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Health Care Environment: Review

Health care environment are strategies put in place for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention illness in humans. It also pertains physical, mental disorders and injuries. Health care environment is basically viewed in terms of economical, public policing, social and technological aspects. Public policing involves rules geared to protecting and advancing populations health care (Tang, 2004). This public policy aspect is stipulated function through education provision, initiating health guidelines, service provision, and researching and health sector regulation by the government. Social condition surrounding individual is determinant of to his health, since social risk pose a threat to health. Economy determines financial allotment to health sector by government and tremendously affects the quality of health care service. Technology is a contributor to health care through information accessibility and improved facilities which have made individuals health management efficient and more precise (Williams, 1987).

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AMR (American medical response) is composed of health personnel dedicated to improve health care environment. Some of its role include; providing health care units with advanced facilities like life support, transport in critical care requiring professional skill for medical attention. They also provide wheel chair van service to cater for physically challenged individual in the community. In disaster management, it is a leading ambulance service provider in the country.

CMR (Care management resource) its obligation is to maintain good health living conditions through information technology. It does research and gather information on how to improve and maintain good health. It advocates for maintenance of health life style and provision of information on how to manage medical condition, causes and the common intervention mode.

CMS (centre for Medicare and Medicaid services) is a health insurance program stipulated towards addressing economic aspect of health care environment. It caters for old people, disabled and those suffering from end stage renal disease. It covers cost for both hospital clinical services and prescription drugs.

CMS-1500 is form used to claim for payment by medical personnel and suppliers for their services. It covers aspect information technology in health care sector.

CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) is coding given to each service offered by medical personnel as evidence. For instance a surgical procedure performed. Insurance firm uses this coding to determine how much compensation to be paid to the health care provider.CPT encourage uniformity in service provision in terms of cost since each service has its particular code.

DRG (Diagnosis-related group (DRG) is a system used to put related health care units cases together for simpler and efficient management. It’s geared towards helping as part of Medicare payment system.

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EPR (Electronic Patient Record) is system of collecting individual health record through out his life span. It puts individuals health data held in various care units and puts it together in single file.

HL7 (Health Level Seven) is a volunteer organization which supports information technology aspect of health care environment by providing electronic health information to its member. Its agenda is to provide better equal standard health service globally.

ICD-9(International Statistical Classification of Diseases) is a system which provides coding to enable classification of infections, symptoms and signs. Each health problem has its specific code to identify it in a unique category.

UB-92(Uniform/Universal Billing form 92) is used by health care units to present bills to Medicare for reimbursement for services they have given to the patients.

The goal of this health programs is to avail better quality and standardized health service to all people in the entire population. Each of the above programs covers one aspect or more of health care environment. It is evident that that this various program have role which are interrelated in one way or another in effort to provide good health service. Also one program may be utilizing services of the other in ensuring that quality health is delivered (World Health Organization, 2006).


Tang, S. (2004). Health care transition in urban China, (Ed.). Ashgate, Aldershot.

Williams, A. (1987). Health economics: the cheerful face of a dismal science. Health and Economics, Macmillan.

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World Health Organization. (2006). Basic health care: Basic Documents Supplement. Health journal, 17 (30), 5-14.

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