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Group Decision-Making and Conflict Management

Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation

My experience and the evidence show that continuous improvement and monitoring are the two key areas of effective conflict management and decision-making in a group (Griffin, 2017). In this connection, I train my supervisors on developing countermeasures and observing the results of the department. At the same time, I also direct the process of problem-solving to productivity growth via Kaizen efforts. This tool allows correcting deficiencies and monitoring outcomes to adjust the working procedures in a timely manner. To ensure cost-effectiveness through flexible work assignments, I strive to relieve Area Business Managers. I prepare division objectives, training sessions and develop crew leaders. The focus on permanent enhancement, attention to employees’ thoughts, and the use of proper strategies are the key characteristics of effective group conflict management along with decision-making.

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Theories and Principles/Abstract Conceptualization

With the continuous process of improvement, a person with his or her abilities and knowledge is considered the most important capital of the company. The organization’s positive perception of problems as they are an incentive for improvement leads to greater outcomes. There are several theories that focus on the ways the groups conduct decision-making.

Theory 1

Kaizen is a complex concept covering philosophy, theory, and management tools. It allows achieving competitive advantages at the present stage of the organization. It underlies the Total Quality Management method and includes measures to prevent waste yet boost innovation and work with new standards.

Theory 2

The functional theory of group decision-making is associated with reflective self-assessment and critical thinking. The group members are expected to specify the problem, underline the range of potential solutions, and select the one that meets the selected success criteria. The internal orientation occurs when the above actions are performed, which means that employees also develop their cooperation skills.

Theory 3

Social decision scheme theory explains how individuals combine their ideas and perceptions to achieve a common solution to the given problem. An algorithm or formula should be utilized to calculate the group members’ views. After that, the decision scheme matrix is to be developed, and the most pertinent option is regarded as the collective response/solution.


Not the perpetrators of the problems, but the general efforts to solve them should be chosen fundamentally. Instead of punishment for past mistakes, opportunities for improvement in favor of a common future should guide the thinking of the company. The intention to understand employees and use their strong points is likely to ensure effective and decision-making.

Testing and Application/Active Experimentation

It should be stressed that the discussed theories are critical not only to decision-making but also to conflict management. I use the concept of Kaizen as the foundation for the continuous enhancement of group behavior as it offers the principles that directly correspond to my leadership aspirations. The social decision scheme theory and the functional theory of group decision-making reflect my approach to collecting information about my employees’ ideas and integrating them to create a more comprehensive solution to the conflicts and problems we encounter. Thus, I consider a team of employees as a source of motivation, mental energy, synergy, and growing creativity.

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