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Harmful Impact of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most notable environmental problems that humanity is facing today. The United Nations (UN) defines it as ‘long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns’, which are affected by both natural cycles and human activities (United Nations). Global warming is one of the major consequences of climate change, and it occurs primarily due to the increased number of greenhouse gas emissions (United Nations). Manufacturing plants, landfills, cars, and other means of transport emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, which raise the overall temperature around the globe (United Nations). As a result, global warming threatens humanity with droughts, fires, melting of polar ice, and other types of natural disasters (United Nations). In turn, these consequences will significantly impact the lives of people in developing countries and communities living near water. Therefore, all nations should unite their efforts in combat against climate change.

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From these considerations, it is crucial to improve the environmental situation on both the national and individual levels. The most effective method to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas is to substitute energy sources with renewable analogs (United Nations). Approximately 70% of all emissions come from the ten most developed countries, which can be explained by the vast impact of manufacturing plants on the environment (United Nations). As a result, most companies should adopt sustainable development behavior, and the government should implement more effective regulations concerning climate change. However, the personal effort can also make a positive change. For instance, changing preferences to eco-friendly and renewable production is the best incentive for international conglomerates to follow this trend as well. Ultimately, individuals, organizations, and governments need to change their attitudes toward climate change to avoid the direst consequences of global warming.

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