sure that all our promised work is delivered on time and is everything we promised it would be. That will take us from one office into the next and into the next and create a brand identification which will emphasize our brand strategy and help it grow.


Nigel’s Eco Store/ (2009) Nigel’s Eco Store.

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